Crimson Avenger

Real Name: Lee Taylor

Occupation: freelance journalist, retired police officer

Known relatives: Howard Taylor (father, deceased), Nancy Taylor (mother)

Base of Operations: Detroit

Marital Status: Single

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 176 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black


Son of a career police officer, Lee Taylor was probably destined to follow a similar path. From his earliest years, Lee was intimately familiar with the workings of the Detroit police force and the city's growing crime problem. Like his father Lee believed that strong measures were the only things that really deterred crime and his idea of justice was harsh even then.

None the less, Taylor did not originally plan to join the police force. His father for one was strongly against it, knowing the trials of his work and wishing something better for Lee. So instead Taylor worked his way through a college program, majoring in journalism and toying with the idea of becoming a full time writer. It was then that tragedy struck. His father, a respected officer of over thirty years service, was killed in the line of duty under questionable circumstances. No one was arrested or even suspected in the crime. Investigation by the department seemed lax at best.

It was here that Taylor dropped his studies and applied for the Detroit PD department. Accepted, he entered Police Academy shortly after, and finished at the top of his class. Lee proved an exceptional officer if not one particularly agreeable to his fellow officers. Personally he was appalled by the levels of corruption that existed on the force and the longer he looked into his fathers the case, the more he began to feel it may have played a part.

Eventually he found the answer. His father had broken in upon a drug ring that included not only prominent members of the force but the acting police chief at the time, now retired. Determined to bring it to light, Taylor found that the current chief viewed this less than favorably. Many of the suspected culprits he was trying to indict were top brass and prominent officials. It was best to let it go. Lee of course did not agree. The further he pursued it though, the more hostile his opposition became. Finally, two attempts on his life and a trumped up charge of possession later, Lee realized he could not find the justice he sought here. Disillusioned and under pressure from the charge he resigned.

A few months later, the new Crimson Avenger made his first appearance. Like the Avenger of old, this vigilante took justice into his own hands and among his first targets were those Taylor believed responsible for his father's death. In short time the old drug ring was put out of business and, those who weren't indicted were dead. In response, the Crimson Avenger was labeled a criminal himself, although this hasn't stopped him from making appearances since, usually for the public good. Although no deaths have been directly linked to the Avenger, many have been considered possible considering his modus operandi.

Taylor himself went on to pursue his cause (and others) through the realm of the written word. Although he never finished his studies in journalism, he has none the less been able to fashion something of career off his oft times radical articles. Usually dealing with the areas of crime, justice, corruption, and modern superheroes (places where Taylor can claim some expertise after all) he has managed to see print in not just local papers but even some abroad, including a sporadic column in the old New York Global-Leader.


The Crimson Avenger has no super powers of any kind. He survives merely on his wits and determination. He does carry a variety of equipment with him, most of it common enough, including a brace of .45 pistols. Although he attempts to find alternate means whenever possible, he is not above using them. There is a very clear line to him between the lives of innocents and the lives of criminals, and he knows which among the two he values higher. He is also competent in hand to hand combat and possesses some detective skills from Taylor's time on the Detroit PD.

It should be noted that the Crimson Avenger is not a full time hero so to speak. That is to say he does not regularly patrol the streets of Detroit (such as Batman does in Gotham). He picks and chooses his cases, usually participating only in those that baffle the police or slip through the holes.