Real Name:Katar Hol
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Brown
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Paran Kator (father), Shayera Hol (Wife), Charley Parker (Ward)
Birthplace: Thanagar
Area of Ops: Midway City, United States
Occupation: Scientist and Super-Hero.
Group Affilation: JLA (former).

(Absolutely NONE of the useless Hawkman retcons that followed Crisis On Infinite Earths in the comics have occured in the rpg; what follows is heavily borrowed from the Hawkman FAQ at http://www.math.uab.edu/mcdonald/hawk.html )

"Katar Hol was the son of prominent ornithologist Paran Katar, who was training his son in the science. Paran Katar was also an inventor, and had created sets of artificial wings for them both, in order that they might observe bird-life in its most natural and inaccessible state. When the Manhawks attacked, Thanagar was helpless; it had never before had the need for a police force. Katar decided that he was best equipped to infiltrate the Manhawks' flock, and he did so, managing to make off with some of the bird-beings' humanoid masks for his fathers' study. Paran Katar fitted his son with a hawks' head containing circuitry designed to nullify the effects of the Manhawks' eyebeams, and, armed with another of his father's inventions, Katar did overcome them, and sent them fleeing into space.

Had not some Thanagarians taken up the idea of thrill-stealing, this would have been his last flight, but the government decided to establish a standing police force of their own. As a mark of honor to Paran Katar, the hawk cowl and wings were adopted as the official uniform, and Katar Hol became the force's first (and most decorated) officer.

"By the time of his arrival on Earth, Katar had ten years' experience in the organization which would be dubbed the Wingmen by later writers. (This would make Hawkman now no older than his mid-thirties. ...) Sometime after the establishment of the police corps, Katar Hol was assigned duty with rookie officer Shayera Thal in tracking down the Rainbow Raiders [no relation to the Flash foe]. The stalwart, though initially uncertain Shayera accidentally saved Katar's life during the case, and the couple subsequently fell in love and were married (a state marked by Thanagarian custom with the earrings worn by Hawkgirl in her costumed identity). Hawkman's greater experience as a crimefighter has shown itself in many ways..."the Hawks," as they are affectionately known, are equal partners, fully confindent of each other's courage and fighting prowerss, quite unlike their Earth-2 [that is, Golden Age] counterparts. [Shiera Sanders was more of a dilettante as a superhero.]

"Ten years after Katar Hol fought the Manhawks on Thanagar, an inventor created a pill which allowed the taker to become a metamorph with a[n] ability to alter the molecules of his body to any form of animal life he can envision...it was stolen by Byth Rok and used as a means to plunder Thanagar. His ease in doing so bored him quickly, and stealing a spaceship, Byth fled the planet to find new vistas of thrills. As Thanagar's most prominent policemen, Katar Hol and Shayera were dispatched to follow him in one of the newly built star-cruisers equipped to travel through hyperspace, allowing the ship to exceed the limitations of the speed of light. Tracking the criminal to Earth, they placed their ship in orbit, activating invisibility and anti-detection devices which shielded its presence from Earth, then donned metal headbands connected to a device called the Absorbascon. This electronic brain absorbed impulses from the minds of all thinking creatures on the world at which it was directed, allowing its users to absorb all knowledge from every resident of the world over a span of many hours. Thus equipped with full knowledge of all languages, customs, and mores of the people of Earth, Katar and Shayera felt ready to follow Byth's trail and to sneak him out, while remaining undercover."

They eventually tracked him to Midway City, where they, "as any law officers entering an area out of their jurisdiction would do, ... contacted the local authorities to fill them in on their identities, their quarry, and to arrange for extradition. In this case, ... they met Midway City Police Commissioner George Emmet, an elderly but open-minded man with enough faith in their fantastic story ... that he aided them in establishing their Earth cover identities. Emmet's brother Ed was retiring as curator of the Midway City Museum, and the commissioner arranged to have Carter [Katar] replace him, and for the couple to take over the lease on his apartment. ... Following the trackdown [of], battle with, and capture of Byth, with the criminal sent back to Thanagar for incarceration, the police officers applied for and were granted an indefinite stay on Earth for the study and practical application of Earth's police methods by their police chief, Andar Pul."

Q: What were his abilities and skills?

A: He could fly, of course, with his wings. He was skilled with ancient weapons. He also had the uncanny ability to communicate with birds. Due to the Absorbascon, he had access to the sum total of all human knowledge, but he would often have to stop for a moment to recall things. He also had access to some Thanagarian coating that enabled him to survive in space unprotected for short periods of time.

Q: Who were his friends and allies?

A: Apart from ever loyal George Emmett, the Hawks' supporting cast consisted of museum naturalist and diorama artist Mavis Trent, the museum's publicist Joe Tracy, Andar Pul, and a large red hawk named Big Red, who lived in nearby Hawk Valley.

Hawkman joined the Justice League of America in issue #31, and Hawkgirl followed, in issue #146. Hawkman formed close relationships with the Atom II (Ray Palmer) and Adam Strange. As a conservative, Hawkman was constantly arguing with liberal Green Arrow. The JLA had teleporter-tubes that were based on Thanagarian technology that Katar supplied."

During the INVASION! event in the RPG, Katar was among those heroes abducted by the Dominion and was slated to be replaced by a Durlan spy, just as the others had been. The Durlan disappeared though, and the whereabouts of Hawkman had been a mystery to all until his discovery and rescue by Young Justice on the Dominion homeworld of Elia.