Kid Emotion

Real Name: Dave Stanley

Height: 5/7

Weight: 153

Eyes: Not disclosed

Hair: Blonde

Age: 17

Marital Status: Single, dating Argent

Home: Not disclosed

Member of: Titan, former member of Titans West

Powers: Current owner of the Psycho Pirate mask that allows him to manipulate and control the emotions of others

Origin: Not disclosed.

Story: Kid Emotion's story is shrouded in mystery. He has yet to reveal his face to any of his teammates other than Argent, whom he is dating. While he can control the emotions of others, he has trouble trusting people with his true identity and past. Does he have some hidden secret that would risk his place on the team? He's not telling.

Little is known other than that when the Teen Titans (Argent, Joto, Risk, Prysm, and Atom) were holding tryouts, he applied and was turned down along with The Solution and Sweet 16.