Love’s Song

    Daisuke looked at his camera and sighed. “This isn’t working!” he thought. For weeks, Dai had been filming Spike and Sakura. He had hoped for some lovey-dovey action between them both. But so far, that wasn’t happening.

    “*Sigh* I need help.” Dai said aloud. “With what?” a voice asked. The boy looked up. Mandy was standing over him. “Oh, it’s you.” Daisuke said. Mandy smiled.

    “No sappy action, eh?” Mandy asked. Dai shook his head. “I see.” she said as she sat down beside him. “Well,” The girl placed her arm around him. Dai was a little uncomfortable. “You know they will fall in love eventually.” Mandy continued. “It’s just… how should I say this? Spike and Sakura just need some direction.” Daisuke eyed her. “Oro?” he asked. “How?” “Go ask Cherry.” Mandy concluded. Right then, Daisuke had his answer. “Arigato Mandy!” he yelled. Then he stood up and ran off. Mandy grinned. Now to see the outcome of this “direction”.

    Daisuke found Cherry outside. She was playing with little pink cloud puffs. The cupid-chan looked content. “Hey!” Dai yelled. Cherry looked down. “Oro?” she asked. “I want to talk to you!” the boy yelled. The girl flew down to him. “Hai?” she asked. Daisuke began to explain his ordeal to Cherry.

    “A direction, hm?” the cupid-chan asked. The stalker nodded. “I can do that.” Cherry said. Dai’s eyes lit up. “But I’ll need your help.” she said. “Anything!” the boy exclaimed.

    Spike was sleeping his on sofa as usual. Cherry eased over to him. “My lord.” she said. No answer. The cowboy was still asleep. “My lord!” Cherry called again. Spike slept on. The cupid-chan breathed in. “MY LORD!!!” she yelled. Spike was still asleep. The cupid-chan pouted. Then she backed up. Cherry leapt down hard on him. That woke the cowboy right up! He saw Cherry grinning. “Hi my lord!” she said. Spike glared at her. “Nani the fuck?” he asked. Cherry kept grinning.

    Outside, Sakura was looking at the ocean again. Daisuke approached her softly. He was overtaken by her beauty. The boy paused. “So lovely…” Dai thought. But he had to continue for his film’s sake. So Dai shook his mind free and started walking again.

    “My lord.” Cherry said. “Nani?” Spike asked. “I want to ask you something.” the cupid-chan said. Spike looked cross. “Naze?” he growled. Cherry blinked. “Cause…” she began. “I want to know.” The cowboy just eyed her. “Then no.” he said. Cherry frowned. “Dozo!” she yelled. Spike looked away. “Do-zo!!!” the cupid-chan pleaded. “Then will you go away?” Spike asked. “Yep.” she said. He sighed. “All right, fine!” the cowboy barked. Cherry grew happy.

    “I don’t understand Daisuke.” Sakura answered. “What do you mean?” Dai looked at her lost. “Are you in love with Spike?” he asked again. “Love?” the tenshi-chi asked. “What is love?” Daisuke eyed her hard. Sakura wasn’t joking. How was he going to explain? “Uh…” he said. “Bai!” Then the boy ran off. Sakura just watched him.

    “Wha?!?” Spike exclaimed. Cherry was smiling. “Do you love Sakura?” she asked again. Spike just eyed her. He didn’t know how to answer. Finally, Spike shoved Cherry off to the floor and walked away quickly. The cupid-chan watched him. She had her answer.

    Dai and Cherry met outside. “So?” Cherry asked. Dai frowned. “I failed.” he said. Cherry shook her head. “You haven’t” she said. The stalked eyed her. “Oro?” he asked. “What do you mean?” Cherry walked closer. “They’re just confused about their feelings.” she said. “Just give it time.” Daisuke said nothing but he knew she was right. Cherry just smiled. “And I will help them too.” she thought.

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