Spike began heading out the door. He heard footsteps rushing towards him. The cowboy turned to see Sakura running towards him. “Spike!” she called out. The cowboy just smirked. Sakura caught up to him.

    “Hai, my dear?” Spike asked. Sakura paused to catch her breath. “You forgot this.” she said at last. The tenshi-chi handed the pepper-spray. “Uh…. Arigato…” Spike said as he took the can. But when he turned to leave, Sakura grabbed Spike and held him tight. The cowboy eyed her from the corner of his eyes. He tried to say something, but couldn’t. “I don’t want you to leave!” the tenshi-chi cried out. Spike just smirked.

    “I’m going to be all right.” he said at last. Sakura kept quiet. “Look,” the cowboy went on. “I’ll come back alive, I promise.” Sakura breathed in hard. There was again. Those words sounded so familiar. They were like a teddy bear to a scared child. But said them?

    “Okay Spike.” Sakura said at last. “Good,” the cowboy said. “Now, Sakura.” “Hai?” the tenshi-chi asked softly. “Could you let go now?” Spike asked. “All right.” Sakura murmured. Then she freed him from her grasp and Spike walked out the door. Sakura watched him leave.

    Sakura walked back to the den. She felt a heavy weight over her head. What if Spike never came back? That would be a tragedy too hard to bear. The tenshi-chi’s eyes welled up with tears at that thought. She held her hands to her chest. Her heart felt sore at that thought as well. Iie! He’ll come back. Spike said he would! He had never lied to her! So why would he start now? That thought gave Sakura new confidence to wait for him. But sadly, that was short-lived.

    The day flew to evening. By then, Sakura couldn’t bear it anymore. She rushed into Spike’s room, took her clothes off, put one of his shirts, sat down on the bed, and cried all night. The thought of Spike not coming back was like someone violently stabbing her in the chest multiple times. It was true. Sakura live without Spike.

    In the den, the other girls on the Bebop were gathered together. They had been hearing Sakura crying for hours. Cherry worried for her. “I hope Sakura’s all right.” the cupid-chan said. “Naze” Francesca snarled. Cherry eyed her. “She’s in great pain.” she replied. The wind demon snorted. “She’s just a whimp!” Francesca snapped. Cherry was shocked. “Fran-sama!” she exclaimed. “How could you say should a thing?!?” “Cause,” Foxtrot spoke up. “She’s a bitch like that.” *Plus-cross on Francesca’s head* “You’re one to talk, slut!” she barked. Foxtrot laughed hard. “You’re just mad because after you slept with Kuroito, you bound to him for life! Now no other man wants you!” she exclaimed. The assassin’s face grew redder. “Shut up! That was a one night-stand!!!” she snapped. “Sure. And I’m a virgin! Like we believe you!” Foxy shot back. The kaze-oni’s anger up. “I give you something to believe!” she yelled. “Bring it!” the kitsune demon challenged. Francesca rose to her feet. “Fine bitch!” she barked.

    While the two demons brawled, Faye rose to her feet. Cherry watched her. “Faye-sama,” she addressed her. “Where are you going?” “Oh,” Faye answered. “To pay Sakura a small visit.” “Just be easy on her.” the cupid-chan said. “I will, trust me.” the bounty huntress said. “Okay.” Cherry said uneasily. Then she watched Faye walk down the hall.

    Faye lightly knocked on the door. “Sakura.” she called. Silence greeted her. “Can I come in?” Faye asked. Same silence. So she lightly pushed the door open and walked through.

    Sakura looked up. Her eyes were red. “Sakura,” Faye said. “We need to talk.” Sakura sat silently. The bounty huntress sat down beside the tenshi-chi.

    “Look Sakura,” Faye said. “Spike may an idiot, but he’s good to you and haven’t lied to you.” Sakura eyed her hard. “You mean it?” she asked. The bounty huntress nodded. Sakura wiped her tears away. All of those words raised her up again. Spike was coming back. He said he would. He hadn’t lied to her. So why would he now?

    “MAIL!!!” Ed yelled as she burst into the room. “Tenshi-lady has mail!” She flung the scroll into Sakura’s lap and raced off. Faye watched her. “I guess I’ll leave now.” said she. “All right.” Sakura said. Then her guardian got up and left the room. The tenshi-chi opened the scroll and read it quietly.

See You in Space Tenshi