Name: Vor-Na
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blank/Metallic Silver
Height: 6"2
Weight: 180

It was always known during the invasion of Avatar's fleet, that some of Avatar's children rebelled against him. What the general public does not know, is which child of Avatar's was responsible for that initial rebellion.. That man was Vor-Na. Vor-Na was like most of the hybrids in which he he had a murlan mother, but his father was Avatar. His powers developed along the same lines as his various half brothers and sisters, but Avatar was constantly frustrated that Vor-Na would never completely finish off his opponents in battle. To which Vor-Na would constantly reply, there is no pride in taking life. Avatar then made the mistake of beating his son for his defiance, and kicking him out of his father's army.

Vor-Na was quite angry at these events and for the first time saw his father for what he really was. It was then he decided that Earth would not be his father's conquest and set out to find if there were any of his siblings that agreed with him. Surprisingly the numbers were quite large. But they were afraid to go up against Avatar. Vor-Na understood this, but then asked them what was worse, defying a father, or slaughtering countless lives on earth when they army would invade? This naturally caused quite a stir in the "Good" brothers and sisters Vor-Na had, and even a little bit in the in-between ones. With that, Vor-Na decided that they would put the rebellion into effect the moment their father would least suspect. When he was on Earth.

Vor-Na's brother's and sisters wanted to fight with their brother directly, but he told them the best thing they could do was to stay in their Father's army and keep him informed of what was happening. No sooner when that agreement was made one of them informed him of devices the heroes of the JLA had constructed and dubbed solar bleeders. After Vor-Na learned of these devices, he informed his siblings to attempt to get as much of the fleet bombarded by the devices as possible.

The siblings did this task to the best of their ability. Despite when Vor-Na was informed that the hybrids were attacking Earth's heroes, most of the Hybrids were effectively dealt with, with the exception of a few who decided to rule China. It was then that one of the siblings informed Vor-Na that Avatar was going after Super-Woman. Vor-Na could not allow this and once his sibling informed him that the hero Sensor Boy was in the vicinity, Vor-Na immediately informed him to allow Sensor Boy to take his body. Though SuperWoman's baby was taken out forcefully, Avatar's threat was ended. It was then that Vor-Na checked on his siblings in China, to make sure that they were not up to their father's tricks. With his superpowers, Vor-Na could tell the people were happy with the hybrids(he checked to make sure they weren't lying) and eventually met with his siblings, glad it was on good terms.

His siblings were glad to see him, and felt their brother's bravery should have been recognized. Vor-Na forbade them to tell anyone of his efforts to end their father's threat and swore them to secrecy. His siblings understood and promised their brother they wouldn't tell a soul. Though they always looked rather sad at their brother as they knew he had several "whip" marks from when Avatar publically beat him on his back, and wished their brother would have let them tell his story of how brave he really was despite what their father did to him. On his last day in China, his siblings asked Vor-Na why did he wish the world not to know of the helping hand he gave them. And as Vor-Na took to the air, he gave his siblings one simple answer. He told them "It wasn't what superman would do." With that we waved goodbye to them and wished them well, as he flew up, up, and away.

Since then Vor-Na has dubben himself Vindicator and has been helping out the United States ever since. His costume is basic black, with a silver "V" on his chest. He hopes one day that the world will trust these few hybrids who survived from Avatar's fleet, but he also knows it will take time. Until then he's busting bad guys and doing his part to help out in emergencies. Even though it will take time for the world to trust hybrids, Vor-Na knows the best way to go about it is to help out as many people as he can....faster than a speeding bullet.

Vor-Na is a Half murlan/kryptonian hybrid and has all the powers and abilites affiliated with those two species. They fall slightly below Superwoman's power level.

Vor-Na does his best to live up to Superman's shining example. Helping those who are in need, hoping that the world will agree with him that he's a force for good. He has never shown anyone on earth his back, with the exception of his siblings as they were there when he was whipped by Avatar. He wears the scars as reminders of how cruel some of his siblings were, so he never strays down that dark path. He hopes to join one of the hero teams, so he will be better able to prove to the world that though he may not wear an "S" shield, he has the same ideas.