Fox Lady

    An orange-haired girl waited at the Oko hashi. “Where are they?” she thought. Finally, she saw Soot and Bemmer rushing to her. “You’re late!” the girl snapped. “Gominnasi Mandy!” Soot yelled as he bowed many times. “It won’t happen again!” Bemmer looked lost. “Naze the hell am I here?!?” he yelled. “Cause, you attend school with us.” Mandy answered. “But….” he began. “I don’t even work under T.J.?!?” “Well, ya do now!” Soot yelled. Then before their friend could say another word, Soot and Mandy dragged him to school with them. (*Sour look on Bemmer’s face* T.J.: Wha? Bem: Naze am I here? T.J.: Soot begged me to sign you on. Bem: Naze? T.J.: Ask him. Bem: *Pouts*)

    Elsewhere, Swordfish landed in an empty parking lot. “Naze are we teishing?” Sakura asked. Spike wasn’t listening. The trip wasn’t easy. Swordfish went out of gas and they got lost twice. So the cowboy didn’t answer right away. Sakura was looking around out the window. “Get out.” Spike said at last. The tenshi-chi turned to him. “Nani?” she asked. “Get out.” Spike said again. “We’re here.” “Oh.” said Sakura. Then she gracefully complied and Spike followed after her. “I don’t see anything!” she said aloud. “We have to walk to it!” Spike yelled from a distance. “Oh!” the tenshi-chi said again. Then she jogged to catch up with him.

    Up within the skies, she was looking below. Everything caught her interest. “A wittle tenshi-chi all alone on Mars with a human. A tasty one at that!” she thought as she watched Sakura and Spike cross the pathway. “But naze….do I get the feeling that I’ve seen her before?” She would have pondered it more but…. “Nani’s this?” she thought. She saw Mandy, Soot, and Bemmer walking to school. Opportunity was ringing. “Fresh meat!” she thought. Then in a blaze of fire, she shot downward.

    School always started at eleven o’clock in the morning for summer. The trio made it two minutes before class started. The other students were busy talking. “We made it.” Mandy whispered in relief. The boys said nothing. The trio crept right on in and took their seats.

    Outside the classroom, she descended down to the window. “All according to plan!” she thought. “All according to plan.” Then she snickered softly.

    The sliding door opened and the students looked up and teishi talking. In came the sensei. All of her students eyed her. “Ohayou Gozaimasu.” said she. “Ohayou Gozaimasu Isamu-sama.” her students said. Isamu-sama was a lady of charm. She had guys drooling over and girls looking up to her. She could even make a gay guy want to be straight.

    “Today everyone,” Isamu-sama spoke up. “We are going to write numbers in calligraphy.” The boys all grinned. “Bor-ing!” he thought. The others didn’t seem to mind. “Don’t worry Bem.” Soot whispered as he patted his friend on the shoulder. “This will be fun!” Bemmer just rolled his eyes again.

    “We’re here.” said Spike when he and Sakura came to the Iitaka manor. “*Gasp* It’s so pretty!!!!” the tenshi-chi exclaimed. The manor itself was lavish. The building looked (actually was) a Japanese-style castle. Lovely gardens and statues went perfect with them Oh! It was like heaven!

    Sakura was lost in amazement. Spike didn’t seem to care. “Spike.” the tenshi-chi called. “Nani?” he asked without looking. “Nani’s this sliver box thingy o n the gate?” Sakura asked. “A call box.” the cowboy answered. “Can I push the button?” Sakura asked. At that question, Spike looked down. “Iie.” he answered. “I’ll do that!” Then the cowboy shoved her out of the way and rung the phone. The TV screen came on. “Konnichiha!” a neko girl said. “How can I help you today?” Spike lost his tongue. Here, he was expecting a human butler or maid to answer the callbox. Instead this….this… neko-thing answered.

    “Uh….” Spike began. “We would like to see Iitaka-sama!” Sakura spoke up. *Spike falls down* “Wait ichi moment.” the neko chick said. (“Ichi” is “One” in Jap.) Then the screen changed to little white bunnies. “Checking ID” is what it read. Spike glared at the tenshi-chi sharply. “Wha?” she asked. *Plus-cross on Spike’s head* Then he quickly grabbed her arm and hissed: “Don’t answer unless spoken to you. In fact, I think it’s better if you didn’t speak at all! Am I clear?!?” Sakura’s eyes were big with shock at his tone and reaction. She nodded in fear. “Good.” said Spike. Then he let go of her. At that moment, the tall sliver gates opened. Spike let Sakura go ahead of him before following behind. The tenshi-chi did trip on her baggy jeans (which were Spike’s jeans) a couple of times but the cowboy caught her a couple of times. The gates closed behind them.

