Amazing Man III

Alter Ego: Will Everett
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jake Everett (father of Amazing Man I, deceased), Lula May Everett (mother of Amazing Man I, deceased), Will Everett Jr. (son of Amazing Man I), Will Everett III(Amazing Man II, grandson of Amazing Man I, deceased)
Group Affiliation: All-Star Squadron (former), Outsiders (current)
Base of Operations: Blüdhaven
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Naturally athletic, Will Everett trained through high school to enter the 1936 Berlin Olympics. There, he and Jesse Owens proved Adolf Hitler's racist assertions wrong by winning headlines and gold medals. Despite international acclaim, Everett was still unable to find work upon his return to the United States and eventually wound up sweeping floors at a laboratory owned by Dr. Terry Curtis (aka Cyclotron). One evening there, Everett was kidnapped by gun-weilding minions of the villianous Ultra-Humanite and taken to a hidden lair, where he was subjected to the power of an electro-generator built by Dr. Curtis. During the experiment, the generator exploded, granting Everett the power to temporarily absorb property of any material with which he came in contact.

At first, Everett agreed to work with the Ultra-Humanite, hoping his hometown of Detroit and his parents would be spared from Ultra's world conquering plans. But, realizing he had been duped, Everett turned on the Ultra-Humanite, and joined the All-Star Squadron to save the world.

Recently Will learned his whole life was a lie, that he was in fact a clone of the original Amazing Man being trained on an alien world to be sent to earth and replace the original heroes. He, along with other All Star and JSA clones were rescued by the real JSA and have begun to assimilate into 21st century culture. Will would eventually meet Ingot of the Blüdhaven based version of the Outsiders, who invited him to join the team. Will has been a member of the team ever since.

Everett has the ability to absorb organic material and thus transform himself into a living, breathing, mobile facsimile of the material. Each transformation is of a limited duration, but he can switch his substance almost instantly from one material into another; from metal to wood to glass, for example.