Dr. Mid-Nite

Real Name: Dr. Pietr Anton Cross
Occupation: Crime-fighter (former physician)
Base of operations: Portsmouth City
Marital Status: Single
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 175 lbs
eyes: blue
Hair: black

A prodigy who obtained his medical degree while still in his teens, Pietr Cross was a gifted surgeon whose work within the system led him outside of established medical circles. As the "Midnight Doctor", Pietr used his great wealth, talent, and formidable network of contacts to provide healthcare for a wide range of patients whom orthodox medicine had failed.

While investigating the influx of a new and dangerous mutagenic steroid, Dr. Cross was surreptitiously given the drug, which interacted with other chemicals in the doctor's bloodstream.

When an explosion robbed him of his eyesight, Dr. Cross found that the chemicals in his systemstill allowed his eyes to see in the infrared spectrum. Special goggles of his own creation augmented his remaining sight to the visible spectrum.

Borrowing the identity of a blind costumed adventurer from the 40's, the new "Doctor Mid-Nite" has dedicated himself to protecting the downtrodden of his city from a continuing series of deadly schemes by the insidious Praeda Industries.

(Pietr has sworn to uphold the noble tradition of the original Doctor Mid-Nite.)

carries a variety of medical equipment, and pharmesuedicals. not adverse to using drugs on himself, to boost strength, or to not feel pain: morphine and such. Has used truth serums and sleep-inducing meds, on his targets. (Injects them with needles.) Uses blackout bombs as well.