Real Names: Zan and Jayna of Exor
Occupation: Keepers of the Flesh-Driver, adventurers
Group Affiliation: Extreme Justice (former), ruling council of Exor (former)
Base of Operations: Unknown
Known Relatives:
Height:5'10" (Zan), 5'6" (Jayna)
Weight:185 lbs (Zan), 120 lbs (Jayna)


Zan and Jayna were one of several sets of twins whose ancestors had ruled Exor for generations (elementals of Water, Heart, Vapor, Plant, Metal, Crystal, Fire, Rock, Shadow and Sound). Their powers were granted to them directly by the Ten Elements of the Universe to protect and rule over the people of Exor.

Exor's downfall began with their first contact with an outside civilisation, the Jrxans. The Jrxans offered the Exorians incredibly advanced technology in return for servitude. Finding such a bargain unacceptable, Zan and Jayna spoke out against the dealings, and were branded traitors by the other rulers of Exor. In fact, not only were the Jrxans using Exorians as slaves, but they were using the Exorians' life essence to power their technology. Still objecting to this horrific practice, Jayna and Zan were stripped of their regency and rights. This was the final straw, promtping the Wonder Twins to flee from the Jrxans in a stolen ship. The ship was not all they stole - they also took with them the Jrxans' most advanced and valued piece of technology - the Flesh-Driver.

The Wonder Twins arrived on Earth when the craft they were travelling in crash-landed in the Kiscogee Desert, Arizona. Cold and hungry, their first brush with humanity came in the Delco Convenience gas station in Laconia. They were not welcomed with open arms, and the ensuing chaos attracted the attention of "Extreme Justice", who were stationed fifty miles away. Unable to communicate with the Justice Leaguers due to a significant language barrier, the Wonder Twins and "Extreme Justice" engaged in battle until the male alien, Zan (also known on Exor as Heart-From-Above), completely disappeared after Blue Beetle removed Zan's belt, which caused him to dematerialise. Unable to bear being separated from her brother, Jayna (called on Exor Water-Of-Life) removed her own belt, and disappeared also. The Justice Leaguers were left none the wiser as to who the Twins were or where they had come from.

In actuality, the removal of the belts had teleported Zan and Jayna back to their captor, the Slavelord Ovon Kelt on Dragonship, the third moon of the planet Velga. The Twins had escaped from Ovon and fled to Earth with his highly-prized Jrxan Flesh-Driver.

Returned to Earth with Ovon in search of the Flesh-Driver (which, unbeknownst to the Slavelord and the Exorians was now being used as armour by the Justice Leaguer Booster Gold), Zan claimed the right of Harin-Kataa, a sort of Exorian sacred duel also known as the "Folding Circle". With the aid of the Justice League, Zan and Jayna are able to emerge victorious from the Folding Circle, thus winning legal ownership of the Flesh-Driver (still worn by Gold).

Zan and Jayna, pleased that - in Booster - the Flesh-Driver has finaly found a master who will not be consumed by the suit's draining of life-force, decide to stay on Earth to watch over the 'Driver, which is now their responsibility. The Extreme Justice Leaguers are happy to welcome the Twins to their team.

Since the death of Booster Gold at the hands of Avatar, the twins have taken ownership back of the Flesh-Driver, and have receded into the background for the time being.


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