Alias: Jason Goodsman
Known Relatives: Lilith(Queen of Vampires, Mother)
Unknown Father
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Age: Unknown(appears about 16-17)

Lilith of course as most know, is the queen of the vampires. What isn't known, is that she had a child. No one to this day knows why this happened but lucky for the young child, the father had other plans. Little was ever known of the man, only that after Lilith was pregnant by him, he would have worn out his usefulness. The Father knowing this, immediatly took the child once he was born, and retreated back to the states.(The child was conceived in England) It wasn't long at all before Lilith began sending out her troops to look for the two. But knowing that the Father would not survive long with his son, he offered the boy up for adoption. Lilith soon found her one time lover, and drank him dry for his treachery. In her haste she didn't realize that in killing him right away, she lost her son.

They Adoption agency named the youth Jason. He got along quite well with all the other children, but Jason always felt that he was a little different from the rest. Especially when he hit his teens. For one thing, he noticed the others growing faster and older than he was. The agency didn't know what to think of this, but figured it may have been some odd blood disease. It wasn't until after quite a few years, the Goodsman's saw Jason in the agency and immediately fell in love with him.(Jason looked like he was 14 but about 5 years had passed since he showed any signs of aging) They raised him like he was their very own. Jason was a good-natured average boy. He caused his share of mischief, but always tried not to cross the line. It wasn't until Jason hit the age of puberty that something...happened.

At the age of 15, Jason started having horrific nightmares. He imagined himself a baby and being carried away from someone whom he felt was very important to him, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out why. Jason had this nightmare over and over again. Not wanting to worry his parents any, he didn't bother to tell them what was happening to him. After a few weeks, Jason felt less and less the need to sleep til he stopped altogether. A few weeks later, his school was organizing a trip to England to study the Castles of the old days for his history class. He got his permission from his parents to go, and was off.

When Jason started to explore the castle late at night by himself...he soon discovered a hidden hallway. Upon investigating this, Jason started to walk down the hallway, and it soon dawned on him this was the same passageway in his dream. He remembered everything in his dream, though now it seemed a thousand times clearer. He realized that the man that was rushing him out of the passageway was his father, and that he was fleeing with him from his mother, though the reason as to why still was a mystery to him. Jason also realized that the tour guide had noticed Jason in the corridor, but more amazingly this man was also in Jason's dream, trying to catch Jason and his father. Jason screamed out he knew he was a vampire and with that, Jason tore out of the castle, and headed his own way for home. When Jason arrived back in the states, he learned that all of his classmates were slaughtered, and drained of blood. He immediately ran for his parent's home and upon arriving, he could hear both of them screaming in the bedroom. He burst thru the door right as two vampires tore out their necks, killing them both.

Seeing this, Jason immediatley lunged for one of the two vampires. They took Jason down easily but as they were about to sink their fangs into Jason, a low growl suddenly came out from him. Then in an instant, Jason had thrown the intruders clear through the opposite wall of the room. Jason enraged at the death of those who took him in, could feel a change coming completely over him. He could feel his teeth getting sharper, his awareness growing, his strength, and he was thirsty for something. Completely driven by these new sensations Jason attacked the vampire attackers, draining them of their blood, killing them. Suddenly the police arrived having been called by a concerned neighbor, they saw the sight of four dead bodies, and now Jason covered in blood. When they tried to arrest Jason he fled with speed he had not known before, and never went back again.

Since then, Jason has surmised that whoever his mother was, she must have been a vampire, but still doesn't know who. It has been 5 years since what happened to his former family, and the lad has learned quite a bit about himself. He's looked in every Vampire book known to man, and has now changed his name to keep from being discovered as he looks like he has only aged a year if that in the last 5. Jason has taken the name BloodFang, and has dedicated his life for the annhilation of Vampires. He has all of their strengths, but due to his father's humanity, has none of their weaknesses, except one. The thirst for human blood. Jason has done his best to avoid causing harm to humans. He will usually make a deal with one individual at either a butcher or bloodbank, for a modest fee to keep himself a secret.

Little does Jason know that the person responsible for killing his adoptive parents is Lilith. Jason also doesn’t know that Lilith is his mother. He knows that his mother is a vampire, but he has yet to realize just how high on the vampire scale she really is. He wanders now from town to town destroying the vampires that he feels are evil. All of his vampire powers have developed now, and he is definetly considered a problem to them. Jason over the years has become quite an engineer and created weapons for the sole purpose of killing vampires. Though mostly independent in his operation, he’s always willing to accept help from those he feels can be trusted. Perhaps soon, he’ll get more help than he ever thought possible.


Jason does not cast reflections nor can technological equipment detect him.
He has vampire strength
Vampire Speed
Heightened Senses
Aging: With the coming of puberty Jason now only ages 1 year for every 5 human years that pass.
Pheremones: Jason can use his powers to have any woman want to do whatever he asks. He only uses it when absolutely necessary
Limited Invulnerability: Jason due to his human side, is invulnerable to anything that kills vampires. Holy water, sunlight, garlic, crucifixes, etc. (Jason can die from stakes through the heart being his regeneration couldn’t repair it if the stake was stuck in there)

Jason also carries various guns and weapons with him. Such as silver stakes, solar emitter guns, etc.


Jason has the vampires thirst for blood. He has been successful in butcher shops, and bloodbanks thus far, and has yet to kill anyone since the vampires that took his parents.

It is also believed he is still wanted for questioning to what happened to his family.


BloodFang has spent most of his recent years alone. He is a grizzled veteran for his age as even he doesn’t really know how old he is now. He continues the good fight, not realizing who is really behind it all. Since his fangs have shown. He has noticed more and more vampires are trying to capture him and bring him to Lilith. So far a single one has yet to return to her and tell her how things went. He knows not what the connection to him and Lilith is, but feels the main reason she is hunting him is because he starting nailing vampires. It will be hard for BloodFang to learn the truth of his past, but secrets always do have a way of coming out. Especially ones regarding family.