Plot Twist

Sakura read her letter again. This is some of it:

My Little Lass:

I had a vision last night. I dreamt that I had to kill you. I was told it was to save you. But fear not. Even though I know its purpose, I can’t bring myself to kill you. Why, you ask? I will tell you that in time. I will return to you soon. Wait for me….

Wait for me…” Sakura thought. Then she slipped into another daze. “Yes,” Kaze-san replied. “Wait for him, he will return.” Then she kissed her daughter on the lips.

This mystery grew complex. Pieces didn’t seem to fit together. How can Sakura have so much power? Why did Amadeus make her so human? Why did he put her 7th chaka…. there? If Amadeus was reincarnated, where were the remains? And more importantly, where was Amadeus?

These questions were what haunted Katsuko. She had to find out and quickly. It was driving her mad.

Spike had the same questions too, and then some. Such as, his attraction to Sakura. What was it? Love? No, it couldn’t be! Could it?

Spike instantly caught onto something. Sakura was now sexier than before. She also became completely irresistible. She was so much so that if Spike and her were in a room alone together, the cowboy wouldn’t be able to control himself. However, something was holding him back. What was it? Julia? No, it was something deeper. But what?

To Spike, he felt dirty for lusting after Sakura. She was so pure, almost like a little child. He shouldn’t because he seemed to want her and vice versa. But it felt wrong in a way. Almost like molester or even worse, incest.

Startled by these reoccurring thoughts, Spike got up and hurried to bed.

In his room, Spike found Sakura asleep in bed all ready. She looked so peaceful. The cowboy became aroused again. This was one feeling he couldn’t fight. He didn’t want to fight it. Sakura was his one true desire.

But then, something else caught his eye. Spike saw yet another letter. This was something else too. Where were these letters coming from and who was sending them?

Spike picked it up and read some of it. Here’s what he read:

I want to say I love you, but I can’t. If I do, we will lose everything. That may be fine with me, but I don’t want that for you. That’s how much I love you, Sakura-chan.

Spike froze hard. This was becoming creepy. Almost like déjà vu.

These letters aren’t about mystics anymore!” the cowboy thought. “These seem to be about me and Sakura!

See You in Space Cowboy…