Katsuko sat next yo Yuji. “Ready to do this?” she asked. The hacker priest nodded. “Good.” the girl said. They both booted up their laptops. Yuji was comfortable to work Katsuko. Unlike Spike, she didn’t hold the kidnapping over his head as a debt. But he didn’t let his guard down.

Katsuko logged on-line. Yuji supplied the disk stick. The child genius plugged it into her laptop as the priest connected his laptop to hers. (“Easier to transfer data that way.” Katsuko advised.) “Do you have the list?” Katsuko asked. Yuji handed her his notebook. Katsuko opened it. She had the priest write down a list of web addresses for their research. The kid tried the mystic database. This was the godfather of all info on mystics. Even humans were in this database.

Katsuko typed in Sakura’s name. “Searching.” the screen said. The search team waited patiently. This seemed to take forever.

Then, her profile came up. But sadly, most of it was blank. All that was there was her name, species, and current living status. Katsuko hit refresh. Still the same results. The kid sighed. Yuji turned to her. “Now what?” he asked. Katsuko sighed. “Keep trying.” she replied. “All right,” Yuji said.

Katsuko viewed the list again. Most addresses were dead ends. Some were down and old. But at last, she found three working ones.

“Katsu-san.” the priest spoke up. “Hm?” the kid asked as she typed. “This research on Sakura,” he went on. “Why is it blocked?” “I don’t know.” Katsuko replied. “I’m trying to find that out now.” Yuji sat still. “Do you think someone is preventing us from finding anything?” he asked. “Like who?” Katsuko asked. Yuji froze on that thought. “I don’t know,” he said. “Just someone.” Katsuko froze at that statement. “Possible,” she said. “But why?” Yuji went silent.

Oh, how right he was. Sakura is one of heaven’s best-kept secrets. But what for? What was she hiding under her dulce exterior? Was it something evil? And why? And who was hiding it?

Katsuko typed in another web address. This site was about mystic roots. This would be a perfect place to look. But, more problems arrived.

Suddenly, both laptops shut down. “Hey!” Yuji snapped. “What’s going on?” “I don’t know.” Katsuko replied. She just restarted the laptops and tried again. The same thing resulted. Two more times resulted in the same fate.

Finally, Katsuko ran virus scan. It detected no problems. “Strange…” the kid said. The priest watched with her. “You know,” Katsuko began. “Something or someone is trying to prevent us from learning anymore about Sakura.” “So now what?” the hacker priest asked. Katsuko turned to him. “We tell Spike about what we know so far.” said she. Yuji nodded bitterly. The cowboy still scorned him. He still deserved it he guessed. “I’ll call Spiegel-san right now.” the kid said. Then she left her laptop and headed over to Kawa.

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