Name: HellBreed
Secret Identity: Unrevealed
Known Relatives: Jason Blood/Etrigan(Father), Unknown Mother, Merlin("Uncle")
Base of Operations: Mobile
Age: Unknown (But appears as 18)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


Every 2,000 years, a being of emmense power and strength can be born from a demon and a human. While the forces of good have been successful in keeping this from happening, there was one occasion, when they failed. That time was when Jason Blood/Etrigan seduced a human woman on earth, impregnated her, and once the child was born he was taken to his father's lair, while his mother died during the birth. The time that this took place was shortly after the times of King Arthur. The child knew no other name than HellBreed, which is what he was named by his father. Jason Blood was hoping that with his son, he would be able to take both the netherworld and the gates of heaven as his own. But that was before HellBreed found out that do to a magic spell cast by his father, that was the real reason his mother died. Of course Jason did this only out of mercy, as the pregnancy was too traumatic for his mother to survice. This filled the child with ungodly rage. But the child knew that he couldn't go up against his father as his sorcery was very hard for him to control. Jason Blood, realizing his son was having difficulty, spawned a symbiotic armor suit for his son that would allow him complete mastery of his powers after he learned them. After Hellbreed learned a few more spells, he told his father he knew the real reason his mother died, and with that he teleported out of the realm and went to earth. Blood tried desperately to stop Hellbreed from leaving, but the boy's powers had become too strong. Etrigan sent out legions upon legions of demons to destroy his son, or so Hellbreed thought. HellBreed was only partially able to evade them, as it was only a week or so when they found him. When the Demons were about to give HellBreed the final blow, he was teleported away, to a place where even Blood could no longer detect the child, nor did he know who had sent the legions of demons to kill his son With his sorceric signature gone, Jason could only believe his son to be dead. HellBreed upon arriving at his mysterious destination, immediately could see an elderly man waiting for him. Upon asking who he was, the old man replied that he was his Uncle, and his name was Merlin. HellBreed could not believe this news, but upon checking Merlin's sorcery signature it was soon apparent that the old man spoke the truth. HellBreed asked why Merlin had brought the child to the Void, to which Merlin replied that HellBreed could be an ultimate force for good. Merlin told him that he would be able to teach Hellbreed all of his powers, of both his sorcery and his symbiotic armor. HellBreed asked why on earth Merlin would want to do this, to which the wise old wizard told him that HellBreed could become more powerful than his father, and perhaps put an end to his tyranny. Though Merlin was misinforming the boy, HellBreed could only determine Merlin was telling him the truth, and figured since his father had not yet found him he was safe here to train with Merlin. For uncountable years, perhaps centuries, HellBreed realized his great potential for sorcery. With Merlin's wisdom, caring, and patience, Hellbreed's full potential was realized as his symbiotic armor grew and became even more powerful as Hellbreed did. Where once the suit was just black, the suit now had grown a blood red cape, and mystic chains that wrapped around his chest in an X formation when not in use, along with a helmet to protect his head. Merlin was quite pleased with the boy, as Merlin realized it took a long time for HellBreed to trust another person, after all the child had went through. Of course, Merlin did not tell HellBreed that it was he who had sent the so called "demons" all those years ago, and that the only reason he was filling the child with such lies was because Merlin wanted to get back at Etrigan for imprisoning him in the void. But all the while HellBreed went through Merlin's trials, he believed that his father was still looking for him, and he couldn't hide from him forever. Finally, it was apparent that Hellbreed had finally mastered all of his great sorceric powers, and he was ready to face his father. Merlin hated to see the child go, but he realized that there was little to nothing else the boy possibly could be taught. After saying goodbye to the wizard HellBreed is back on earth, though he has stayed in his symbiotic armor and has never shown his face to anyone. Merlin and his father are the only two that know what the boy looks like behind the metal. Though Jason hasn't seen him close to 600 years. HellBreed is also not masking his sorceric powers on earth either. Merlin warned him he might face a few good sorcerers with this strategy, but HellBreed said it would be easier for his father to find him that way. Merlin did not approve of this strategy due to the fact it may give the two a chance to "talk". This naturally arose some suspicions in HellBreed, as he began to think maybe Merlin was telling him the whole story. So far HellBreed has encountered any sorcerers as of yet, but Merlin told him due to his power level and where his powers came from, that will most likely not stay that way. HellBreed has never forgotten the wisdom Merlin has taught him, and doesn't plan on doing it anytime soon. He now can face his father, and HellBreed hopes Blood knows what he's getting into. Even though HellBreed may be in for a very crude awakening if the true story of what happened to him ever got out, which may very well be the case due to Merlin's last mistake.

Due to his father, HellBreed inherited above average sorcery powers. Though he knows he can't control them very well without his symbiotic suit, with it he may very well be able to take his father down, or at least make sure Blood doesn't want to fight him anymore.

Immortality is something else he inherited.

Demonic sense: Can tell when any force of Darkness is near him, their powers, etc.

The rest of HellBreeds powers are derived from his symbiotic suit:
He has the Red cape flowing behind his back, His helmet has a black slit which glows green due to his eyes, and his chest has the X formation of his chains, when he isn't using them. His costume his all black, save for his eyes.
-Clothing: The suit will take the appearance of any type of clothes Hellbreed wishes to wear. He has learned this power, but has never used it since he feels it holds no purpose for him yet
-Mystic Chains: Made of unknown mythic metals he can control them mentally.
-Enhanced Control: Hellbreed suit allows him more control of his spells, without his suit, it's quite hard for him to cast his more powerful ones.
-Red Cape: The cape serves as automatic camoflauge and can make him virtually undetectable. He can also cover himself and other's with it, as a type of shield.
-Weapon Projection: Hellbreed can mentally command his suit to become a variety of different weapons. Nothing complex, but swords, knives, etc he has mastered quite well.

HellBreed is cold, serious, hasn't really worked with anyone else to date.. His mission now is to face his father and show him just how much he's grown. He isn't very trusting of anyone else, as he's only been in the company of his Demon Father, and Merlin for all of his life. Hellbreed secretly believes that Merlin's story had a few holes in it, but really doesn't know which side to trust. One way or another he must confrton Blood He's learned all of the education he'll ever need, along with the mystic part of his life with Merlin. He secretly hopes to live a secret identiy life, but feels it can't be done for the time being.