The Long Night Pt. 1

Cherry paced around the den in worry. Spike told her to stay here and tell everyone who asks the truth. Before the cupid-chan left Ronahon, she promised to follow every order Amadeus gave her, no matter what. But how does she break the news to the others? How does she tell them Sakura has vanished? This was so hard!

Then came footsteps to the den. Cherry’s heart raced. Here it comes! The moment of truth.

But, just Ein stepped into the den. Cherry relaxed. “Oh, it’s just you.” she said. The dog picked up the pace a bit and headed to the cupid-chan. Cherry pet and scratched his ears. It was like novocain to her.

Then, the lights flipped oh hard. Cherry’s head jerked up. Faye stood in the doorway. The cupid-chan swallowed hard. Here goes!

Faye looked around. “Cherry.” she began. “Why are you up so late?” Cherry went pale. She swallowed hard. “Sakura is missing!” the cupid-chan blurted out. Faye went silent. Cherry felt bitter. “Missing?” Faye asked in shock. Cherry nodded. The cowgirl fell onto a chair. She looked sick. “Faye-sama?” Cherry asked as she rushed up to the bounty huntress. “Are you okay?” Faye didn’t answer. She was too distressed to. Cherry wished she hadn’t said anything now.

“Hey!!!” someone yelled. Faye and Cherry looked up. Ed stood in the doorway. She looked just as perky as ever. “Why is everyone looking gloomy?” the hacker asked. Cherry stood strong yet bitter. Here it comes again.

“Sakura’s gone missing.” the cupid-chan announced again. The joy in Ed melted away fast. Her eyes welled with tears. “Tenshi-lady’s …. gone…” Ed whimpered out. Cherry nodded. Ed burst into tears hard. Cherry felt awful again. But she still had to tell the bad news three more times. Oh the pain!

Cherry walked to the doorway. She looked for the others. “Aw, the bunny went bai-bai!” a voice called out. Cherry turned slowly. Kuroito was sitting on the sofa. “Poor little rabbit.” he said pitifully.

The crew heard a snort. Everyone turned to see good old Foxy sitting on the arm of the sofa filing her nails. “She probably ran off because you, ya scumbag!” the fox snapped. “Aw,” the oni lord said sounding pitiful. “That’s hurts baby!” Foxtrot rolled her eyes.

“Besides,” Kuroito said seriously. “She could have been kidnapped.” Everyone paused coarsely at that thought. “Kidnapped?” Faye asked with a face of a lily. “I wish otherwise.” Kur replied. Faye felt sick all over again. Cherry grew pale. Ed cried again. The oni lord saw his mistake.

“Hey!” Kuroito called to them. “It’s just a theory! Don’t take it serious!” *Sweat drop on Kur’s head*

“Even so,” yet another voice hissed. “I hope the bastard that took her cross my path so I give him complete hell!” Everyone looked and found their answer. Francesca sat away from them in the shadows. Her eyes were glowing with despise and anger at Sakura’s disappearance.

This really blew everyone away! Sure, it was normal for Spike and the others to become worried if something happened to Sakura. But Francesca? This was the woman that bullied the tenshi-chi to no end for no real reason at all. And now, ironically, here she was. Talking about how she would possibly kill Sakura’s theoretical kidnapper. This had to be a serious situation!

Everyone was stunned in silence. Fran eyed them hard. “I knew it’s strange!” she replied. “But that’s just how I feel right now!” Kuroito, Foxtrot, and Cherry understood her perfectly well! “I know, darling.” The assassin said nothing and rolled her eyes bitterly.

Cherry silently walked out of the den. She walked until she came near the big window. The cupid-chan sat down onto the floor and looked outside. Nightfall had made its typical appearance. Stars were in the sky like a rash.

Cherry felt numb. She carried out her duty Spike gave her. But yet, the cupid-chan felt heavy with sorrow. Sakura was like an older sister to her. Cherry hoped nothing malice-filled happened to the tenshi-chi. “My lord,” the cupid-chan thought. “Bring Sakura-sama home safely!

Bring her home!