Kuro Warning

Kawa hurried down to the Bebop in the fast approaching night. A few minutes ago, he got permission to go out from Katsuko. He said he had an important errand to run. She didn’t mind; he just had to be home before too late. The ghost-chan agreed and was off. “I have to tell Sakura’s friends before the worst happens.” he thought. “Sakura-san is in great danger!” Kawa then picked up the pace and began running. He had a serious message to deliver. It was a very disturbing piece of knowledge he had since he was out cold from nearly dying while breaking into Hell’s database. Kawa just couldn’t hold it to himself much longer. It just had to come out!

The ghost-chan made it straight the ship. Kawa drew in a deep breath. “I hope they believe me.” he thought. Then, he approached the entry and looked around. “Hello?” he called. “Is anybody here?” A bright little light flew into his face. The startled ghost-chan had to back up to get a better view. Fuji was staring at him. “Kawa?” she asked. “What are you doing here so late?” A short pause followed. Kawa finally got back his words. “Fuji, I need to speak to all of you.” He finally said. “Where is everyone?” “Inside.” Fuji replied. “Follow me.” The ghost-chan did so into the Bebop.

They made it to the den. Cherry and the demons were sitting around the coffee table. Foxy looked up when she heard someone coming into the room. Kawa stood in the doorway eyeing the crowd. Fuji was floating in the air beside him. The fox instantly became excited by the sight of him. She began to have hentai fantasies about him. “Konnichiha!” she greeted in her sexy voice. “Are you a new lodger?” The other three looked up to see the ghost-chan standing in the doorway as well. “No,” Kawa said in a monotone voice. Foxtrot became disappointed by the anti-climax. Kuroito kept staring at him. “You’re with that little girl in that big house, aren’t you?” he asked. “Yes, why?” Kawa asked. The dark demon rose to his feet. “Why are you here?” he asked. The ghost-chan stepped closer. “I have an important warning for you about Sakura-san and all of us.” he said strongly. This caught everyone’s attention. Kuroito, Foxtrot, Francesca, Cherry, and Fuji crowded around him quickly. The poor ghost-chan became uncomfortable really fast. “Uh,” he spoke up. “Could you all back up first? You’re all crushing me. *Sweat drop*” “Oh,” the others said. “Sorry, san.” Cherry said in a small voice. Then, they all backed up.

“While I was out cold from hacking,” Kawa began. “I had a disturbing vision. I saw seven angels on a barren wasteland. They were armed with Heaven’s finest swords. I heard them speak. ‘We have found her at last.’ they were saying. ‘She is a threat to all of the mystics in the Living Realm. Amadeus’ child must be destroyed at once!’ Right then, I remembered a piece of a legend that I found in Hell’s database before I was almost killed. If it stands correct, Sakura-san is Amadeus’ child. The angels of Heaven want to kill Sakura-san!” Shock hits everyone. Sakura as Amadeus’ child? Now that explained everything! No wonder she was looking for Amadeus. He was her father!

“But what should we do?” Cherry asked in a panic. Francesca hit her in the head lighting fast. “Ow!” the cupid-chan cried out. “Don’t ask such a stupid question, you little baka!” the wolf snapped. “We keep on with the original plan, defeat Sakura until no end!” “Oh.” Cherry said in a small voice. Fran put her hand to her forehead. “*Sweat drop* Kami, you are so stupid!” she sighed aloud. “You’re even worse than the sap herself!” The cupid-chan looked at her confused. “Why?” she asked. *Fran falls straight to the ground*

Kawa just tittered for a bit, but then became serious again. “I see you want to help Sakura-san, I’m glad for that,” he said. “I will tell you a way you can protect her and still keep your strength.” All of the other mystics looked up interest. They all crowded around Kawa again. The poor ghost-chan became uncomfortable really fast again. “Uh,” he spoke up. “Could you all back up first? You’re all crushing me again. *Sweat drop*” “Oh,” the others said. “Sorry, san.” Cherry said in a small voice. Then, they all backed up. “Right,” Kawa said at last. Then, he drew in a deep breath and began talking again.

See You in Space, Ghost-chan