    Ring! Ring! The bell rang. “Oro?” Bemmer asked. “It’s our lunch break.” Mandy said. Bemmer was still lost. Soot grabbed their friend before he could ask another question and headed out with the other students. “Ato de aimasho.” said Isamu-sama. (Ato de aimasho= See you later in Jap.) “Ato de aimasho Isamu-sama.” the students called out. The sensei smiled. She really loved her job.

    “At last!” she thought. “Time to play!” Then she just down from the window and followed Soot, Mandy, and Bemmer in secret.

    Spike and Sakura came to the door of the manor. “Remember nani I said.” Spike reminded Sakura. The tenshi-chi nodded. Then the door opened. The pair stepped through.

    “Konnichiha!” exclaimed four neko girl maids. Spike was taken-aback. Again, he was expecting people. Instead here was a green neko thing, the pink one, a purple one, and a blue one. They were all dressed in short tight little kuro dresses that showed their colored tails. Sakura stared in amazement. Spike was in disgust. “What’s with the ugly dresses?” he thought. “Now, now.” said a voice. “Muyo to be rude. I made their uniforms.” (Muyo= No need in Jap.) The man looked up in shock. A girl about ten years old was coming down the stairs. Her dark kuro hair flowed around her. She was like a mini-megami. “So you must be Spiegel-san.” the girl said. Spike nodded sourly. “I know. I may be just a kid but my knowledge is beyond my years.” she said. “Uh….” said the cowboy. “I’m Iitaka Katsuko.” the kid said as she bowed down. Spike and Sakura bowed as well. “So this is the tenshi-chi?” she asked Spike. “Yep.” said he. “You have iie data on her, correct?” the girl asked. The cowboy nodded. “I see.” she said. Then the kid wiz turned to the neko girls. “Okay girls,” she said. “Go to it.” And with that, the neko girls all glomped Spike and piled on him. “Hey!” he yelled. “What the fuck are these *gag* neko-things doing on me *gag*?!?” *Sweat drop on Katsuko’s head* “Girls teishi!” she cried. The neko girls stopped and looked up. “Not Spiegel-san,” Katsuko explained. “It’s the girl to check on.” “Oh.” the neko girls said. Then they seized Sakura and got to work.

    Soot, Mandy, and Bemmer were walking back to school. The lunch had ended. She leaped into a tree. “Here they come!” she thought. Then she leapt down the ground.

    The trio was walking when Mandy yelled: “Teishi guys!” Soot and Bemmer teishied and turned. “Nani?” Bemmer asked. “Look!” the girl exclaimed. The boys complied. There ahead of them, lie a silver kitsune. (Kitsune=Fox in Jap.) It looked injured and near death. The trio approached it slowly. “Is it dead?” Soot asked. “How am I supposed to know?” Bem asked. Mandy picked up a stick and poked it. The kitsune moved a bit and then went still. “It’s alive.” Mandy said. The boys looked with her. “Whelp,” said Bemmer. “It’s alive, so let’s go.” Then the boys walked off. “Wait!” Mandy yelled. The boys teishied. “Nani?” Bemmer asked sounding annoyed. “It’s hurt. I’m going to help it.” Mandy declared. “Wha!” Soot yelled. “You heard me!” she barked. “We’re staying until I’m done!” “But…” Soot began. “WE’RE STAYING!” the girl yelled. Soot just sighed. Mandy took off her backpack and got to work. Bemmer started to walk off, but Soot teishied him by grabbing his wrist. “Hey! Let go!” Bemmer yelled. “If I have to suffer, you have to suffer too!” the boy yelled. “So shut up!” Bemmer’s face turned sour. “Asshole.” he mumbled.

    “There.” said Mandy after moments of hard work. She has rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and bandaged the wounds. “Can we fucking go now?” Bemmer asked. “Hai.” said Mandy as she began getting up. “Finally!” Soot yelled. Then the three of them left to go back to school.

    When they had left, she got up perfectly. “Phase ichi, complete.” she thought. “Now for part two!” Then she descended down into the ground.

