Canary's Musings

Part 1

I can't believe we did a jailbreak, but then the UN lost their heads. We overran the jail to rescue Arrowette's mom. Interesting woman, never met anyone soÖnegative. Hippolyta gave a nice speech condemning the UN, and the cops didn't really give us any problems. We got back to the Watchtower, and Lightning Bug was giving birth. I didn't even know she was pregnant until today! I talked to Supergirl and Hippolyta about what to do with Heidi. Hippolyta wants to take her to Themiscrya, while Supergirl wants to send her to the proper authorities and get her with a family member. Oracle found a grandfather, but says he lives in Europe and is 134 years old. I think he's a vampire-there've been PLENTY of them around-but the others disagree.

After the birth-to an adolescent boy no less-Roy, Lian, Heidi, and I headed planetside to do some kind of welcoming ceremony for Jonathan, the uh baby. Then Dr. Fate KIDNAPS us. I'm still in shock. He says we have to save our world because it's been heroless for the last six years, and Impulse is destroying the universe. And he leaves Lian behind! Now I don't know how quickly we can get those adoption papers through. Roy's frantic. I'm not so calm myself. I hope Lian's holding up well, while the JLA will take care of her, it's just a mess right now. And the JLA has to take care of the Sun Eater and Impulse is destroying the universe!

So here we are on Earth-2, which has been left in the hands of villains. The UN ought to take a look at this place; it's horrible! Hardly any power at all, everything's in ruins. Dr. Fate says we have to restore balance. Ted, Max, Alan, Starman, Hourman, Damage, Garth, Hippolyta, Atom, STRIPE, Courtney, Fate, Roy, and I against all the villains of this world. We're going to be here forever.

Part 2

Within moments of our getting to this horrible place, while we were still trying to figure out what to do, we heard screams. Alan made a telescope or something like that, and he saw an elderly woman surrounded by gang members. I hesitated to see if anyone had a plan, but instead Atom kept prattling on about how we needed to find shelter, etc. So finally, I just took off to help the woman. Roy followed, and then Courtney decided to jump into the fray on her own. Roy and I finally get there, and the gang members are dead, their insignia all over, and Courtney is gone. Wonder Woman was in her plane, and she spotted Courtney with some Amazons, only they weren't any Amazons she recognized.

We rushed to rescue her, but instead there was some kind of explosion, the Amazons disappeared, and we found Courtney lip-locked with Superboy, wherever he came from. He said that Young Justice had tried to stop Impulse from destroying the universe, but that there was an explosion. No other Young Justice people were around. He isn't any happier to find himself here than I am. I just want to go home.

We got to Alan's apartment finally, and now we get to eat fish with every meal. I guess I should just be happy that I brought a toothbrush because I was on my way to Fire's wedding. Most of us don't even have that. After about a week, we caught some clown-faced thugs, followers of Rag Doll, and we met the leader of the Garden, which is the territory where Alan's apartment is located. Gotham is dissected into a bunch of city-state-like territories. The people we've seen in this sector are healthier and cleaner than those in Rag Doll's.

Metal Man didn't believe that we're truly the JSA back to save the world. I don't blame him. I wouldn't believe it either. He asked us to prove that we're the JSA that disappeared six years ago by asking trivia questions. Well, Wonder Woman blew up at that. And that was about the best thing that happened. I asked Metal Man if we were a group of villains out to destroy the world, then wouldn't we have come up with a better cover story than we went to a different Earth and couldn't remember this Earth until just recently. I think that amused him. It's hard to tell. He'sÖI don't know what he is. He's made of metal, but it's kind of like Cyborg's shell, it can change shape.

Metal Man finally decided to give us a chance when Atom got on a testosterone kick and demanded to be allowed to do reconnaisance. Metal Man asked us not to so we wouldn't draw attention to ourselves before meeting with the Amazons, who Wonder Woman has decided are imposters. He wants us to be a secret until we can come up with a plan to save Earth 2. That was ironed out, and Metal Man decided to let trust us with two of his allies, Andrew and Stephanie, so that they could show us around incognito. Then Metal Man left to arrange a meeting between us and the Amazons. We decided that it would just be me, Hippolyta, and Dr. Fate. The others would split up and do recon.

