Power Girl

(Alter Ego Carol Brock's physical stat's in parentheses)
Height 5'7" (5'5")
Weight: 133 (115)
Eyes: Blue (Green)
Hair: Blonde (Brown)


Carol Brock was a hippie painter who supported herself by doing odd jobs in Metropolis. She also had a minor metagene. Her body could absorb energy and use it to produce blinding flashes or temporary bursts of strength. She naively thought this was enough to make her a super hero.

On one of her first missions out, the villain Black Adam slammed her into an abandoned building which promptly collapsed on her. Her injuries were very severe. Her brain was damaged and she felt herself begin to die.

Enter Arion, master magician of ancient Atlantis. He fused her near dead body with the spirit of his slain granddaughter, Power Girl. (His motives for this may have been less than altruistic and he may have devious reasons involving `karmic responsibilities' for this.) He also gave her a belt buckle with PG's Atlantian gemstone in it. He then disappeared.

PG is not quite the woman she was. Her memories are incredibly fragmented and she remembers very little that happened to her after Crisis. She has studied up in hopes of jogging her memory,but with little luck.

She also seems to have a great deal of Carol Brock's memories too or at least enough to keep up that identity. Still, PG is much more materialistic than Carol was, and has found her near poverty very annoying. She has been doing a lot of stock trading on the Internet and has been painting retro-futuristic pictures of Krypton and Atlantis. Of the two, the later has been more successful. These visions of another time are enjoying a bit of a vogue at present. Between the two she enjoys a fairly stable existence with occasional windfalls and the much more frequent shortfalls that both jobs have.

Soon the blond bombshell will be a name to be reckoned with again! Powers.

As long as she possesses the belt buckle with the Atlantian jewel in it, Carol's body can absorb a nearly continuous flow of Atlantian Magical energy. She can use this to make herself invulnerable to damage around that of bullets, to fly, to give herself superspeed, and make herself super strong. She can also fire energy beams from her eyes. In her super form, she has no need to breathe in space.


There is a limit to how much of this energy she can absorb, and the more she uses it the more she depletes her `battery'. (Particularly weakening is her energy blast vision). If the fight last too long, her powers fade. If she loses the belt buckle, her powers will fade.

PG's fighting style is very rough and flamboyant. She is likely to attack first and with a full fledged punch than a more careful attack. She energetically enjoys fighting, but is not psycho about it. She's perfectly capable of controlling herself emotionally.

Kryptonite does not hurt her (although it does make her feel nauseous), nor is she particularly vulnerable to magic. She is extra vulnerable to attacks that drain her energy/power. Her mental state is fractured and she is more susceptable to psionic attacks.