    A few minutes later, Spike and Katsuko came back to the living room. All four neko girls were passed out at Sakura’s feet. The tenshi-chi was in a daze. “Uh…. Katsuko.” Spike spoke up. “Hai?” she asked. “Your maids are passed out.” the cowboy continued. “Hmmm…. I see.” The girl said. “It looks like I’ll have to do this.” “Do nani?” Spike asked. She didn’t answer. Instead, Katsuko turned to the door. “Kawa!” she called out. Spike just looked. “Who the hell is she calling?” he thought. Then he had his answer. A boy about sixteen years old stepped into the doorway. He looked yuki white with dark ruby and kuro eyes. “Hai Katsu-chan?” he asked. Spike was a little relived. “Hey, are you her brother?” he asked Kawa. “Nai, I’m a ghost-chan.” the boy answered. *Spike falls down* “More of them?!?” he thought. “Nani’s with him?” Kawa asked Katsuko. “Don’t know.” she said. “Listen, I need you to do a scan on her.” Kawa nodded and went over to Sakura. He held his hand out over her head.

    A few minutes later, Kawa fell to the ground. “Kawa!!!” Katsuko yelled as she rushed to him. “Are you all right?” “Don’t worry.” he answered. “I’m okay.” “Let’s see,” the girl said softly. “Data’s still here, along with your powers. Only your minor ones are lost.” Spike was watching all of this. Then his eyes shifted to Sakura. She was still out in daze. Right then, an interesting thought hit the cowboy. “Hey Kawa.” said he. Then ghost-chan and Katsuko looked up. “Hai?” Kawa asked. “Nani about Sakura?” Spike asked. “Did she have some damage? You can’t destroy power that’s not there.” “Oh, Sakura has a lot of power.” Kawa replied. Spike fell into stunned silence. “Nani do you mean?” he asked. “Sakura has great power.” Kawa explained as he got up off the floor. “But it is all locked away tightly.” “Naze?” Spike asked. “I don’t know.” Kawa said. “I just don’t know.” Spike just hung his head and sighed.

    The trio made it back to the classroom. And just in time at that. “Glad you could join us.” Isamu-sama said. Her smile like a picture. Even Bemmer gave a little witty smile. Then Mandy, Soot, and Bemmer took their seats.

    Soon the students were at work again. Soot had finished early and was looking around. When he turned his head to the window, he fell into silent shock. He saw outside the silver kitsune floating. It was smiling at him. Soot got nervous. “Uh….Bemmer.” he whispered to his friend whom was done with his work as well. “Nani?” Bemmer asked. “It’s that--Er, never mind.” Soot replied. The kitsune had vanished. Bemmer looked cross. “You bugged me for nothing?” he asked. “I…..guess….” Soot mumbled. Bemmer just glared and turned away. Soot just slummed down on his tamai. “Am I tripping?” he thought. Soot just shook his head.

    “Spiegel-san.” Katsuko. “We need to talk.” “Hm. About nani?” Spike asked. “Come with me.” the little girl whispered. Then she led him down the hall. Spike followed out of curiosity. The two met midway. “Now nai this about?” Spike asked. “I have to warn you something.” Katsuko said. Spike kept quiet and leaned closer. “Whatever you do,” said the little girl. “Don’t fall in love with Sakura.” The cowboy was a little stunned by that response but said nothing. “I don’t care how kawaii or hot she is, it’s not worth it.” she continued. Spike just nodded.

    Bemmer looked around in boredom. Then something caught his eyes. That same kitsune was sitting on a desk. The boy blinked twice, but the picture didn’t change. Bem tapped Soot on the shoulder. “Nani?” he asked. Bemmer just pointed to the back. Soot looked and saw it. “Nani does it want?” he asked. Bem shrugged. Then the kitsune vanished into thin air. The boys fell lost. “Is there a problem boys?” Isamu-sama asked. They turned to the front. “Uh…..iie.” the boys answered. “All right.” said the sensei. Mandy just rolled her eyes.

    That evening, Mandy, Soot, and Bemmer walked back to the Bebop. A twisted surprise greeted them once they got in. “Konnichiha guys.” said a husky, sex voice. A chill came over them as they turned. A woman with dark kuro long and emerald eyes was sitting on the couch. “Long time, nai see.” she said. The trio was frozen in fear. Then something caught Mandy’s eye. The woman had a bandage on her wrist. “Iie!” Mandy cried. “You’re that---” “Hai.” said the woman.

    At that moment, the door opened. In stepped Spike and Sakura. “Nani are all you doing here?” Spike asked Soot, Man, and Bem. Then he looked at the woman. “Who the hell is this?” he asked. The woman cleared her throat. “Foxtrot is my name!” said she. “And I am in debt to these three. So I’ve decided to here for a long time.” *Everyone else except for Sakura falls down* “More of them?” Spike asked. “Yep.” Bemmer sighed. Foxtrot just grinned.

See You In Space Kitsune….