The Bet

Kuroito wandered into the den. He had another “appetite” again and wanted to feed it now. But how to do so and have fun with it? How? How?

Right then, Kuroito sensed something. He looked up and saw Foxtrot. The oni was turned on. And who wouldn’t? Oh she was fine! Fine curves, nice ass, and pretty great with guys. Great with guys as Kur himself was great with the ladies…

Then, an idea his Kuroito! So he sat up straight and cleared his throat. Foxy looked up. She saw the oni lord himself grinning. She saw the oni lord himself grinning. She wondered why.

“Hi, you sexy thing.” Kuroito spoke up. “How’d you like to put your skills to the test on a professional like me.” Foxy rolled her eyes. “Ple….ase!” she exclaimed. “I only take in the best!” Kuroito smirked. “I am one of the best.” he said. “Oh really?” the fox asked. The oni lord stepped forward.

“Right as rain!” Kuroito said. “In fact, I purpose a bet!” Foxy’s ears perked up. “What kind of bet?” she asked. Kur grinned as the fox walked closer.

“To see who can charm more humans in one week.” the oni lord whispered. This sparked Foxy’s interest. “And what would be the prize?” she asked. Kuroito’s grinned deepened. “If I win, you have to work your skills on me.” he whispered. “If you win, I am your bitch for a whole week!”

Foxtrot loved the terms. “Deal!” she said. “Excellent!” Kuroito replied. Then the demons shook on it.



The oni lord wandered the streets at high noon. He was hunting for some fresh meat. In a couple of minutes, he hit jackpot! A blonde haired woman was on her lunch break and heading to the jewelry store. She was a fine-looking woman. Just the start Kuroito needed.

So he casually walked up to her and said: “Excuse me, you busy tonight?” The woman eyed him hard. She was overtaken by his charm. “No…” the woman answered. Kuroito grinned. “Great!” he said. “See then, uh…” “Sherry.” the woman answered. “All right Sherry,” the oni lord said. “I’ll meet you when you get off work!” Then he walked off. “Score one for the man!” Kur thought.


Foxy scanned the mall. No luck so far. Then, she saw two young men leaving a game store. They were some fine eye candy. Fine enough for an appetizer.

The fox flounced her way to the men. They stared hungrily at her she shook her goodies all about. “Hello boys.” Foxy said when she made it to her appetizers. They were speechless. “So, you have plans tonight?” she asked them. The boys quickly shook their heads. Foxy smiled. “In that case,” she replied. “I’ll be seeing you around then!” The boys nodded as they blushed. Foxtrot grinned and walked off. “Two down, a few more to go!” she thought.



The oni lord leaned against a torii gate. He knew women came to Shinto temples all of the time. He also knew they had strong resistance against men of his kind. But with the right words, they would be in his hands.

Four women were leaving the shrine. They were dressed in brightly colored kimonos and great enough for 2nd course. They were just about to pass the torii when Kuroito cleared his throat. The women looked up and saw him looking hot.

“I believe Kami has answered you prayer!” Kuroito spoke up. The two younger girls giggled. The older ones didn’t look amused. Kur eyed them. “Come on,” said he. “Lighten up!” The older ones kept their stern faces.

“Have you had lunch yet?” Kuroito asked seriously. The women shook their heads. “Brilliant!” the oni lord said. “I know a little café great at lunch hours. Come with me!” And with that, the women followed him to lunch. That was five for Kuroito.


Belly dancing. One of Foxy’s ways of getting men. And it was always a charmer. She had the body for it as well.

Today, the fox was in her weekly belly dancing class. She always attracted attention there. Perfect place to score some men’s desires.

In the first hour, Foxy had drawn a crowd of men to her with her dance. She had a satisfaction for that. “Soon, I’ll have more than Kur!” she thought.

By the end of class, Foxy had charmed twenty-two men. The fox herself grinned as she shook her hips and rolled her stomach. “Take that Pig!” Foxtrot thought in pride.



So far, it was five to twenty-four. Kur had to step his game up or he would be on Foxy’s leash for a complete week. Time for more tricks in his stash!

The beach. Perfect place for women! Kuro saw his opportunity to score big.

Kuroito sat near the restrooms and scoped the ladies. Fine choices paraded before him. The oni lord couldn’t help but stare and drool. Now to act!

The first woman was a sassy redhead. She was a real prize grabber! A real start for Kur.

The oni lord cleared his throat loudly. The woman stopped and looked up. Kuroito sat grinning. “Excuse me sama,” he began. “Do you come here often?” The woman blushed. “Well…. uh….” she began. Kur grinned. “I see.” he replied.

They talked for a few minutes and he had her in his hands. Kuroito repeated the strategy with twenty-six other women. Though he had to change his pick-up line times in order to secure his victory. Now it was thirty-one to twenty-four.


Foxy’s game was slowed down a bit today. She was in a bad mood. A couple of girls called her a skank. Kept men avoided her like the plague. To dampen her spirits even more, her favorite bar was closed.

Now, Foxy sat outside a clothing store in the rain pouting. But soon, she would bounce back quickly.

A young gentleman came along and sat down beside her. He was a fine fellow. But Foxy didn’t notice at first.

The man was concerned about her. “Hey sama,” he spoke up. “Is something wrong?” “What of it?” Foxtrot snapped. The gentleman was a bit nervous now. “I’m sorry sama,” he said. “You seemed so upset and it’s worries me when a lovely woman like you isn’t happy.”

