Alter Ego: Croyd Crenson
Occupation: MD, Ex-employee of STAR Labs
Base of Operations: Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Cynthia Crenson( younger sister)
Group Affiliation: Outsiders
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Lt. Brown.
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 180lbs

Croyd was born to a poor family in Bludhaven. His father had left shortly after the birth of Croyd's younger sister, Cynthia. Croyd was a smart kid but it was obvious to him and the rest of the world that Cynthia's IQ was off the scale. Determined to provide for his mother and make sure that Cynthia could do whatever she wanted, Croyd worked very hard to provide for the family. He worked two jobs while going through medical school. He ended up being a general practitioner- as he wanted to get out in the world so that more of his money could go to others. Croyd also enjoyed helping people but on some level, he felt that he was missing something. He envied superheroes because they were able to help people and get recognition for it. He also looked up to them because all of them had perfect bodies, whereas he was tall and gangly. After his sister graduated at age 17 with a degree in bio engineering she got a job at STAR LABS in New York City. When he visited her, he was amazed at the set up and the fact that they had people like Cyborg stopping by all the time. Cynthia saw the wonder and joy in her older brother's eyes, for the first time in ages. So she ended up getting him a job there, so they could still be together. Things went well, Croyd helped with the Dial H experiments as well as other. He put in long hours, willing to help anyone with a project and having little or no social life. Croyd was enjoying himself, but every so often he questioned why STAR LABS wasn't using the Dial to actually help people instead of test it. Then the Crensons world was turned upside down.... the Feds for some reason, busted STAR LABS and started ushering the employees to their vans for debriefing. Croyd was inspecting the dial for the umpteenth time when he heard the cops break in. He became Day Dream- he had any power that the Day Dreamer could think of. Unfortunately the Day Dreamer was his sister, who did not know that she could give unlimited powers to her brother. Cynthia was picturing her brother staying out of the Feds way, being invisible and escaping. Needless to say- that's exactly what happened. Croyd was unable to control himself from doing anything but escaping. Leaving his co-workers and sister to the clutches of the Feds.

An hour later, Croyd was safe but felt miserable that with so much potential power he had let his sister get captured. He spent the next few months, trying to keep low and find someone to talk to. Croyd feels that several teams, like the outsiders, know and don't care and is not sure who to trust. He has recently ended up in Gotham as he's heard good things about both Huntress and Nightwing and feels that either of them would be able to help

Powers: Croyd posses the Dial H amulet( currently fashioned into a belt buckle). With it he is able to transform into a random hero once every 24 hours. The transformation lasts for one hour and at the onset the user knows what their new hero name is and their powers.

Abilities: Croyd is a trained physician. He also has received instructions on various STAR projects, as he showed a keen interest in everything around him