Neko Obsession

    She rushed away from the Bebop. Freedom was singing to her. And she chose to take it! She wasn’t going to stay prisoner any longer!

    Okay, I know you’re confused here. So let’s set the scene, shall we?

    Last week, Kuroito had just left the bar. He was lonely. Not buddy-lonely, but I-want-some-booty-lonely. Hai san! Kur wanted some nookie! But where to get some?

    Then, the answer came to him in an alley. Kuroito was walking along with something yelled “Mrrow!” really loud. The demon looked down and saw… a small black duchess cat. Right then, he sensed the cat was a demon in disguise. And the oni enjoyed it! “Aw, you’re a cut kitty!” he said. “Yes, you are. Yes, you are!” The cat looked. She was confused. Kuroito grinned. Then he grabbed the cat and took her with him. Now the cat looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “How does he know?” she thought. “I’m a demon too, sexy.” Kur answered. The cat grew nervous. “He can hear my thoughts!” she thought. Kuroito grinned. “Yep!” he said. The cat hung her head in defeat.

    Kuroito and the cat made it back to the Bebop. “Here we are!” the demon said. The cat looked up and saw the ship. She fell into despair. “It’s not much,” Kuroito said. “But it beats the streets!” “*Sweat drop on the cat’s head* But I loved the streets!” the cat thought. “This is better.” Kur said. The two processed on.

    When in animal form, demons can be changed back by other demons with a simple password. It just needed some time. But lucky for Kuroito, he was good with passwords. And this one only took thirty seconds to figure out. In no time flat, the cat became a fine woman. She was an Asian-looking woman with dark hair and golden eyes. Kuroito grew completely aroused when he saw her big hips, bum, and boobies. “Play time!” he thought.

    For a whole week, the cat had to please Kuroito whenever he wanted. The demon enjoyed it to the fullest. At first, the cat grinned and bore her captivity. But she could only take so much. Last night really pushed it.

    The cat was sleeping in Kuroito’s bed like usual. (She had to, all of the other beds were taken.) Then the door opened wide. The bright light woke her up hard. Kuroito stood in the doorway. He was grinning. “Hi sweetie.” he said wickedly. The cat groaned hard. “What do you want?” she asked. “You all ready know.” Kuroito replied. The cat frowned. “Now?” she asked. “Hai!” Kur yelped. “But, I’m too tired!” she wailed. “Dozo.” he begged. “Iie.” the cat said. “Dozo.” Kuroito pleaded.

    This argument went on for ten minutes. In the end, Kuroito won and the cat made love to him.

    That was it! She couldn’t take anymore. The cat had to get away!

    Now, she was fleeing with the night. The cat was almost free. “I’m almost there!” she thought. Then…

    Her senses shot up. The lights were on. “Kuroito!” the cat thought. “He’s up!” She fell into panic. How to get away now? Then, the answer came just in time. The cat turned herself back into a cat and ran away.

    Kuroito flew over the city. He just woken up to find the his playmate was A-wall. So now, he was hunting for her. “Crafty little one.” Kur thought. “Makes me want her even more!” Then he picked up the pace.

    The cat kept running. But soon, she would have more problems. As the cat ran, she crashed into someone real hard. The cat backed up and looked up. A tall man glared at her. The cat immediately recognized him. Six months ago, she was a hungry kitty looking for food. It was raining hard. All hope seemed lost. Then, she saw an Asian grocery store. Yay, she was saved! And to top it off, it was still open. The cat rushed into the alley behind the store. She crept through the open back window. Success so far!

    The cat helped herself to the finest Asian cuisine. The trouble came. The store owner came in from the back room. He came in and caught her feasting on the bakchoi. The cat was staring at him. “You!” the owner yelled. She became afraid. “What am I going to do?” she thought. Then the owner picked up a long slender bamboo boom and started swinging. He hit the cat a couple of times. Stunned in fear and pain, she ran as fast as he legs could carry her.

    Now, history was repeating itself. And she for one didn’t want to stick around to see the results. So she ran away right there on the spot. “Come back here you damn bitch!!!” the store owner yelled. But the cat kept running for he had a gun this time.

    Just her luck! First Kuroito, now the store owner. Where does it end? Soon, she would have her answer.

    The cat rushed to a dead end alley. There her past met her. A gang of cats were sitting in a cardboard box. The cat knew them right away. They were once her family. But them she ran away from them. Was this how she was to die? Right on front of her family by two men?

Then, there were footsteps. The cut didn’t have to turn to see who it was. The end was near. And there they were. Kuroito walked closer. “Come home, babe.” he said. The cat hung her head low. What else was there to do? Then the store owner held out his gun and fired once and hard. Her screams rang out through the night sky.

    The next day, Kuroito and the cat walked the bar. The cat was in her human form and had a leg brace on her right calf. She didn’t look too happy to be with him. But Kuroito didn’t care. He had his cat toy again and that was enough.

Here kitty, kitty!