ALTER EGO: Toni Monetti
OCCUPATION: Adventurer
BIRTHDAY: June 21st
MARITAL STATUS: Looking. Always looking.
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Titans Tower: San Luis Obispo, CA
HEIGHT: 5’8”
WEIGHT: Won’t tell
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black

HISTORY: The daughter of a wealthy, prominent politician (and drug lord), Toni Monetti grew up in New Jersey as the prototypical spoiled brat obsessed by fashion, shopping, movies, shopping, boys, shopping, and more shopping. She has stated that she took the name “Argent”, an old term meaning silver, from her favorite credit card.

Though Toni’s mother is human, her paternal genetics were supplied by the H’San Natall, an alien race bent on creating an advance guard for their invasion of Earth. Their genetic strain created her latent powers that did not surface until Toni was seventeen. Those powers give her the ability to create and manipulate plasma energy that can have virtually any degree of tangibility.

On first impression, Toni comes across as a self-obsessed, shallow individual, but since becoming a Titan, she has shown incredible depth, understanding, and a great desire to be a true hero.

Over the last two years as a Titan (on both the East and West teams) Argent has seen her fill of both growing emotional maturity and remission into her shallow, self-absorbed mentality. She was among those Titans who first encountered the forces of Lilith in New Orleans, and broke off her quasi-relationship with Capatain Marvel (then still Junior) after he was bitten by a werewolf. She's since entered into a relationship of sorts with Kid Emotion, though where it will lead...

Powers and Weapons

Argent can create and manipulate plasma energy into such things as plasma daggers for offensive purposes, energy spheres for containment or confinement, and plasma shields for protection. This power also allows her to travel at great speed on a plasma energy platform.

Argent shares a psychic link with other H’San Natall gened teens such as Risk.