Golden Eagle

Alter Ego: Charles Edmond Parker
Occupation: Restaurant employee
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Titans West, New Titans
Base of Operations: Malibu, CA
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond (formerly brown)


Charley Parker, alias Golden Eagle, was a Midway City orphan teen who hero-worshipped Hawkman to the point of dressing like him. When the villainous Matter Master commanded his "mentachem" wand to find Hawkman (not knowing Hawkman was in space), the wand decided to manufacture a reasonable facsimile and transformed the suitably clad Parker into a pseudo-Hawkman by turning his makeshift costume into one capable of flight. Embarking on a crimefighting career as the Golden Eagle, Parker was rescued from the Matter Master by the JLA. Parker improbably resurfaced several times thereafter as Hawkman's purported protegé and as a founding member of the short-lived Teen Titans expansion team, Titans West (the first of many super-hero expansion teams).

Very little is currently known about Golden Eagle. He seemed to appear out of no-where in the skies over Northern California, where he rescued a family of campers trapped by a raging forest fire.

After receiving much praise and gratitude, Golden Eagle stunned the populace by insisting on a financial reward for his services. Then he handed out business cards that read "Golden Eagle-Loved Ones Need Saving? I Fly in the Face of Danger. All Major Credit Cards Accepted." As he soared off triumphantly into the sunset, the town residents promptly tore up his cards. Thus did a super-hero career get off to a shaky start.

Being a hero was the closest thing to steady work Charley Parker ever had. Chronically unemployed, Parker's idea of a meaningful lifestyle was sunbathing on Malibu Beach, working on his tan while waiting for the right wave to roll in. Unfortunately, no one was willing to pay him to do that. Golden Eagle was supposed to be Parker's ticket to financial security.

Like many of his get-rich-quick schemes, the plan backfired. There were plenty of other super-heroes who performed their duties gratis, so who needed a hero for hire?

Charley was "between jobs" when an attack on California by Mr. Esper propped the formation of Titans West. Despite the refusal of Robin (Dick Grayson), the leader of the original Teen Titans, to sanction the spin-off group. Golden Eagle thought it would be a good way to make money, by monopolizing the super-hero market in California.

It's no surprise that the lack of real levelheaded leadership caused Titans West to unceremoniously disband before anyone really noticed the team.

Charley was later believed dead as a result of one confrontation, and allowed the world to continue believing he had died while he roamed the country a recluse. His motivations for this have yet to be revealed. Later, he happened on the scene in New Orleans when Argent, CM3, Kid Emotion and Mister Majestic were investigating some murders, and was present at the discovery of the new Aquagirl. Together with his new allies, they uncovered a vampire plot to over-run New Orleans, and outnumbered, they retreated, sending news to the JLA requesting they look into it.

Later, when Nightwing reformed the JLA, and Robin announced a new line-up for Young Justice, many heroes found themselves excluded from membership on both teams. At the suggestion of Jesse Quick, they formed a new era of Titans. With Golden Eagle as the first elected leader of the team, they have continued to adventure and fight the good fight. So far he has successfully led his Titans through missions to other universes, and missions protecting Alaska from an ancient ice-giant menace. Somewhere along the way, he and Aquagirl II have also grown quite closer and are currently an item.

Powers and Weapons

Golden Eagle is a superb athlete and a fairly good hand-to-hand fighter, despite his limited combat training. The sharp metal talons on his gloves provide him with a formidable assault weapon.

In addition to the power of flight, Golden Eagle has incredible vision, which allows him to see objects at a great distance even in near total darkness.
Whether these powers are attributable to Charley Parker or the Golden Eagle costume itself has yet to be revealed.