Martian Manhunter

Real Name: J'onn J'onnz
Known Aliases: John Jones, Marco Xavier, and Johann Johnson.
Eye/Hair Color: Black/None.
Age: Unknown.
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: All Deceased.
Birthplace: Planet Mars
Area of Ops: Formerly Z'onn Z'orr, Antarctica; Currently New York City, New York.
Occupation: Depends on cover identity used; Formerly New York Police Detective; Currently Private Investigator In New York City.
Special Powers/Abilties: Possesses the powers of flight, invisibilty, morphing, invulnerability, x-ray vision, ability to fire beams from his eyes known as "Martian Vision", telekinesis, and super strength. His only weakness is to fire and should he get close to fire he would forget who he is and lose his powers until he got away from fire.


Doctor Saul Erdel built a machine at the end of the fifties capable of teleporting alien life forms to Earth, and unwillingly his rays travelled through time and space, bringing after some failures a green skinned Martian, badly injured and only survivor of a killing plague which destroyed all his people. Erdel cured him and offered to return him to his home, but the alien, still mad with pain, destroyed the machine.

During their time together, a telepathic bond was built between them and Erdel named him J'onn J'onzz, reprogramming his mind to erase the pain and bring him to a more human shape. When J'onn recovered, Erdel pretended to be dead to let him live his own life. J'onn worked as a cop for a while, but joined the JLA until it was destroyed by Despero. He also fought H'Ronmeer, the martian god of death, recovering his memories. Now he's leader to the new Justice League.

On Earth, J'onn has many powers, including super strength and reflexes. He can also turn invisible and has limited telepathic powers, being able to fly using telekinesis. He also has telescopic vision and X ray vision, his only real weak point being pyrophobia, for he unconciously relates it to the burnt bodies of the martians dead in the plague. He's got also an excellent leadership ability, having been praised by no less than Batman as "having the best grasp of group dynamics of anyone I've ever met". It is also interesting to note that J'onn has been in every incarnation of the League and is most often asked for advice on various subjects.

Currently, Martian Manhunter works in New York City as a Private Investigator under the name of John Jones. He also has his own adventures fighting crime in New York and has battled several of his old enemies such as Jemm and Vandal Savage. He also works with the JLA still acting as something of an advisor and team member and has shown to be a great addition over years.