Sakura Memories

Kaze-san sat back. She was relieved. That crisis with Sakura was over. The tenshi-chi was safe and unharmed now. Thank Kami for that. But… Something was still a miss. Why was Lucifer interested in Sakura all of sudden? Where was Amadeus? Does he know anything now?

Kaze-san felt sick all over again. No! She had to think positive. Amadeus would return and save the entire supernatural race. Sakura would be fine.

Speaking of Sakura, Kaze-san began to remember her. Those were great times.

*Flashbacks begin*

Summer in Heaven 2009. The garden was beautiful. The sun was golden amber. Everything was peaceful. Kaze-san and her lover lie beside each other. All was perfect.

“Mama, Daddy!” a small voice yelled. The couple looked up. A child Sakura was rushing towards them. She had a small bag in her hand. The child looked happy.

“Hello Sakura-chan.” they greeted her. “Hi-hi!” the tenshi-chi exclaimed. “Look what I found!” Then, Sakura showed them the bag. A fat goldfish swam around inside.

Kaze-san and her man observed it closely. “It’s cute.” Kaze-san said. “I caught him in Tora pond.” Sakura replied. Her angel parents grew worried. “You have to let it go.” Kaze-san spoke up. Sakura’s joy left her face. “But I want to keep him!” she whimpered. Her father smiled. “If you keep him. He won’t get to see his friends.” he said. Sakura felt a little better. “Okay!” she said. Then the tenshi-chi raced back to Tora pond. Her father smiled.

*End of Flashback*

Kaze-san opened her desk. Dozens of pink scroll letters were inside. The scent of sakuras filled the room. So heavenly. Kaze-san smiled. More memories flooded her mind.

*Flashback starts*

Fireflies were flying around the night. He always loved the night. It was like his second girlfriend.

Kaze-san and her love were watching Sakura. She was running and playing in the sweet cool grass. She looked so happy.

Kaze-san was smiling at the tenshi-chi. “She’s lovely, eh?” her loved asked. “Yes.” his girl said dreamlike.

But they saw Sakura in different ways. Kaze-san saw the tenshi-chi as a little girl. Her boyfriend saw her as a beautiful woman. Little did the angels know that would cause discord between their loves.

*End of Flashback*

Kaze-san looked through the letters. Where was the next one? She found it in ten seconds. The ink was still fresh. He wrote beautifully. Always had, always will. That’s what attracted her to him. Maybe this would help Sakura remember. It had to. It just had to.

*Flashback Starts*

Kaze-san was enjoying the ocean. It was her companion. Always has, always will. It was like… a lullaby to a child.

The angel heard footsteps. Kaze-san looked behind her. Her man stood over her. Kaze-san smiled happily. But her joy faded away.

“Babe,” he spoke up. “We need to talk.” His lady grew pale. “Yes, my love?” Kaze-san answered.

Amadeus kept a serious face. “Kaze-san,” he spoke up. “My love for you might have died away.” “What?” she asked sadly. “I’m so sorry.” her now former boyfriend said. Then, he held her close and let cry on his chest. The doves around them felt their sorrow.

*End of Flashback*

Kaze-san lightly whistled. A dove flew to the window. “Take this to Sakura.” the angel ghost said. Then she handed the bird the scroll. The dove took the letter and flew off. Kaze-san watched on silently. “Sakura-chan,” she thought. “Please remember. Please.

See You in Space Ghost…