Alter Ego: Donna Carol "D.C." Force
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Harry Force (uncle)
Group Affiliation: The Ravers
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Blue (as D.C. Force); White (as Sparx)
Hair: Brown (as D.C. Force); White (as Sparx)

Profile written by Nik Stanosheck and is taken from the Unofficial Ravers Biography


Donna Carol Force, or D.C. for short, is part of the meta-human Force family. D.C. fondest wish had always been to become a meta-human like the rest of her family, so in an attempt to trigger her meta-human genes, D.C. went to Metropolis with her uncle Harry hoping to find the alien parasites that were rampaging the city at the time. It was her belief that the aliens could trigger her meta-genes. D.C. and Harry eventually found the parasite known as Gemir, but when D.C. saw the alien she changed her mind and although her uncle tried to save her from the alien, Gemir got to D.C. and sucked out her spine-fluid. At first it seemed like D.C. wouldn´t survive the experience, but when a couple of paramedics tried to revive her she suddenly emmitted a huge bolt of electrical energy and disappeared. Not only had she survived the parasite's attack, it had triggered her meta-genes as she had hoped. D.C. who was now able to transform into a living lightning bolt, next showed up at the parasites hideout, where Superboy was already fighting for his life. With D.C.'s help Superboy was able to get the aliens on the run. After the battle D.C. parted the Kid with a kiss and took the name Sparx, probably because the Kid had called her Sparky during the battle. When she met up with her uncle shortly thereafter, she told him that she had decided to stay at least until the threat of the parasites was gone for good.

Along with the other New Bloods (people that had been changed by the parasites), Sparx then helped out Earth's greatest heroes in bringing an end to the parasites rampage.

Some time later Sparx auditioned for the Blood Pack, a team of New Bloods that would star in the "Blood Pack" Real-TV show, and made the cut. The Blood Pack included the New Bloods known as Loria, Ballistic, Mongrel, Geist, Nightblade, and Razorsharp were all trained by Jade. The Bloods found out that the producers of the show were actually members of a secret crimanal organization with a hidden agenda to take over world and turned against their employers and brought them to justice. Although Jade tried to keep the team together after the fight, the team eventually drifted apart.

Sparx then ran into the Event Horizon, an intergalactic space rave party, and not only did she become a member, she introduced Superboy to the rave as well. A move that would soon result in the formation of the Earth-clique known as Superboy and the Ravers.

Sparx seems to be more comfortable in her Sparx persona rather than in her human form as D.C. Force. For a time she had a crush on Superboy, then later her teammate Hero (no relation to the current Outsider)- until he revealed he was gay. Sparx was generally considered the naive, innocent girl of the Rave.

In a valiant effort against Kindred Grim, Sparx was granted the additional powers of the "Qwa-Angel," a power once belonging to the evil energy powered angels who once lived on Qward to destroy the Predators. She was successful in battle, but as a result she lost all of her powers. She never got over the concept of Hero's homosexuality, and she was not in the best of moods since she once again is the only non-powered member of the Force family in Canada. However, more recently, her powers have re-activated.

Powers and Abilities

Sparx is a human lightning bolt and can move faster than light. She also have the ability to emit powerful lightning blasts from her body.