Kitty Ghost

    The rain poured hard. But Sakura didn’t mind. She was heading home. Bebop became her home now and she was proud to claim it. The tenshi-chi had just come back from running errands. “Here’s the money for the meat, cigarettes, beer, and tofu.” Spike said to her. “All right.” Sakura said. Then she headed out the door.

    “I did it all for Spike!” Sakura thought proudly. Soon, she would pick up something else, but Spike didn’t want it.

    The tenshi-chi was passing an alley when she heard something say “Mrrow”. Sakura turned in shock. A small cat sat on a closed trash bin. Its fur was chocolate and white. Its eyes were an emerald green. “Take me home!” it seemed to cry out. Sakura felt its pity. “Aw, you poor thing!” she said. “Come home with me.” The cat looked excited. Then the tenshi-chi picked it up and walked home.

    That afternoon, Spike came home for a rude surprise. He walked to his room…. only to find it a total mess! The sheets were ripped up. Clothes, cigarettes, and other belongings were a wreck on the floor. Boy! Spike was livid!

    “All right!” he yelled. “WHO THE FUCKING HELL MESSED UP MY ROOM?!?” Faye walked by and looked in the room. Her eyes grew big. “Dam-n!” she exclaimed. “What happened there Spike?” The cowboy glared at her. “Who…. did…. this?!?” he hissed. Faye looked appalled. “I don’t know!” she shot back. “Might be Barren’s doing!” Spike’s face grew redder. “WHO THE HELL IS BARREN?!?” he asked.

    Sakura sat outside. Barren sat on her lap. “Gominasai,” the tenshi-chi said as she pet the cat. “I guess Ein and Barron get in a fight.” “Sakura,” Spike said. “Hai.” the tenshi-chi said. “What were you thinking?!?” the cowboy asked. “He was lonely and I gave him a home.” Sakura answered. *Spike falls down* “Spike?” she asked. No answer.

    “Sakura,” the cowboy said at last when he was to his feet. “Hm?” she replied. “Barren can’t stay here.” Spike fessed up. Sakura looked up. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Ein’s enough.” the cowboy said. “Don’t worry,” Sakura said. “I made Ein and Barren undergo a ceasefire.” This blew Spike away! “A…. cease…. fire…..?” he asked in shock. “Hai.” Sakura said. Spike hung his head. “She’s missing the point!” he thought. “What point?” Sakura asked. The cowboy eyed her. Damn! She could somehow hear thoughts. Now what? Well, might as well say it.

    “I hate animals,” Spike confessed. “It’s bad enough we have Ein. We just can’t have Barren here too.”

    Sakura’s eyes grew big with fright. “We can’t throw Barren out in the streets, Spike!” she exclaimed. “Please make an acceptation!” Spike watched her. The tenshi-chi had those innocent child eyes that no one could resist. Spike tried to look away. But in the end, Barren got to stay.

    A couple of days later, T.J. came by. “Ahola all!” he called. Barren raced to him. “Mrrow.” he said. “Aw, hi there.” T.J. said. “You’re not who I want to see, but hi anyway.” The writer knelt down and pet the cat. Barren enjoyed the attention. Spike came out to them. T.J. looked up. “Hey Spike.” he said. Spike said nothing.

    “I bring you good news!” T.J. said. “You’re taking the cat away!” Spike said excitedly. “Iie.” the writer said. The cowboy’s joy crashed. “I found Sakura a decent job.” T.J. said. “Oh really,” Spike said. “Nani?” The writer pulled out a flier. Spike read it quietly. “Oko Hospital is looking for a volunteer for the children for their party tomorrow,” T.J. said. “I’ve worked with the head doctor before and the staff and building are great!” Spike looked up and grinned in approval. “This will be great for Sakura!” he exclaimed. “What would?” a voice asked. The boys looked up and saw Sakura standing in the doorway. She was dressed in a long dark blue Chinese-style dress with red trimming and her hair strawberry pinkish hair was pinned up with red chopsticks. Mmm! She was comely! The tenshi-chi was like a rose in a new garden. T.J. and Spike eyed her with lust.

    “Uh…. Sakura!” Spike exclaimed when he came back to earth. “We’ve found you a job!” “Oh really?” Sakura asked. “What is it?” “At Oko hospital,” the cowboy said. “You’ll work as a nurse. T.J.’s worked there.” “K.” Sakura said as she nodded.

    And so the next day, T.J. walked Sakura to work. The tenshi-chi was excited. T.J. was glad for her. The two made it on time. T.J. opened the door. A man looked up. “T.J.?” he asked. “Yo Shoji!” the writer said. The man got happy! “T.J.! Long time no see!” he exclaimed. Then Shoji rushed over to T.J. in order to hug him. But the writer quickly stepped away. So Shoji crashed to the floor. T.J. turned to him. Sakura looked. Shoji sat up. “Why’d you move?!?” he wailed. “Come on,” T.J. said. “You know I don’t want you to hug me!” Shoji looked hurt. “Anyway,” T.J. said. “I found a volunteer for the kids.” The doc’s eyes grew big. “Really? Who?” he asked in excitement. “Sakura.” T.J. said as he pointed to the door. Shoji turned his head. Sakura watched him. “Ohayoo.” she said. Shoji blushed when he saw her. He had never seen anyone look so comely before in his life. Hentai thoughts rose in his mind. “Uh…Come with me!” he blurted out. “All right.” Sakura said. Then she followed the doc to the children. T.J. himself left.

