The Naked Truth

It was late when Sakura and Pancha made it back to the Bebop. They had came in the back way so they wouldn’t be seen. The women quietly took off their shoes at the door. Pancha quickly looked around. “Sakura-sama,” she spoke up. The tenshi-chi looked up in attention. “Yes?” she asked softly. Pancha kept her back turned to the young tenshi-chi. “Is there any place where we can talk in private?” the woman asked. Sakura thought about that for a moment. Then she said, “There’s my and Spike’s room.” Pancha kept her back turned to the young tenshi-chi. Sakura kept looking at the enigmatic woman. “Why do you ask?” the tenshi-chi questioned in a low voice. “Just follow me.” she said at last. Then Pancha began walking down the hall and Sakura followed close behind without any questions.

The two women made it to the bedroom. Pancha let Sakura go ahead of her so she could shut the door behind them. Sakura sat quietly on the bed. The enigmatic woman kept eyeing her closely. Silence passed between them heavily. “Hmm…” Pancha said at last. “You look just like him alright.” This caught the tenshi-chi by surprise. “What… do you mean?” she asked in a low voice. Pancha just stepped closer. “Oh, that’s right,” she went on. “Neither of you remember a single thing.” The woman leaned in even closer. “Well,” she went on. “That’s why my master summoned me here.” And with that, the woman took off her heavy dark grey wool coat. Sakura was blown away into shock. “You’re… an angel too!” she gasped out. Pancha quickly reached forward and covered the young tenshi-chi’s mouth. “Shhh.” she said quickly. “Not so loud. This is confidential.” Sakura nodded quickly. Pancha slowly lowered her mouth from the tenshi-chi’s mouth. Pancha lightly stepped back.

“I have served Kameko for years,” the angel went on. “I have known you since your father first made you. Both Kameko and your father loved you dearly.” Sakura slowly took in everything. “Who is Kameko? And who is my father?” she asked in uncertainty. Pancha leaned in close again. “Does the name Kaze-san ring any bells to you?” she asked softly. “Yes!” the tenshi-chi gasped softly. “I talk to her almost every night.” Pancha gave the youth a small smile. “Kaze-san used to be known as Kameko in while she was still alive in Heaven.” she explained. “She is also your mother.” Sakura sat there emotionless. “Kaze-san is mother?” she asked slowly to make sure she heard right. Pancha nodded. “No one I felt so close to her.” the tenshi-chi mumbled. Then, bits and pieces of her memory started to come back about Kameko. “She had soft orange hair right?” Sakura asked. “Yes.” Pancha answered. Sakura paused for another moment. Then she asked, “I remember a heavy smell of wisteria blossoms, was that her too?” “Yes,” Pancha said. “That was her too.” Sakura was in deep awe. In was all perfectly in her head now. Kaze-san was her mother! But that left her with more questions.

“Do you remember the letters that you get?” Pancha asked. “Yes.” Sakura answered. The angel smiled again. “They are from your father.” the angel went on. “Kaze-san has been sending them to you to help you remember.” The pieces in Sakura’s mind were slowly coming together. Kaze-san, the wisteria scent from Pancha, the dreams she had, everything. It was now as clear as day! But one thing was still a blur in her mind.

“Who is my father?” Sakura asked at last. Pancha straightened up tall. She leaned in close yet again. “Amadeus, himself.” she answered. This time, Sakura was shocked. The man she had been looking for and yet had no knowledge about was her own father! It was soon all clear! Well, almost… “But where is Amadeus?” Sakura asked at last. Pancha’s face went pale at first but then a little light returned. “I don’t really know,” she answered. “But I will say this.” Then, Pancha leaned in close to Sakura’s ear. “He is much closer than you think.” she whispered. That stirred some hope in the tenshi-chi’s heart. “Where?” she exclaimed. Pancha covered the young woman’s mouth again. “Not so loud.” she whispered. Sakura nodded again. Pancha slowly lowered her hand again. All became quiet again. The angel’s face suddenly dropped. “I cannot tell you that,” she replied. “You are to find that answer on your own.” Sakura sat quiet on the bed. “Just like seeing if I love Spike or not.” she thought to herself. Pancha just watched her quietly as Sakura disappeared slowly into another daze of thought. “Yes,” the older angel thought. “Just like finding out if you truly love Spike or not.

See You in Space, Tenshi