The Flying Fox

Alter Ego: Undisclosed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Quontauka Tribe
Group Affiliation: All Star Squadron, Young All Stars
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: Young All Stars #1
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

History: The Flying Fox is a member of the Quontauka Tribe of Native Americans, which resides in Northwestern Canada. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Fox's tribe was contacted by agents of the Third Reich. These provocateurs wished to ferment a guerilla war between the Native American peoples of the Canadian Northwest and the government of Canada. When the Fox's father, who was the leader of the tribe, refused to cooperate with the Nazi agents, the German infiltrators killed both the Fox and his father.

The tribal shaman, grandfather to the Fox, performed a ceremony that restored the Fox to life and effectively halted the aging process. The shaman then dispatched the Fox to the USA to battle Axis aggression. There, the Fox was a founding member of the Young All Stars. He remained a member for the duration of the existence of the Young All Stars.

The Fox became more and more questioning of his role as a so-called "superhero." The death of one of his friends, the Golden Age Fury, in spite of the Fox's attempts to aid her, caused him to retreat into himself and become secretive, and more likely to function behind the scenes.

In more recent decades, the Fox has continued his war on the Nazis, who he sees as being currently incarnated as the so-called "NeoNazis" and "Skin Heads," as well as in more clever disguise as "respectable leaders" who espouse essentially fascist philosophies.

He recently discovered that his friend the Fury is still alive and is living on Paradise Island. This has caused him to rethink his decision to withdraw from the public view, and to become a mystery man again.

Powers and Weapons: The Fox has a pelt/cloak endowed with the magical ability to grant flight to the wearer.

The Fox also has the following ritual spells that he can use as powers:

Change own Appearance; Comprehend Languages; Flame Project; Illusion; and Invisibility. He is not able to toss bolts of magic about, but has power over the elements.

The Fox is an efficient acrobat and an effective hand to hand fighter. He is also skilled in the traditional herbal healing lore.