Teen Comic Links

OK Here are all the Teen Hero Comic Links I have right now. Visit them, maybe you'll like them, and maybe if you're having trouble picking a character it'll help. Also, if you're a player and unfamiliar with one of your team mates, more info could be found at the sites below.

The DC Teens Homepage

Mister Happy's Legion Homepage

Solid! The Apparition Homepage.

The Unofficial Spoiler Homepage.

A Triad lover's homepage. Good bio, gallery and previews.

The Bouncing Boy Webpage. He's a great guy.

The Batgirl Webpage.

Nik S.'s Umbra site, it's just starting, but good so far.

The Alternate Legion Of Superheroes Play-by-email RPG.
I have a character here, there's still spaces available, come join!

RIP. This wonderful page has been shut down. Superboy. This page is extremely extensive and covers Superboy from his pre-Crisis beginnings to his present incarnation.

Invisible Kid's Legion Page

The Impulse Page, very attractive.

Arrowette Banner

Power Pack Attack! My Power Pack Homepage.

Non-Teen Links

The Donna Troy Webpage

The Blue Devil Homepage.

The Doctor Fate Homepage

The Starman Homepage


Anarky, Anti-Hero of the DCU

Email: Karate Kid