Alter Ego: Sigrid Nansen
Occupation: Adventurer; Former Research Assistant
Known Relatives: Mother (Name Unknown)
Group Affiliation: Justice League America (former), The Global Guardians (former)
Base of Operations: Norway
Eyes: Black
Hair: White


Sigrid Nansen's mother was a scientist experimenting in bio-chemistry. Sigrid acted as a research assistant working with her mother. Her mother and the other scientists were trying to duplicate the powers of the Nowegian Mountain Ice-People. The research was meant to create a Norwegian Super-Hero so that Norway could have a role in the established Golbal Guardians. Sigrid volunteered herself as a subject for the tests and was scientifically gifted with cold and ice generating abilities. However, she was never truly confident in battle, which was a major drawback after joining the Guardians.

The Norwegian government discovered the actual Ice-People in the Norwegian mountains, and brought Tora Olafdotter, the princess of the Ice-People, to the Guardians. Sigrid quit the Global Guardians, feeling she could not compare to a "real" Icemaiden. Tora took over the name Icemaiden (she later changed her name simply to "Ice") and joined the Guardians, and later the Justice League of America.

Tora was killed in the "Judgement Day" battle, and Sigrid once again began battling crime again in an attempt to honor Tora's name, even replacing Tora in the Justice League for a brief time. Sigrid found her place in the League, becoming good friends with her teammates and the former Global Guardian named Fire. Sigrid trusted the team enough to reveal her bisexuality, and even expressed an interest in Olivia Reynolds, the League's attorney.

Ice Maiden breifly took part in the Justice League Europe revival, where she was impersonated by the villain The Mist. The Mist killed the new JLE. Ice Maiden is believed to be alive somewhere, but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Ice Maiden posesses cold and ice generating abilities, similar to those of Killer Frost and Snow. The power extent of these abilities are unknown.