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    Here's the Tenshi Trail series. Take a seat and have fun.

Volume one:

Rated: OT

    Chapter one: Sakura Tenshi
Mars 2071, summer. Spike finds a chibi tenshi-chi hanging from an  oak tree. See what happens next.

    Chapter two: The Oni Lord Awakes
Kuroito jumps into the ride and things on Bebop get little hectic.

    Chapter three: Charm School
Faye shows Sakura the ways of the vixen. T.J.: Kami help us all!

    Chapter four: Nightingale's Melody
Now bound to this celestial beauty, Spike must now find out the truth about Sakura. And bless her heart, the woman is not much help. She can't remember her past and... well, just read now!

    Chapter five: Fox Lady
Out of the wilderness comes a lady named  Foxtrot. Now Sakura and Kuroito are enough, well..... 2's company and 3's trouble! Ume's in here.

    Chapter six: Cherry Bomb
A young cupid-chan named Cherry pops up, follows Spike around, and won't leave. Remember what I said about 2 and 3? Well, 4 is something else!!!

    Chapter seven: Sleeping Desires
Apparently, Sakura has developed feeling of love for Spike. Only, the tenshi-chi is unaware.

    Chapter eight: Hard to Breathe
Jet meets Ume and falls for her. So he crosses paths with her and tries to talk to her. Ume is scared but wants to talk to him as well. See what happens next.

    Chapter nine: Tsuki Tenshi
As Spike learns the truth about Sakura, he notices that she is turning more beautiful each day. (He's not falling in love with her. Yet!)

    Chapter ten: Bits of the Past
Sakura is vaguely remembering her past but it comes out all tangled up and not making sense. That's not really helping Spike out one bit.

    Chapter eleven: Stalker Shounen
Daisuke pops up and stalks Spike and Sakura around out of obsession.

    Chapter twelve: Blind Confession
Sakura subconsciously admits her feelings to Spike one night. And Ume shows up at bebop for no apparent reason.

Volume two:

Rated: OT

    Chapter thirteen: Kurai Sister
KuroSakura awakes from hell and tracks down Sakura. She "runs" into Spike and they have a little dual.

    Chapter fourteen: Cross Fire
Francesca comes along and causes Sakura mercilessly. That's five supernatural friends, have fun Bebop!

    Chapter fifteen: Sakura Dreams
Sakura meets Kaze-san in a dream and Kaze-san holds great wisdom for the tenshi-chi.

    Chapter sixteen: Higashi Breeze
Katsuko calls Spike to talk more about Sakura and her power.

    Chapter seventeen: Sakura Lullaby
Sakura has another dream visit with Kaze-san and they talk about her feelings for Spike.

    Chapter eighteen: Love Dulls Reason
Ume is falling in love with Jet, Along with these feelings come thoughts of murdering her abusive husband.

    Chapter nineteen: Love's Song
Daisuke and Cherry team up to hook Spike and Sakura up together. T.J.: Oh Kami help us!

    Chapter twenty: Employment
Sakura decides to look for a job to help the other. But there are many shady business men that would take advantage of an innocent beautiful girl like our darling tenshi-chi.

    Chapter twenty-one: My Immortal
Sakura's unconscious love for Spike grows stronger so much that it causes her pain.

    Chapter twenty-two: Sweetest Sin
Soot, Daisuke, and Mandy discovers Jet and Ume's affair one night. Things get turned around.

    Chapter twenty-three: Neko Obsession
Kuroito finds a beautiful woman and takes her back to the Bebop. However, she escapes by turning into a neko and runs away. T.J.: This will be fun.

    Chapter twenty-four: Muse's Song
On her first day at work, Sakura seems to be doing well at Club Dreamer's until the owner asks her for something dirty...

Volume three:

Rated: OT

    Chapter twenty-five: Mellow Rain
The day after Sakura's misadventure.

    Chapter twenty-six: Affair
Jet explains his affair to Spike and co. Meanwhile, Sakura has another depression withdrawal.

    Chapter twenty-seven: Kitty Ghost
Sakura finds a beautiful cat and takes it in. But the neko has an old secret...

