Power Force

    Sakura watched Swordfish fly away. Spike flew her to Oko Hospital. She felt numb with Spike leaving. Not sorrow, but numbness. Sakura didn’t understand why either.
    “Be careful Spike.” the tenshi-chi thought as Swordfish was out of sight. She stood still staring at the sky. So quiet now…
Then, there came a soft thump. Sakura knew where it was. She lightly put her hands to her breast. Her heart’s beating had grown sharper. The tenshi-chi stood still again. Thump. “My heart….” the tenshi-chi thought. This is first time her heart was making sharp thumps. But why?
    His head jerked up. She sensed it. “What is it?” she asked. “Another power wave.” he said. Her eyes grew big. “Where?” she asked. “Where?” “It’s too weak to track.” he answered. *Plus-cross on her head* “Damnit!” she yelled. “Why is this fucking hard?!?” He snickered quietly. She caught it again. “WHAT?!?” she snapped. He stopped laughing and looked up.
    “Think about it,” he said. “Her father is genius.” She paused hard. “You don’t mean…” she said. “Uh-huh.” he said. She looked as if she had seen a bright angel.
    “Damn!” she murmured. “Like I said.” he said. “Her father is a genius.” She looked grimly at him.
“You think he took her memories with him, Zen?” she asked. “There’s no telling,” Zen said. “No telling.” She just hung her head.
    By noon, Sakura felt better. She had made three children smile this morning by reading and singing to them. The tenshi-chi always enjoyed their smiles. The brought light to her day.
    After lunch, Sakura went to locker room. She sat down on the bench and pulled out her letter from her purse. Sakura couldn’t explain it, but the letters gave her comfort in a strange way. So she opened it and began reading. Here is more of the letter:

            People come and go. But memories will remain. I will always be with you. But, I warn you     now! Dark scumbags will cross your path. Their talk may be like honey. Their promises                 enticing. But in the end, they will twist your mind and use you for their greed. Don’t let them.         Resist their bargains no matter how alluring they sound. They are all lies. Keep yourself pure,     my aiko.

    “Aiko….” Sakura thought. She went out in another daze.
    Zen jerked his head up. She rushed to him. “What is it Zen?” she asked. “There it is again!” he exclaimed. Her eyes grew big with expectation. “Where?” she asked. “Where?!?” “I can’t track it,” Zen answered. “It’s too weak.” Her joy sank. “Grrr…. DAMNIT!” she yelled as she kicked the wall. “Shhh.” Zen said. “Easy now. Give it time. It’ll soon be strong enough to pinpoint.” She sighed hard. Zen smiled. Although she’d never admit it, she was glad they had a lead now.
Watch Out!