Foxy slowly turned to him. This was the nicest thing anyone has said to her toady. And this was a heart-stealing guy too. They ended up talking and charming each other to no end until the young gentleman had to leave. Once in a while, certain men would come along and steal Foxy’s heart. And she had just met one them.



Only three more days left until victory. It was now thirty-one to twenty-five. Kur had to keep going.

The bar. Women come here all of the time. Kuroito could score big.

He sat near the pool with his drink. The bar had just come to life. So people were just coming in.

Kur observed everyone closely. He was looking for females harassed by the harry barflies. Those were the best targets.

“Get away you jerk!” the oni lord heard someone say. He looked up to see a woman pulling away from a barfly. She was a hot blonde with big breasts. She was trying to away from an obnoxious drunk clinging to her slender arm. The oni lord grinned. “Opportunity calls!” he thought.

So the oni lord rose up and walked to them. He cleared his throat hard. The duo looked up. “The lady said let her go.” Kur said sternly. The barfly laughed hard. “Make me!” he slurred out. The oni lord grinned. “Happy to.” he replied.

The good old bar fight began. Women and men gathered around closely.

The drunken barfly swung at him hard. Kuroito dodged him easily. The drunk was bewildered. Then the oni lord whooped his ass and won.

After the fight, women were impressed with Kuroito. They swarmed him completely. Kur was loving the attention. By closing time, it was fifty-one to twenty-five.


Foxy decided to boast her game up again. And she knew just how to!

Here she was at the sushi bar. People came here for lunch all of the time. This was a great place to attract guys.

Foxy scanned the area. There was plenty of fresh meat everywhere. But where to start?

She got her answer near the sake table. A group of young businessmen were having a drink. They were fine enough for feasting. Foxy quickly developed a sweet seduction plan.

So the fox got up and made her way to the sake table. “Hey boys.” she said in a husky seductive tone. Then men couldn’t help but stare at her. It was only natural; Foxtrot was a seductive demon after all.

By mid-lunch hour, Foxy was surrounded by guys. Now, it was fifty-one to fifty-two.



Two more days. Kur was one number short. Time to tighten up again. He wanted Foxy that much. And he will have her by Kami!

Karaoke bar! Good place for women! Now all he had to do was play his cards right.

Tonight was ladies night. Kur was an acceptation to the rule for he contributed money to the bar month after month. This was really his night!

The sliding door slowly opened. Kuroito watched closely. The first singer was up. She was fine! This lady would be Kur’s first pick.

She would sing a Dir En Grey song tonight. She was ready to go. The singer began singing her selected song when the music began. She didn’t sound too good. The crew began booing her. The lady looked nervous. Kuroito grinned. “That’s my cue!” he thought.

The oni lord rushed to the stage and grabbed a mic. “Give her a break, would ya?” he snapped. The crowd went silent. Kuroito turned to the singer. She was completely grateful. “I know.” Kur said. “You don’t need to thank me.” Then the oni lord walked off the stage. The singer felt much better and kept singing.

Kuroito pulled this trick many times. When the night was over, it was sixty-two to fifty-two.


Foxy sat at the bar. She picked a fine night to attract man at a bar. Many beautiful people came and hung around here. She would score tonight.

A couple of guys walked up and sat beside the fox. She smirked to herself. “That was fast!” the fox thought. “Hey doll!” one of the guys spoke up. “Care to ride with us?” He put his arm around her. Foxy grinned. “That would depend…” she replied. The men looked. “On what?” the other guy asked. “If I don’t up tied up tonight.” Foxtrot answered. The men agreed silently.

Foxtrot ran this method ten times and gained success from each. It was now tied.


Kuroito and Foxtrot

Saturday night. One more day until a winner would be announced. This was a great night to break the tie.

The dance club. Perfect place to seduce humans. And the timing couldn’t be any better!

Both demons ended up in the same place at the same time. They noticed each other and thought: “I’m going to win this bet!

Foxy and Kur pulled their typical flirting tricks on the humans in the club. And of the humans fell for their charismatic charms the demons had with them. Now it seventy-four to seventy-four and still tied. But Kuroito and Foxtrot didn’t care tonight. It was all about drinking, music, men, women, and partying tonight!


Foxtrot and Kuroito

Today was the last day of the bet. It was still tied and needed to be broken. But how? They were running out of places to be hunting for humans. Foxy and Kur plotted on this. Then the answer hit them.

The park. The last attempt to get a date. And by golly, Kur and Fox were desperate!

The demons were scanning the area. It was Sunday; so most humans were recovering from the excitement of last night. Today was a challenge.

The demons pulled their flirtations. So far, failure followed. It seemed hopeless. Then, temporary success came along.

Kur found an innocent girl and seduced her. Foxy had the same luck with a college boy and got him. But despite that bit of luck, it was just seventy-five to seventy-five.

End Result:

Foxtrot and Kuroito lie outside looking at the stars. Both were silent. What could they say?

“Seventy-five to seventy-five, eh?” Foxy said at last. “Uh-hm.” Kur replied. “See, I’m just as good as you.” “Yeah,” the fox said. “But it’s a tie, what do we do?” The oni lord thought for a moment. “We both get our prizes.” he said at last. “You entertain me and I’ll be your bitch.” Foxtrot smirked. “We’ll see.” she replied. “We’ll see.”

It’s a tie!