    Chapter twenty-eight: Heartbreak
Spike goes out again and Sakura falls depressed.

    Chapter twenty-nine: Wrong Way
Kuroito leads a human girl astray. T.J.: Bad boy!!!

    Chapter thirty: Find Me
Sakura starts having dreams of her past and nightmares of the future.

    Chapter thirty-one: Wanderer
A young wanderer comes to Bebop for a place to stay for the night. He shares his story with Sakura.

    Chapter thirty-two: Welcome Home
Spike comes back at long last!!! T.J.: At long last!!!

    Chapter thirty-three: Ai Melody
As Sakura's feelings for Spike grow deeper without her knowledge, an unspeakable evil rouses from slumber.

    Chapter thirty-four: Power Force
Along with her feelings, Sakura's power grows stronger. This could mean trouble for her and the crew.

    Chapter thirty-five: Poker Queens
Faye takes Sakura to a casino as a good luck charm. But the fallen ones follow in secret.

    Chapter thirty-six: Wasteland
For some odd reason, Spike ends up dreaming about the Purgatory battle. Is this a fantasy or a flashback?

Volume four:

Rated: OT

    Chapter thirty-seven: Death Waltz Pt. 1
Spike wouldn't kill Sakura.... would he?

    Chapter thirty-eight: Death Waltz Pt. 2
As if things weren't bad enough, KuroSakura and Vicious pop up in the scene. Chaos and hell grow stronger.

    Chapter thirty-nine: The Bet
Kuroito and Foxtrot make a bet to seduce a huge number of humans before the week's over.

    Chapter forty: Evanescence
Sakura ends up disappearing without a trace. Who would do such a thing? Where has she gone?

    Chapter forty-one: The Long Night Pt. 1
Every seems upset about Sakura's disappearance-- even Francesca.

    Chapter forty-two: The Long Night Pt. 2
Along with worries about Sakura, Spike keeps having these dreams the Purgatory battle.

    Chapter forty-three: Hostage
Sakura was taken by this old priest and his pixie because she belonged to Amadeus.

Chapter forty-four: Blurry
Sakura starts having nightmares about Spike, Amadeus, and KuroSakura.

    Chapter forty-five: Goth Jazz
Sakura keeps falling depressed because of her nightmares. And Fuji is not helping at all.

    Chapter forty-six: Searching the Night
T.J. and Shoji accompany Spike on his search for Sakura.

    Chapter forty-seven: Worry
Cherry and Ed worry about Sakura during the night.

    Chapter forty-eight: Lament
Shoji tells the boys about his wife in his past life.

Volume five:

Rated: OT

    Chapter forty-nine: Freedom...
Ume returns home to find her husband... dead. Is this good or bad?

    Chapter fifty: Data Search
Katsuko has found some new info on Sakura while looking for her. Let's just hope it helps there search.

    Chapter fifty-one: Golden Years
Ed was searching for Sakura when she came across....

    Chapter fifty-two: Kuro Noose Pt. 1
Yuji tries to do research on Sakura. But as he does so, the "thing" happens again....

    Chapter fifty-three: Kuro Noose Pt. 2
As the "thing" spreads, Yuji did the one stupid thing, the owner of Live Dreamers' did!

    Chapter fifty-four: Dream World
Spike and co. find Sakura at long last. But Sakura takes Spike to another dimension in the mind.

    Chapter fifty-five: The Kaze Dies Down
After that minor distraction, Spike and co. have some questions for Yuji. (The cold way!)

    Chapter fifty-six: Fire with Fire
Foxtrot's old boyfriend comes back, She is happy to see him, but something doesn't seem right....

    Chapter fifty-seven: Sakura Memories
Kaze-san remembers about her lover Amadeus, and their "child", Sakura.

    Chapter fifty-eight: Plot Twist
As everyone finds more answers, more question surface.

    Chapter fifty-nine: Welcome Back
Sakura wants to go back to work at the clinic. So Spike takes her back at her wishes.

    Chapter sixty: Secret Blues
Now that Spike thinks about it, Molly seems to be hiding some secrets of her won. So he chases her around the city to find out what it is.

