Sweetest Sin

    Soot and Daisuke walked through the campus at six in the evening. They had detention. Ume looked pale when she handed them their sentence. But Soot and Dai were pleased. Come on! If you were a straight teenage boy, you would want to stay after school with your hot teacher. But something didn’t seem right….

    “Hey Soot.” Dai said as he cleaned the window. “Nani?” the other boy asked. “What was wrong with sensei?” the stalker-in-training asked. “What do you mean?” Soot asked without turning. Daisuke paused. “She looked ghost pale when she told it to the class.” he answered. Soot still kept cleaning. “Well, you know about her bastard husband.” he said. Daisuke thought for a moment. Then said: “True. True.” He went back to work after that.

    A few minutes later, the boys heard giggling. They paused abruptly. The light laughter sounded like a girl’s. Particularly, Ume’s giggling. The boys grew curious. “Soot.” Dai said. “Yeah.” his buddy said. “Either we’ve gone crazy or we’re not alone.” Dai proposed. “Wanna go see?” The stalker nodded softly. Then the boys rushed to the yard.

    They found Ume over by her tree. She was happy for once. Not the pretend happiness she had been showing. But a true happiness! Soot and Daisuke were amazed. But the biggest was yet to come.

    Jet was standing with her. They looked happy together. They were talking. The boys listened in close. “Ume,” Jet said. The sensei looked up. “Hai Jet?” she asked. “Why didn’t you show up that night?” the old dog asked. Ume’s eyes looked away. “I was afraid.” she said. Jet was confused. “Naze? Because of him?” he asked. The sensei’s eyes watered. She nodded. “I was afraid at first!” Ume whimpered out. Jet held her tight. She sobbed on his chest. “Don’t worry about him,” Jet said. “ I may not be able to fight him off for you, but I can help you win.” Ume looked up with tearful eyes. “You mean it?” she asked. Jet smiled. “I’ve told you the truth so far.” The sensei smiled. “I love you, Jet.” she said. Then they kissed.

    Daisuke and Soot were in shocked silence. Jet and Ume?!? But… But…. Afraid to see more, the boys ran back inside the building.

    That night at T.J.’s house, Mandy and Bemmer were watching TV and snacking. They heard the door open. Dai and Soot reached into the room and stood before their friends. “Hey!” Mandy yelled. “You’re not made of glass!” “Shut up! *Pant*” Soot barked. “We have *pant* to tell you *pant* something!” Bem and Mandy groaned. “Make it quick!” Bemmer yelled. Daisuke and Soot breathed in hard. “Sensei and grandpa are dating!” Daisuke blurted. A silence fell in the room. Then Bemmer and Mandy burst out into laughter. Soot and Dai looked lost. “Oro?” Soot asked. “Did I miss something?” Bemmer and Mandy stopped laughing and looked up.

    “Come on now!” Mandy exclaimed. “Do you really expect us to believe that?” “Hai!” Soot yelled. Mandy and Bemmer laughed even harder. Soot and Dai just stared. “They don’t but it.” Dai said. “Duh!” Soot said. “I can see that too well!”

    “If don’t believe us,” Soot said in Daisuke’s room. “We’ll have to show them!” Dai was confused. “How?” he asked. Soot smiled hard. It took Dai a few moments to figure that one out. “All right,” he said. “Which camera do you want now?” Soot grinned harder. “Your best one!” he said. Dai’s eyes grew big. “But…” he began. “I’m saving that one for something special!” “This is important!” the other boy argued. Dai froze. “Okay, hold on.” he said at last. Soot grinned. He won!

    Dai came back a few minutes later. He had a video camera in his hands. Soot took it away and examined it. The camera was a model unreleased and untested. Soot eyed the stalker. “How did you get this?” he asked. “My club get the latest tech stuff every year.” Daisuke answered. Soot grinned. “Sweet!” he said. Dai smiled back.

   They all ready had a plan set up. The boys would help clean up and while they were working, they would tape Jet and Ume together, and show it to Bemmer and Mandy. This plan was perfect. Bout soon it would have one flaw.

    The bell rang to go home the next day. Soot and Daisuke begged Ume to sign them on for clean-up. The sensei signed the boys on willingly with suspicion. They never wanted to do clean-up before. So what was the change? But, that wasn’t even the whole thing! “Sensei,” someone said. Ume looked up from her thoughts. Mandy stood before her. “Hai?” Ume asked her. “I want to do clean-up too.” Mandy said. This blew the sensei away. Mandy and clean-up? Now those were two words that didn’t go together. “All… right…” Ume said at last. Mandy smiled. Daisuke grew nervous. “What is she up to?” he thought.

    The clean-up ran smoothly. All was according to plan. Then Ume slipped out of the classroom for no reason at all. Soot watched her like a hawk. He lightly hit Daisuke on the arm. Dai looked up. “Let’s go.” Soot said. His friend nodded. Then the boys headed out the door.

    They found Ume outside with Jet. And sure enough, Jet was with her. He was holding her close and kissing her on the lips tenderly. Soot felt really like vomiting. Daisuke had gotten out his new camera and was filming away. The plot was running smooth so far.

    Then, someone grabbed Soot from behind. He sharply turned. Mandy was grasping him tight. Soot scowled hard. “Mandy!” he hissed. “What the fuck are you doing here, bitch?!?” “Checking on you.” Mandy answered. Soot eyed her hard. “Naze?!?” he snarled. “Can’t trust you.” she answered proudly. “Shhh!” Dai said. “I’m trying to film here.” “Hm?” Mandy said. Then she looked ahead. The girl grew pale and fell back hard. She just saw the truth.

    Right then, Jet and Ume stopped hooking up and walked to the bushes. The three interns looked up. Oh crap! They were busted! “Kids,” Ume said when they go there. “What are you doing here?” The trio said nothing. They just nervously laughed and ran away.

    “Bemmer,” Mandy said when they got home that evening. “We have to show you something.” “Oh yeah,” said he. “Nani?” Dai and Soot showed him the footage on the camera. Bemmer’s response? He fell out foaming at the mouth, of course! It was official: Jet and Ume were dating in secret!

Secret’s Out!