Higashi Breeze

    Spike was walking to the Iitaka manor. He had more questions ready Katsuko. Then…. The cowboy froze. “All right! Molly!” he yelled. “Where are you? Come out now!” Silence. But Spike wasn’t fooled. They played this game before. The cowboy knew every move she could pull. Now, it was a matter of time.

    Spike stood still. He heard nothing. Still, she was coming. At last, he heard footsteps. “Here she comes!” the cowboy thought. Then there was a pause. Molly leapt out from the bushes and glomped him wildly. Spike kept his balance hard. He just smirked.

    Molly looked up at him. “Got ya, didn’t I Onii-san?” she asked. (Onii-san = “Big brother” in Jap.) “Tell me honestly.” Spike’s smirk deepened. “I knew you were going to ambush me.” he answered at last. Molly frowned. “Darn it!” she yelled. Spike grinned hard. Molly began chuckling. And soon, they were laughing hard.

    “It’s been nice talking to you Molly.” Spike said at last. Then he started to head off. But Molly grabbed him by the arm. The cowboy looked at her. “Iie you don’t!” she exclaimed. “Molly!” Spike exclaimed. “Let go.” “Nope!” the girl replied. “I’m kidnapping you!” *Huge sweat drop on Spike’s head as he sighs and hangs his head*

    Molly dragged Spike into the park. All the cowboy could do was grin and bear. Arguing with his young friend was pointless. She was like a mule. And Molly always had the last word. The cowboy learned that the hard way. Molly wanted to show Spike her shrine but he refused. The two battled out hard. But in the end, Molly won. She just always had to have the last word.

    Spike looked around the park in boredom. Then, he saw his original objective. Katsuko and Kawa were sitting on a bench in the park. Finally! Work to do.

    “Hey Katsuko!” he yelled. The girl looked up. She saw Spike as she rushed to her. The girl stood up. Spike picked the pace. Molly chased after him. “Slow down Onii-san!!!” she yelled. The cowboy wasn’t listening. He had too much on his mind.

    “I all ready know your questions.” Katsuko said when Spike reached her. The cowboy eyed her. “Again, the address from whoever sent the picture was a fake.” the girl said. Spike hung his head in defeat. “It figures.” he said. Katsuko kept silent.

    The two were eyeing Kawa. Ichi nagging question still hounded at Spike’s head. “Katsuko.” he spoke up. The girl looked up. “Hai?” she asked. “Nani is…” the man began. “Kawa?” Katsuko finished. Spike nodded. The girl drew in a deep breath and shut her eyes.
“Kawa is a ghost-chan,” she answered. “I made him to be my older brother.” Spike fell lost.  “Oro?” he asked. “My brother died years ago,” Katsuko explained. “Thus out of loneliness, I studied how to create your own supernatural. I worked hard to bring my brother back through Kawa. Not only did I form him from my brother’s image, I placed in my brother’s likes, dislikes, habits--everything.

    “But when I look at him, it’s like my brother never left me. However, I end up feeling sad.” “Because Kawa couldn’t replace your brother.” Spike finished. “Right.” Katsuko answered with emotion.

    Molly was sitting on the bench with Kawa. They hadn’t spoken a word to each other. She eyed him closely. Kawa was a lovely site to behold. His dark ruby hair and pale cheeks were like roses. Molly was blushing. “Uh…” she said. Kawa turned. The girl completely lost her tongue. He was easily handsome as a Kami. Molly had lost her tongue all right.

    “You look great.” she said at last. Kawa smiled. That smile made him even cuter. Molly grew aka. “Arigato.” Kawa said. Then he turned away. Molly kept smiling. But inside she felt bad.

    Spike and Molly were leaving the park. Molly was quiet on the walk home. Spike was wondering why. Molly was usually so talkative to him. This wasn’t like her.

    “Onii-san.” she said at last. Spike paused and looked up. Molly had her back turned to him. “Hmm.” the cowboy said. “Nani do you think of the supernatural?” his friend asked. Her tone sounded sad. Spike thought about it for a moment. Then he said” “Everyone is all the same to me. Supernatural or human.”

    At that instance, Molly turned around. Her eyes were big with hope. “You mean it?” she asked. “Hai.” Spike answered. Molly began to smile. “Arigato,” she said. “I just wanted to know.”

    Then Molly ran home. Spike just stood there staring at her leaving. That made nai sense nani so ever.

See You in Space Cowboy