Real Name: Hourman
Known Aliases: Nicknamed "Tyler"
Age: About two. (Android)
Eye/Hair Color: White/None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Amazo ("anscestor").
Birthplace: Created by Tyler Chem-Robotics
Area of Ops: Watchtower, Happy Harbor, Rhode Island
Occupation: Adventurer, Guardian of the Space-Time Continuum
Group Affilation: JSA, Justice Leagion A (former).
Special Powers/Abilities: With the New Gods device known as the Worlogog embedded within his body Hourman has complete control of time space which enables him to travel through time. However, he can only stay in another time period for an hour as after that amount of time he returns to the present. Also, because of the fact his robotic genes have been laced with Miraclo software the new Hourman is granted special powers including flight, super-human strength, stamina, and speed.


The current Hourman is a robot who was built by Tyler Chem- Robotics founded by the original Hourman, inventor Rex Tyler. His genes have been laced with Miraclo software which therefore grant him the same powers as the original Hourman. In the 853rd Century, this new Hourman ran into the JLA who were looking for a New Gods device known as the Worlogog which is an artifact that can control both time and space. This device was used by Lex Luthor who sought to use the device in order to destroy the JLA.

Instead, the device was destroyed creating a divergent reality in which Darkseid enslaved the Earth. However, once the Worlogog's destruction was undone the device was entrusted to Hourman who was charged with being protector of the time-stream. But the new Master of Time will learn that his path lies not in the far future alongside the godlike Justice Legion A, but among the present-day JSA, whom he will aid, as he seeks his own humanity with the help of the former Justice Leaguer Snapper Carr. Early in to his stay in this era, he suppressed many of his god-like powers so that he could better understand humanity.

Most recently, during the hypertime merge induced by Impulse, Hourman found his android body posessed with the mind and spirit of Rex Tyler, the original Hourman, and so, the android personality has been subverted.