Airwave II

Alter Ego: Harold Lawrence (Larry) Jordan
Occupation: Former corporate superhero (Sunderland Corp.); Former subject at the Institute of Meta Human Studies (I.M.H.S.); now U.S. Government, Metahuman division.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Larry Jordan (father, deceased), Helen (mother, deceased), Hal (cousin), Jack (cousin, deceased), Jan (cousin), Jason (cousin) Jennifer (cousin), Jim (cousin, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Formerly The Captains of Industry, Currently the New All Star Squadron
Base of Operations: Formerly Dallas, Texas; Formerly Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Currently Washington D.C. & Gotham
Firat Appearance: GREEN LANTERN #100
Height 5'10'
Weight: 175
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (formerly bleached blond)

Son of the original Air Wave, Harold "Hal" Jordan inherited the improved helmet and costume left behind when his father was shot and killed.

When his mother had a nervous breakdown and was confined to an institution, cousins Jack and Jan Jordan took Hal in. When not at high school, Hal practiced being a part-time superhero. For a time he was coached by his namesake Hal, better known as Green Lantern, who was helped by Green Arrow and Black Canary, and later assisted the Atom against his old nemesis Sunspotter, and Green Arrow villain, the Red Dart.

The training was brief and Hal went to the Sunderland Corp. to help him learn the full potential of his capabilities. Becoming a corporate superhero by joining the Captains of Industry, he changed his name to "Larry" so he wouldn't be confused with his cousin. In his first encounter, with Firestorm, in his elemental form, he was nearly killed. He later went to work as a subject for the Institiute of Meta Human Studies.

After the program was shut down he was then pursued by the government to become an operative for them, and was trained as such. What lies in store for him now remains to be seen.

Air Wave's power is inherent -- the helmet was only a nueral amplifier, allowing Jordan to effect and control change in his body. Jordan possesses the ability to change his body into any frequency of electromagnetic radiation, which includes radio and television transmission but also x-rays, gamma rays, infra-red as well as the visible spectrum, plus radar, microwaves, and induction heating. Thanks to advances in microminiaturization, the old circuitry from the helmet has been reduced to fit into his mask. Micro-shards of ruby crystals are incorporated into gloves, can convert electromagnetic radiation in body into laser beams with fingertip precision, or fired in a wide beam from his palms. Air Wave can turn his body into electromagnetic radiation and travel at the speed of light, however, sometimes it's more convenient to use magnetic attraction and repulsion in areas that have a lot of metal -- such as cities to enable himself to fly. Air Wave can see throughout all spectrums of light. Thus, night is as bright as day to him when he adjusts to the infrared spectrum. He has TRUE x-ray vision. He has also learned to adapt to radar/sonar abilities and can follow a heat trail or -- in the case of a heat seeking missile -- generate false one most formidable. He can read the energy patterns of other individuals and figure out the frequency it's working on so he can disrupt it. Sunspots can interrupt his actions, just as they do normal television and radio waves.He's not much of a hand-to-hand combatant, for Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Black Canary only started to train him, and never completed it.