    Francesca stared Barren on the Bebop. She didn’t trust him. There was something about this cat…

    “What is it with you?” the wind demon thought. “You’re not an ordinary cat, are you?” Barren just eyed her back. He was hiding something. But what?

    “Bai everyone. And arigato for coming!” Shoji said as the parents left the hospital. The Oko hospital kids party was a success! The doc felt warm inside. He turned to Sakura who was packing up and leaving. “Hey Sakura,” Shoji spoke up. The tenshi-chi looked up. “Could you come here and work regularly?” the doc asked. Sakura’s eyes lit up. “sure, I’d love to!” she chirped. Shoji smiled. “Great! See you tomorrow!” he called. “Night.” Sakura said. Then they went their separate ways for the night.

    “Barren!” Sakura called when she got home. He didn’t come. “Barren!” she called again. No cat. “Barren!” Sakura said again. Still, he didn’t come. “Strange,” the tenshi-chi thought. “He always comes when I call.” Sakura began looking for him.

    Minutes went by, still no Barren. Sakura stood still. “Where is he?” she thought. Then she heard the door open. The tenshi-chi looked up and Spike stood still in the doorway. “Spike! I’m so glad you’re here!” Sakura exclaimed as she rushed to the cowboy. “I can’t find Barron!” Spike went silent. “And…” he said. Sakura eyed him. “We have to find him!” she exclaimed. Spike groaned. He didn’t want to. But…

    Spike and Sakura ended up looking for the cat. Night had fallen. The city was still. Spike didn’t want do this. But in order to keep the tenshi-chi happy, he might as well. But why did he have to? Why?

    “Hey Sakura,” he said at last. Sakura looked up. “Hai?” she asked. “Let’s split up. We’ll cover more ground in finding Barren.” the cowboy said. Sakura looked in quiet worry. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I promise.” Spike said. Sakura kept silent. She was still worried for him, but those words…. She would just have to trust him on that. “All right, be careful.” Sakura said at last. Spike smiled. “Good girl.” he said in response. Then the cowboy lightly stroked the tenshi-chi’s cheek. The duo went in separate directions.

    “Perfect!” KuroSakura said as she watched Spike and Sakura part. “Now for phase two.” a man said behind her. Then they headed out.

    Sakura looked for Barren in the park. Then she felt drops on her shoulder. She jerked her head up. That could only mean one thing. Rain. And sure enough, it came down pouring. Sakura knew she had to hurry now. So she did so. But as she hurried, Sakura heard someone leap through the trees. She looked behind her. Nothing was there. So Sakura caught rushing. The sound came again. Sakura turned again. Still nothing. “Konnichiha?” she asked. No answer. Sakura grew nervous. Who was there? Then, a cold shadow covered her. Sakura’s fear rose. She slowly turned. The last thing the tenshi-chi remembered a cold dark hand reaching out and grabbing her.

    Spike was on the other side of town looking for Barren. An icy feeling came over him. “Sakura!” he thought. The cowboy rushed to the tenshi-chi’s aid.

    Spike walked into an alley. He found KuroSakura sitting on a trash bin. “Hi.” she said with grin. Spike smirked. “You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” he asked. “I have friends in high places.” she answered. Then the man stepped out. Spike looked close and hard. “Vicious?!?” he asked. His archrival grinned. Spike smirked again. “Vicious, I thought you were worthier than to pick some pathetic little demon.” he boldly announced. *Plus-cross on KuroSakura’s head* “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!?” she snapped. Spike just snickered.

    KuroSakura grinned again. “I’ve got something for you!” she snapped. Spike smirked again. “Oh really?” he asked. The oni-chi said nothing. She just snapped her fingers. Spike looked on. Shock greeted him. Sakura walked out to him. Her eyes were blank seas of amber. Spike felt it again. This same old fear. Why was it here?

    Sakura took Spike into her arms and held him tight. Spike felt her grip tighten. “Spike,” the tenshi-chi said. “I love you.” The cowboy began to choke. Sakura’s grip grew tighter and tighter. “Hai sis.” KuroSakura mumbled. “Crush him to his death!” Sakura complied as her sister crackled aloud. Vicious watched on in delight.

    Right then, the oni-chi sensed something. “Oro?” she asked as she looked up. An orb of light was hurling towards her. KuroSakura’s eyes grew big. “Holy crap!!!” she yelled. Spike looked up. “Bar-ren?” he said in a weak voice. It was true! Barren had came to save them. Only…. he was a ghost?

    Barren struck KuroSakura real hard. “Ahhh!!!!” she screamed as she fell back hard. At that moment, Sakura’s eyes returned to normal. She loosened her grip and collapsed in Spike’s arms. The cowboy just panted for sweet air and collapsed out.

    When Spike awoke, the rain poured on. Vicious and KuroSakura were gone. So was Barren. Sakura was still out cold. That possession had wore her out. The cowboy looked up at the sky. “So I see.” he thought. The sky was pitch black.

    The rain poured hard the next day. Sakura didn’t notice. Her mind was elsewhere. She came to the came alley where she met Barren. Memories flooded the tenshi-chi’s head. Most happy. But one was bitter. That one was about his dark past. “Barren,” Sakura thought. “I hope you’ve found peace with Kami and heaven now.” Then she sighed and headed on to the Oko hospital.

Rest in Peace Kitty