Golden Years

Katsuko wasn’t the only one searching for answers. Out of sorrow, Ed began looking for Sakura too. She geared up her hacking skills for work. “I have to find tenshi-chi!” Ed thought. She began typing feverishly. Something had to come up.

Suddenly Ed came across a gold and pearl white page. “Heaven’s Gate” was the page. Mesmerized, Ed clicked on it. A small text box popped up. It requested a password. Ed grinned. “Easy peasy!” she said a loud. The hacker got right to work. After many times, she logged in. What Ed found next amazed her.

She had hacked into Heaven’s database. Millions of files were everywhere. Ed was like Ein if he had multiple dog bones lying around everywhere. She didn’t know where to start! Well, better do so.

Ed scrolled through the files quickly. So far, she found nothing. Then came the turning point.

The hacker came across an old file. Amadeus was its name. This caught Ed’s attention. Everyone had heard of him. But who was he really?

Ed clicked on Amadeus’ name. Another password was needed. No problem. The hacker child logged in under three seconds. Amadeus’ bio came up. Ed read in anticipation. But it was the same old story again. “Bor-ing!” she called out. Then she scrolled on. That was until she came to the project Baby Cat.

Baby Cat was the name given to the project that created tenshi-chis. Amadeus had a tenshi-chi. Maybe this could help.

Ed clicked on the Baby Cat link. Yet again, another password. The hacker didn’t mind. She broke through that one too.

Here was the exclusive look on how Sakura was made. Ed found points that made Sakura extremely rare.

Sakura was awoken on April 1st. That made her a late birth. But why? There was no spirit key in Sakura. That could be answered easily. Amadeus never gave his tenshi-chi a spirit key so she could live normally and not like a life size doll. Spirit keys controlled a tenshi-chi’s soul. Amadeus didn’t want that for Sakura.

Sakura also had human emotions. Another trait that was never found in a normal tenshi-chi. So even though Sakura felt no pain physically, she could feel pain emotionally.

“Tenshi-lady’s almost human!” Ed cried out. No wonder she was so rare!

Ed continued her search. Sadly, it was terminated. Ed’s computer suddenly crashed. Badly at that! Ed was crying. The hacker would have to fix her computer again. That would take weeks all over again! Why?!? She was so close! WHY?!?

The door opened. Ed stopped crying and heard footsteps. She turned to see Spike standing in the doorway. He looked pale as snow and sick. “Spike-Spike?” the hacker kid asked miserably.

See You in Space Cowgirl….