Data Search

Katsuko booted up her laptop. She had received news of Sakura’s disappearance. The kid decided to help Spike and co. look.

Katsuko logged on-line. She began typing away. The kid waited for a few seconds. Five pages of information came up. Most of which were message board posts. Katsuko scanned through all of them. Five links caught her eye. The child genius opened them up in five different windows. Her next discoveries would blow her mind.

The first page contained information about the Purgatory battle. It started with the well-known story first. Then, she came to the link Amadeus. The kid clicked on the name.

Amadeus’ bio popped up. Katsuko read it quietly. So far, it was just the usual legends told over and over again. But then, she hit a discovery.

“At the cremation,” Katsuko read. “They had prepared to burn Amadeus’ body. When they did so, the angels found that his heart and soul were missing. The main morticians didn’t notice it until then. Nobody knew what happened to them.

“After much argument, the council decided the heart and soul were removed for reincarnation. But who had done this?

“Even stranger, was the fact that his tenshi-chi, Sakura had vanished days later. Then, before the funeral, Kaze-san had turned up missing as well. It all still remains a mystery to this day.”

Katsuko sat quiet for a moment. This wasn’t helping with her search at all. So she closed the popup and window and went to the second window.

The second site was a bio on Yuji Ugaki. The name rang a faint bell in Katsuko’s memory. But she couldn’t remember where. Maybe this site could provide the answers to help her.

What Katsuko found shocked her hard. Yuji’s username was Topguner78. It donned on the child genius that when she was posting about Sakura, Topguner78 kept asking about the tenshi-chi. He seemed obsessed with Sakura a little too much. He even asked if she was for sale. This now raised suspicion in Katsuko. She took out her notepad and pen. The kid quickly jotted the information down and closed the window.

The third site was about Sakura. It was the page on her power that Katsuko found earlier. Maybe she would find some new information that would help.

The page seemed the same until Katsuko came to the section on the tenshi-chi’s chakas.

“If the tenshi-chi doesn’t die before its power reaches full power,” the kid read. “Then the seventh chaka must be located and destroyed before the tenshi-chi dies from overpowerage.”

Katsuko was willing to try this. “Upon destroying the seventh chaka, the tenshi-chi’s power will weaken for days and then strengthen normally.” she read on. “Well,” she thought. “If it is to save Sakura, it’s worth a shot.” But where was Sakura’s seventh chaka?

Katsuko opened up the file on Sakura’s body. She scanned the diagram long and hard. At long last, the kid found it. She was pale and blushing. The only way for Spike to destroy the chaka was to…

“Katsuko!” a voice yelled. “Huh?” the kid asked as she turned from the computer. Kawa stood in the doorway. He looked worried. “Are you all right?” the ghost-chan asked. Katsuko regained her color. “Yes, yes. I’m fine.” she said. “Okay.” Kawa said. He began to walk closer.

“Hey Kawa,” his owner spoke up. The ghost-chan froze. “Yes Katsu-chan?” he asked. “I need you to get the phone.” the kid spoke up. “Yes sis.” the ghost-chan said. Then, he left the room.

Katsuko regained her composure. She had to tell Spike quickly. But how would he take it? Did the cowboy love Sakura enough to do it? She would have to see.

Katsuko looked back at her computer. She closed the diagram before she grew embarrassed again. The kid looked at her last two windows. Katsuko debated whether she should look at them now or not.

At last, Katsuko book marked the sites and closed all of the remaining windows. Research would have to wait now. Dispatching information now was important.

Kawa returned with the phone. “Here you are Katsu-chan.” he said as he approached her. Katsuko turned off her laptop and turned to him. “Arigato.” she said as she took the phone. Then the child genius dialed Spike’s communicator.

Tech Secret…