Night Hunt

Foxtrot sat outside in arriving night. She had the boredom blues. Usually, she had a date. Not tonight. The night was dead.

But then, it hit hear! She is fucking Foxtrot! She’s not supposed to be bored! Hell, the demon could even get a date! Foxtrot rose to her feet instantly. She would find something to do!

The foxy demon flew through the skies. She was on a hunt. The woman was hungry again. She needed a man. It had been two months and she was dry. So far, there was no one. No bother. Someone would show up.

Foxy decided to take a small break. Flying took up strength. Foxy sat on the roof of a clinic. The stars had arrived in the clear. Foxy lied back. She felt a rosy afterglow. The stars reminded her of Sage.

Sage was close to her age. Maybe a couple of years older. He was good to her. Those deep green eyes of his could melt the strongest bitch’s heart. His hair was jet black. It curled nicely in her fingers. Sage was a peaceful water-forest demon. He loved nature. Sage was a romantic. It reflected in his songs and poetry.

Foxy sighed happily. Those were the happiest days. She wondered what happened to her man.

Then, Foxy heard a voice. It was low but sweet sounding. At first, she thought it was in her head. But the singing became clearer and clearer. It had to be real. Foxtrot quickly sat up. She quickly looked around. A light wind passed over her. Foxy felt… soothed. That could only mean one thing.

Foxy then heard footsteps behind her. She paused and turned slowly. Low and behold, there he was. Her beloved Sage. In the flesh. Foxtrot blinked wildly. The image didn’t change. Sage was actually here in the flesh! Foxtrot became excited. She instantly rose to her feet and raced to her mate. Sage smiled softly as he left her embrace him closely. “Ohayoo Fox-chan.” he greeted. Foxtrot lie close to his chest. His heart was beating softly. This was like the good old days.

They flew into the park. They lied in each other’s arms in the cool sweet summer grass. It was just like the old days. Foxy wondered why she left in the first place.

“Sage,” Foxtrot murmured. The lovely demon looked down at his love. “Hm?” he asked. Foxy turned to him with loving eyes. “Why did I ever leave you?” she asked out of pity. Sage just held onto his love. He sighed in understanding. “Because,” Sage answered in a poetic voice. “I wanted you as my wife and you wanted freedom.”

Foxtrot remembered their last day together. Sage was walking up the rose-oak path. Foxy was waiting on the porch of their house for him. She was much younger then. When she heard him singing, her heart leapt up instantly. Foxy raced to her love and tackled him playfully. Sage just chuckled to himself as Foxtrot showered him with kisses. Her love just pet her dark brown kitsune ears and ran his finger through her dark red long hair. The couple was in bliss.

Sage walked Foxtrot into their house. Inside, Foxy had cooked them breakfast. She and Sage sat down together. Foxtrot loved to eat with her lover. He didn’t eat much, just drank green tea. But Foxy didn’t care. His company was all that mattered.

Once he finished his tea, Sage looked at his girlfriend. “Foxtrot,” he addressed. “Yes?” his girl asked. “Have you considered my proposal of marriage?” Sage asked. Foxy froze in panic. She thought she would choke.

Sure, she loved Sage. He was good to her. But if she were to marry, Foxy would be trapped forever! She wanted to be free. But could she achieve that without hurting Sage? She would have to try.

“NO!!!” Foxtrot cried out. Sage’s face didn’t change. “To what?” he asked. “Consideration or marriage?” Foxy took in a deep breath. “I don’t want to marry you.” she answered. Sage was still calm. Foxy expected him to question her on why not. He just kept silent. Foxy had no choice but to go on.

“You see, Sage,” Foxtrot began again. “You and I want different thing. I would love to marry you. But the truth is, in doing that, it would kill my soul in the end.” Foxtrot explained. Sage reached out and touched her lightly on the hand. Foxy looked away. This was too much for her to bear.

Foxtrot rose to her feet and ran away. She fled without looking back. The fire kitsune had made it on her own for a while. But then, she really wanted to settle down and marry. So she returned back to Sage. Unfortunately, their house was dead and barren. It looked like no one had lived there for years. Sage had left after she ran away. Foxy was crushed. She just knelt at the damaged porch and mourned for her beloved.

From then on, Foxtrot vowed never to settle down and be a loose woman.

“Sage-kun,” Foxtrot spoke up in the present. “Yes, Fox-chan?” her love replied. “Why didn’t you ever stop me from leaving?” she asked. Sage smiled softly. “I wanted you to be happy.” he answered. “If you wanted to leave and never return, who was I to stand in the way?” Foxy just held him closer. She obviously still loved him.

“But I must warn you,” Sage spoke again. “You are in gave danger.” Foxtrot froze and looked up at her lover. “What do you mean?” she asked. Sage clutched her tightly. “The judgment is coming. Be on your guard at all times!” he warned his woman. Foxy was really lost for words. “What do you mean? What judgment?” she asked. Sage looked down. “The judgment of all mystics great and small.” he answered. Foxy felt sick with desperation.

Then, a movement came into the fire kitsune. “Sage,” she spoke up. “Will you marry me?” Sage’s mood changed to a soft melancholy. “Sadly me love,” he answered. “I must depart from you again.” Foxy’s eyes grew big with sorrow. “Please don’t!” she begged. “I love you, Sage! Please don’t leave me!” Sage just held his love again tightly. “Don’t worry, my love,” he assured. “I will return to you forever.” Then, Sage gave Foxtrot a deep kiss on the lips. The fire kitsune felt better already. She kissed him back deeply.

Foxtrot awoke alone on the clinic roof again. She looked around quickly. Sage was nowhere in sight. All there was the dark night. Foxy felt lost and alone. Was it all a dream? Was Sage a ghost? What judgment of mystics was he talking about? And when would he return again? This all made Foxtrot nervous for the first time.

Judgment is Coming