Dark Catalyst

A hell bunny soared straight through Hell like a bullet. The fallen angels watched in intent. What could be so urgent at this time of night? The bunny made it straight to the Red Roof House. It broke down into dust and flew into the lock of the gate. Once the bunny reformed on the other side, it continued its urgent journey. KuroSakura was combing her short pinkish strawberry hair when she felt someone enter into the room. “Come in!” she called out annoyed. The bunny broke down into dust and flew through the lock. The oni-chi looked up and saw the messenger. “What?” she asked pissed off. “The Angel Administrators and the Hell scouts are after your sister!” the bunny shouted. The oni-chi stared coldly at the dark and cute creature. “What?” she snarled in rising anger. “The Angel Administrators and the Hell scouts are after your sister.” the bunny repeated. Big mistake! “FUCK!!!” KuroSakura screamed out. This was the last thing that she needed. She was the one who was supposed to kill the tenshi-chi nobody else.

KuroSakura grabbed her black kantana and violently shoved the bunny aside. The messenger broke into ash on contact. “I’ll go and fix them for stealing my glory!” the oni-chi mumbled as she stormed out of her house. All of the fallen angels watched her march all the way across the barren wasteland. They were wondering what the problem was this time. “DON’T YOU EVEN FUCKING TALK TO ME!!!!” the princess of hell screamed. The fallen ones just slowly backed away from KuroSakura in fear. The oni-chi continued on with her march. She made it straight to the Kuro tunnel and pressed the button. “Where would you like to go today sama?” the operator asked. “Living realm!” KuroSakura barked out. “As you wish!” the operator called out. Then, the doors flung open. The oni-chi stormed straight through in a heated rush. She was really on the warpath now!

Meanwhile, Vita and the Angel Administrators were still fighting. Zen just continued to watch. “Hm. This is just entertaining in a sense.” he thought. But then, something else caught his attention. “Who’s joining us now?” the demon wondered. Then, a flash of black crashed straight to the ground. Everyone looked up in a jerk. The wave was pouring rapidly to the cold grass. Everyone kept watching. Finally, the darkness lessened. KuroSakura stood alone in its place. She was seeing red. Zen and Vita were pale with shock. The Angel Administrators were even more ready to attack. “Sama!” Zen exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” She just glared at everyone else. “What the fuck is going on here?!?” the oni-chi snapped. A deep silence passed. “We are here on orders to kill Sakura in order to draw Amadeus out.” Zen replied. “No will do no such thing!” the top official barked. “We’re taking her back to Heaven!” “Over my dead body!” KuroSakura snorted. “I’ll be the one to kill her!” “Who the fuck asked you?” Vita barked. “YES!!!!” the oni-chi yelled. Then she punched the demon in the face violently and the fight started up again. Zen sat back down on the ground. “Why bother stopping them?” he wondered. “Maybe this will slow them down long enough for her to find him.

At the Bebop, Kuroito, Foxtrot, Cherry, Francesca, and Fuji were ready for the worst. They remembered Kawa’s words clearly. “You need to combine your powers,” he instructed. “Draw a box in the center of the room. Kuroito, you Foxy, Cherry, and Francesca stand at either corner of the box. Fuji, you sit in the middle. All of you hold out your hands and summon your powers to Heaven until the shield takes its full effect. Don’t under any circumstance take your eyes off of the main goal. Everybody’s lives depend on Sakura’s safety. I wish you look.” Cherry finished drawing the box. “There,” the cupid-chan said. “That should do it!” “Very Good.” Fuji said. Then Cherry walked to the final available corner. Foxtrot looked around her. Even Cherry had a serious look on her face. “Ready to get this over with?” the fox asked. They all nodded in a grave matter. “Okay.” Foxtrot replied. Then, they all held out their hands and closed their eyes. “Darkness, come to me and my power!” Kuroito called to Heaven. “Fire, come to me and my power!” Foxtrot called to Heaven. “Love, come to me and my power!” Cherry called to Heaven. “Water, wind, come to me and my power!” Francesca called to Heaven. “Earth, come to me and my power!” Fuji called to Heaven. A great gold light instantly formed. The shield formed around the shield.

This plan seemed to be working fine, but there was a slight problem. Sakura’s own awaking power with eating and clashing against the growing shield. The other mystics pushed in more power. They all knew this was turning into an ugly battle but they had to keep fighting. It was all or nothing. Everyone’s fate sat heavily on this shield. After what seemed like hours up building, the team all collapsed out cold on the ground. The shield wasn’t fully complete yet but enough to keep Sakura save for the whole night. The tenshi-chi’s power proved too much for them to handle. All of the rest of fate would have to rely on Spike.

Speaking of which, the cowboy was running back to the Bebop as fast as he could. “Hold on Sakura,” he thought. “I’m coming!” He just had to make it to her or she would be killed or worse. But then, it started again. The pain in Spike’s left shoulder returned violently. This time it was worse than ever. The cowboy screamed and gasped in pain. “Ahhh!!!!” he cried out. Spike sank to his knees in deep agony. It was an awful hell. This was too much for him. But then, a powerful sensation came over the cowboy. Spike couldn’t exactly describe but it was giving him more power and strength than ever before. He couldn’t quit on Sakura, she needed him. He felt like her father fighting in the Purgatory War. “Sakura!” Spike thought in new determination. “I’m coming back to you! Even if I die, I’ll find a way to make it back to you forever! I’ll never break my promise to you!” And with that, the cowboy forced himself to his feet and pushed himself to keep walking.

I Promise You