For some bizarre reason, Max decided that Steph would be most useful in the sewers, the most dangerous place according to Metal Man. I disagreed, but he was adamant. I hope nothing happens down there. That would be a disaster. And Roy's down there. Andrew went on ground patrol with Max and a few others.

So now we're heading to Metal Man's hq, where Hippolyta plans to take over the Amazons. We'll see what happens.

Part 3

The meeting with the Amazons went better than I expected. Fury, their leader, practically forced Hippolyta to use her golden lasso. So Hippolyta had Fury explain why she became an Amazon. After that, Fury decided that Hippolyta was the true leader of the Amazons, and pledged to help us, though she wanted us to subjugate all the men in the world. As tempting as that may be, considering how stupid testosterone has made Atom and Max Mercury lately, we refused. We were still chatting when Fate got impatient and almost blew his own cover. And men say we can't control our hormones.

The meeting finished, with a couple of interesting reactions from one of the Amazons. Bet Roy will be amused that another woman tried to pick up on me. I still have to tell him that I'm pregnant. I still can't believe that I am. And the world is nuts. I want to go home.

While the guys were reconning, Impulse kidnapped Superboy. That was just the first of the problems. Not only did something go wrong in the sewers, which Atom loudly proclaimed, saying that Stephanie was gone, but the Dark Lady kidnapped Andrew. I don't think this is what Fate envisioned when he said we have to save this world. We're only making it worse! What else can go wrong? Metal Man went down to the sewers to help, along with Hippolyta, and the rest of us are going to rescue Andrew. I hope it's not too late.

Canary Musings IV

That must have been some dream. We got called away from Jonathanís ceremony for a battle in space, not one in a different universe. Atom and Tempest died. Weíre still mourning. I broke my leg.

We found a bunch of clones of the All Star Squadron in space, including Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Tarantula, Amazing Man, Shining Knight, Crimson Avenger, Air Wave, Red Bee, and Firebrand. So we brought them back with us. They have a bunch of catching up to do. Itís like theyíre straight out of the 40s.

Since we got back, Royís disappeared. Ollie did this to me too. I never thought Roy would. We got a call for help from Halís universe. I probably should stay behind, but all Iíll do here is mope. Might as well do my best to try to help.

I donít know what this world is coming to. Star Labs have been banned, and the UN seems to be gunning for us too. Weíve abandoned our rings; they had homing devices and the frequency had been picked up and monitored.

Canary Musings V

When we got to the pocket universe to help Hal; Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Wildcat, Star Spangled Kid, some Hawkgirl, Sand, Doctor Mid-Nite, a completely different Mr. Terrific, a completely different Dr. Fate, a version of myself, and Hourman attacked us, restraining us, thinking we were robot duplicates! What a mess. We decided to work towards finding a peaceful solution, since weíd just come to a stalemate, both of us being the real JSA in our worlds.

And thatís when I was discovered as the fraud that I am. Their Dr. Fate detected my secret. I tried to brush it off by announcing my pregnancy, but that didnít work. So I came clean about being a Durlan spy and replacing the real Dinah in Seattle, and how one of the first things that happened was my getting captured and having my throat cut. And I told them about how four others were also replaced, but that I didnít know who. Dr. Mid-nite refused to call my Dinah or Black Canary after that, so I came up with the new alter-ego Mockingbird. Figured I might as well call myself the mimicking liar that I am. But the JSA vouched for me to Halís JSA. I donít know if Iíd be so quick to trust an admitted liar.

