Blind Confession
    Spike walked through the cark ban back to the Bebop. His mind was still heavy with thoughts of Sakura and that picture. He decided to question her about it. Then another disturbing thought entered the bounty hunter’s mind. Who sent the picture anyway? Spike froze dead in his tracks. “Nani if they’re looking for her?” he thought. “Go check on her!” something told him. So Spike rushed back to the Bebop.

    Pitch darkness greeted Spike on the Bebop. “Konnichiwa?” he asked. Nai answer. A dark icy feeling came over him. Was it worry? “Sakura…” he thought.

    “Hi!!!” a cheery voice yelled. Spike leapt around and pulled out his gun. Sakura was hanging upside down from the ceiling. She had on a volleyball uniform and her hair was all loose and hanging. The tenshi-chi looked confused.

    “Is that for me or are you just happy to see me?” Sakura asked. Spike relaxed and lowered the gun. “Oh,” he said. “Sakura. It’s just you.” “Did I surprise you?” the tenshi-chi asked as she hopped down. Spike looked at her. “Surprised? You nearly scared me to death!” he yelled. Then the cowboy saw her face. Her eyes were welling up with tears. She leapt onto him and lightly pushed him onto the ground. “I don’t want you to die!” Sakura wailed. “I’ll be all alone again! Dozo don’t die!” She began to cry. Spike looked down. He felt pity for her. “Maybe that’s nani happened to that Amadeus guy…” he thought. Then the cowboy lightly stroked her pinkish strawberry hair. Then he remembered.

    “Uh…Sakura.” Spike spoke up. “*Sniff* Hai Spike?” the tenshi-chi asked. Spike reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the picture Katsuko handed him. Sakura looked up and took it from him. “ Is that you?” Spike asked her. The tenshi-chi turned to him. “Iie Spike. This is not me.” she said with a passionate coldness. Spike relaxed. “I see.” he said. “So it was just a hoax.” the cowboy thought.

    Then, Sakura leaned against his chest. Spike was taken-aback. “Hold me.” the tenshi-chi mumbled. The man was hesitant at first, but then he complied. His left arm embraced her tightly. “Kiss me.” Sakura whispered. Spike’s heart skipped a beat. “Kiss.” she murmured. Silence passed over them. “Spike…” Sakura murmured. The cowboy looked down. “I have to tell you something…”she mumbled. “All right…” the man replied. “I love you.” Sakura murmured. Spike was stunned with silence. “But…” the tenshi-chi continued. “I’m afraid.” “Oro?” the cowboy asked. “Nani do you mean?” “Well, we’re too different so it wouldn’t work. You might get tired of me and leave all alone forever.” Sakura explained. “And besides, you still might have feelings… for her…” That mouthful really struck Spike hard. Naze would she think that way about a possible romance between them both? And who did she mean by her? Did Sakura mean Julia? “Nani do you mean?” Spike asked her at last. But she said nai more. Sakura had fallen asleep. Spike lightly kissed her on the head. “Ban Sakura.” he whispered. Then he started dropping off to sleep.

    Then, a hard knock came on the door. Spike jerked himself awake. “Oro?” he thought. “Who could that be at this time of ban?” So the man lightly moved Sakura off of him and walked to the door. Spike opened just a crack. Isamu Ume stood on the other side of the door. She looked inside. “Jet?” she asked. “Iie,” Spike answered. “He’s not home now.” “Oh.” Ume said softly. “Is there anyway I can wait for him here?” “Uh… all right.” Spike said. “Arigato.” the sensei said. Then she bowed with grace. Spike fully opened the door and let her in.

    “Spike…” Sakura mumbled as she walked to the door. “Naze did you leave me?” She stopped when she saw Ume. The sensei looked at her. “So this is Sakura.” she said. Spike stood in minor confusion. “Uh…hai.” he said. “Ohayoo.” Sakura said as she bowed down. Silence passed. Sakura turned to Spike. “Was that right?” she asked. “Almost,” he said. “But it’s ban now.” Sakura quickly remembered. “Konbawa.” she said as she bowed again. “How kawaii.” said Ume.

    Okay. This really made nai sense. “How does she know about Sakura?” Spike thought. “And nani does she want with Jet?” “Hey!” she said. The cowboy looked up. Ume had a new tall bottle of sake in her hands. Spike eyed the bottle. “Hee-hee. Let’s get drunk!” the sensei said. Spike liked nani he heard.

    By two hours, nine empty cans of beer and three empty sake bottles were laying on the floor. Sakura was stacking them up like blocks. She looked very happy. “I haven’t has this much fun since my eighteenth birthday!” Ume exclaimed. “Uh-huh.” Spike agreed. “Hey… uh…” the sensei said. “Spike.” the cowboy said. “Spike, could you get us more sake?” Ume asked. “Hmm… naze?” Spike asked. “Dozo!” she begged. The cowboy just looked at her.

    However, Ume manage to persuaded Spike and he and Sakura were on their way back from the store. On the walk, the tenshi-chi’s words stayed with him. Did she really mean it? There was only ichi way to see.

    “Sakura.” Spike addressed. “Hai?” she asked. “Do you really love me?” he asked. The tenshi-chi paused. “Nani do you mean?” she asked. Spike turned to her. “You said you loved me while you were leaning on me tonight.” he explained. Sakura was still lost. Then it hit her. “Oh that! I was just talking in my sleep. Don’t mind me when I do that.” she said. Spike relaxed. “Okay.” he said. But that didn’t seem true for some odd reason to him. Bah! Nani was there to worry about? She said nai and that was it. But still….

    “Spike.” Sakura said softly. Spike turned to her. “Hai?” he asked. “You go ahead, I’ll stay out here.” she said. Spike just looked at her. “Don’t worry at me,” the tenshi-chi went on. “I’ll be fine.” “All right…” the cowboy said. Then he headed on without her.

    Once he was gone, Sakura flew to the top of an abandoned apartment building and stood there. She closed her eyes. “Is anybody there?” Sakura thought. “I am here.

See You in Space Tenshi....