Kid Lantern

Name: Roxanne "Roxy" Leech
Age: 19
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Known Relatives: Rex Leech (Father).
Group Affilation: the Watchmen
Base of Operations: unknown
D.O.B. 1981


Growing up, Roxy was constantly moved around, living a total new-age gypsy lifestyle as scam after scam of her father's would fail and get them running out of town. Until Superboy. Becoming Superboy's agent, for however long, was a godsend for the Leeches, and though she eventually professed no romantic interest, Roxy fell deep and hard for the Kid.

When she was eighteen she decided to follow Superboy's heroic example and enrolled in the Police Academy, graduating with honors. She poured herself into her work, but there was some small part of her that always wished she could do more to help the cause of fighting injustice.

In early 1999 her hopes were answered. Robin III (Tim Drake) foresaw a need for back-up heroes on a mission his team Young Justice were embarking upon, and since he at the time possessed the lost Power Ring of Hal Jordan, he offered Roxy the chance of a lifetime, and she took it, becoming Kid Lantern. She had some small success as Kid Lantern, until she met and lost a battle versus the first Executioner. She was hospitalized, lucky to survive, her power ring destroyed.

After the Parallax-Robin incident with hypertime, it was Robin again who stepped in and helped raise her from the new funk she'd lowered herself into. Speaking on her behalf to Kyle Rayner, the then head GL, Robin arranged for Roxy to get a new power ring and become Kid Lantern anew. She then spent many years as a member of the Watchmen

Powers and Abilities

Roxanne is a Green Lantern, and with her power ring capable of a great many wondrous feats.

Additionally, her Police Academy training has honed her into a capable marksman and combatant.