The ground shook after that, and we went back to trying to figure out why Hal had called us to his universe. Thatís when we saw the purple people. An army of half-Kryptonians were attacking Halís world, and Iím there, pregnant and pretty much useless. They had picked up the JSA headquarters, and were flying off with it, with us still in it! I think one of the Dr. Fates tried to send me back to our own universe at that point, but it didnít work. The hybrids, Avatarís army, shot at us with heat vision, and some pocket uíers died. One hybrid started an earthquake somehow, and the pocket universeís Wildcat fell in. We decided to try magic against them, they being Kryptonian, and while we were trying to do something, Jay had a heart attack. He recovered, thankfully, but it was a scare we didnít need at the time. Jack and their SSK (ours stayed home) left with their Jay. They came back with cosmic rods, which were invaluable against the army.

I had a hard time coming up with a form that could hurt the army while protecting the baby. I finally decided on King Kong. Hourman was able to slow them, but their Mr. Terrific got too close to the heat vision and perished. Their Jay disappeared, reacting with Hourmanís time power somehow.

Weirdly enough, I think some of the army turned against itself. Iím not sure we could have beaten the army if the leader hadnít incinerated some of the soldiers. At least, not without more losses. Halís people suffered heavy losses. We searched the rubble for survivors, then their Flash arrived, telling us that their JLA had perished.

We found Halís whereaboutsóCoast City. He was there protected by one of his green energy fields. We broke through, doing our best to avoid the purple army. Inside were piles and piles of corpses. Halís compound was surrounded with a force field as well, and there were a few of the hybrids pounding on it. There was one hybrid whoíd disagreed with the others, and he was badly wounded. Dr. Mid-nite patched him up. I took to the sky for re-con, which was fortuitous, since the hybrids started throwing buildings at us. We were able to defeat the hybrids with Fateís help, but Damage was incinerated. And Avatar fell. After that, Hal revealed the pocket universe to be a desolate, lifeless place. It was chilling without his constructs. Fate made Gold Kryptonite, ending the powers that the hybrids had, and then we made it back home, prisoners in tow.

Canary Musings VI

After we got home, Plastic Man decided to join us. He just showed up on our doorstep, told us he was FBI, and, well, basically asked for a job. Wildcat asked me and Hal to stay at headquarters until the JSA could hold a meeting the next day. It seemed best to do so. So I went upstairs and called Roy. How do you tell your husband that youíre actually a space alien and not the woman he married?

Of course, before I told him anything, I had to yell at him for deserting me. But eventually, everything worked out fine. Heís definitely worried about the baby, considering itís the only Durlan-Human baby in existence that either of us knows of, but weíre staying together and weíre going to work it out. Iím so thankful. I donít know if I could live without Roy.

The JSA argued about whether to keep me with them or turn me over to the law or what, and eventually decided to keep me on. I think they want to watch me. I donít blame them. Roy wasnít too happy with them, but then, theyíre the ones that have to work with me. Royís JLA now.

Canary Musings VII

We left to Durla to see if we could find the lost heroes, the ones kidnapped by my people and replaced with agents like me. They werenít there, but we rescued (or maybe it was kidnappedÖ) a few Durlans. One was going to be killed for be an aberration. On Durla, there is no room for difference. Meta-powers are destroyed when discovered. We came back to Earth to restock the ship before heading to Rann, which we hope will be a good home for them, as Earth has been growing increasingly intolerant. We got here and discovered the New York City had been nuked. Some of our members stayed behind to help, the rest of us went to Rann to talk to Adam Strange and get the Durlans a new home. Rann agreed to take them on a probationary status for now. So long as they donít cause trouble, they have a home.

Part 8

After the ceremony on Rann, Ind'ra, one of the Durlans we rescued, decided to return to Earth with us. She has energy manipulation powers somewhat like a Green Lanterns. I'll have to ask Oracle for new identities for both of us.

We discovered that the other JSAers went to New York City and tussled with Anarky's group of-I'm not sure what to call them. The group contains Green Arrow as well as Trickster. It's eclectic, that's for sure. And somehow they managed to fire upon the US Army. That is not good. Not good at all. Wildcat is making Dr. Mid-Nite and Alan Scott apologize, and I hope they don't get in worse problems. Who knows, now that Luthor's our President and New York City was nuked? Much happened while I was in space.

I'm going on maternity leave now. I'll be managing the monitor room. It's too nerve-wracking trying to keep the baby safe in action.