Volume six:

Rated: OT

    Chapter sixty-one: Hard Luck Truth
Feeling trapped with iie excuse, Molly starts telling the truth about why naze she hates the supernatural.

    Chapter sixty-two: Twisted Grove
To fully explain the truth, Molly pulls out two vid discs she had saved and uses Cherry to unlock the codes to be viewed.

    Chapter sixty-three: Speak to Me
Himura-san tells Sakura about his past after she asks what's wrong.

    Chapter sixty-four: When it All Falls Down
Molly is on the verge of breaking down. Himura-san is rushing to patch things up. What are Spike and Sakura to do?

    Chapter sixty-five: Building a Hashi
Molly and Himura-san shorten their distance and build a hashi again.

    Chapter sixty-six: Night Mission
Francesca gets a new assassin job in years. But it involves the murder of Katsuko's main key to into on Sakura.

    Chapter sixty-seven: Tenshi Wings
Sakura wants to get Spike a present but doesn't know what to get him. So she goes out and looks for one.

    Chapter sixty-eight: Research
Katsuko and Yuji do research on Sakura and her past. But all they find is more twists and turns.

    Chapter sixty-nine: Discussion
Katsuko calls Spike and co. over to talk more about the tenshi-chi.

    Chapter seventy: Night Hunt
Foxtrot is bored and decides to go out for the night. Along the way, she finds another old "mate"...

    Chapter seventy-one: Planning
Now that everyone has some clue about the mystery, what will they do?

    Chapter seventy-two: Kurai Waltz
The Dark Ones have been waiting for his return. But what do they want and who are they?

Volume seven:

Rated: OT

    Chapter seventy-three: Conflict
Kuroito, Foxy, and Fran gather together to talk about the tempting mission to kill Sakura. Katsuko breaks her silence to Kawa.

    Chapter seventy-four: Busted
Cherry finds out about the talks on killing Sakura. The onis have to explain everything now.

    Chapter seventy-five: Little Tenshis
In the soon coming rain, little tenshis of love descended to Spike in a slow graceful manner.

    Chapter seventy-six: Fuji Tale
Kaze-san tells Spike the whole truth about Sakura and her past in heaven.

    Chapter seventy-seven: Kuro Warning
While Kaze-san talks to Spike, Kawa comes to Kuroito, Foxtrot, Cherry, Francesca, and Fuji to warn them about the Dark Ones and their mission.

    Chapter seventy-eight: The Naked Truth
Sakura learns the truth about her past through Kaze-san's old handmaid.

    Chapter seventy-nine: Purgatory
Along with the story, Kaze-san shows Spike a clip of the Purgatory battle that took place years ago.

    Chapter eighty: The Hunters
As if the Dark Ones aren't enough, the Tenshi administrators have come to the living realm to take Sakura back to heaven for good.

    Chapter eighty-one: Heaven and Hell
As the battle starts up, Spike has made his final decision to help Sakura.

Volume eight:

Rated: M

    Chapter eighty-two: Dark Catalyst
When KuroSakura hears about the Dark Ones and the Tenshi Administrators, she is LIVID!!! So she too goes after Sakura and fights them.

    Chapter eighty-three: Cherry's Stand
Upon realizing what must be done, Cherry uses the last of her strength to lead Spike back to the Bebop immediately.

    Chapter eighty-four: Priestess's Song
Molly is awaken by her father in the middle of the night because of the "thing" happening on Mars. You'd think she's worried, but.... Molly sees it as an opportunity...

    Chapter eighty-five: The Prophecy
Pancha and Kaze-san find Amadeus' prophecy on a scroll that he wrote on before he went to the Purgatory Battle. Now they have to put it together.

    Chapter eighty-six: Sakura Virgin
Spike makes it to Sakura and finds that she is okay. But he knows his feelings for her and he has take away the one thing she can never have again.

    Chapter eighty-seven: The New Real Folk Blues Pt. I
Well, here it is Pt. 1 of the end. I can't spoil it for you guys, so just read it for yourselves.

    Chapter eighty-eight: The New Real Folk Blues Pt. II
Here we are, the end of this tale, or is it?