Sakura Virgin

Spike finally made it inside the Bebop. This night had been a hellish one. All of the mystics on Mars were out in a deep daze their masters couldn’t wake them from. The power was out all over the city, leaving it pitch black except for the stars above. Now, the rain was pouring hard enough to flood everyone out into the ocean. On the way, the cowboy heard that there were religious followers flocking to churches, temples, and shrines to pray that Amadeus’ finds his daughter again. It was hard to believe that Sakura’s own awaking power was causing all of this damage. The whole thing was making Spike’s head hurt as much as his left shoulder earlier. “Please at least let Sakura be all right!” he thought with desperation. The cowboy then drew in a deep breath and hurried to straight his room.

He found Sakura sitting perfectly on their bed. She seemed eerily relaxed. Her sweet amber eyes seemed hazy. In a strange sense, Spike found himself strongly attracted to the tenshi-chi. Her skin looked so soft to touch. He remembered the first time he touched her soft pale cheek. It felt just like rose and cherry blossom petals. Such sweetness… Spike quickly shook his mind clear from any new-old desires arising from him. He had to see if she was okay first. After all, what good would it do consummating his love to her if she was out in a daze due to her own power?

Spike quietly stepped forward. He cleared his throat and said, “Sakura.” The tenshi-chi quickly returned to Earth and looked up. “Spike?” she asked in excitement. Spike felt some relief from the sound of her voice. It was always so sweet and childlike. “Keep focused you idiot!” the cowboy thought again. “Sakura,” Spike spoke up again. “Are you alright?” The tenshi-chi softly nodded. “Yes Spike, I’m fine,” she replied. “Why? What’s wrong?” Joy flooded the cowboy’s heart in a heated lusty rush. His feelings for her were in full bloom. A seductive smile came across his face. “That’s all I wanted to know.” Spike replied.

Then, the cowboy rushed forward and embraced the tenshi-chi tightly. He began kissing her softly on the lips. Sakura kissed back. Small fires in the cowboy’s soul grew stronger. Spike gently yet forcefully pushed her back. The tenshi-chi held onto him. The cowboy managed to get free of her grip in order to take his jacket off and throw it to the floor. Spike the same with his black tie. He quickly pushed his tongue past the woman’s sweet honey lips. Chills began racing up and down Sakura’s slender spine and she began kissing him even more. She had no choice but to slide her sugarcoated tongue into his mouth as well. A new flame was arising fast within her sweet innocent soul. This experience was completely new to her. “Is this what love feels like?” the tenshi-chi thought to herself. It made her want, desire, crave to keep going. Yes, she actually wanted this!

Spike let his hands stray to the hem of Sakura’s thin lacy white nightgown. He slowly began to slide it off of her lovely small body. Fear mixed with delight rushed through Sakura’s small body. The cowboy wanted to be gentle with the tenshi-chi but his own beastly desire was making it difficult for him to do so. He resolved to just ride both ways to make this whole experience even better for both of them. Once the gown came off, Spike flung it to the floor in a mad rush of passion. Sakura found herself getting into the steamy whirlwind little by little. Because, she reached up and began unbuttoning Spike’s yellow dress shirt in a rush as well. The cowboy tried his hardest to stay still but this made things even harder. This whole thing felt immoral. But… But… How can something so wrong be so great?

Sakura began slowly sliding off the cowboy’s shirt. Oh! Her fingertips felt soft against his manly shoulders. It all made him tremble in delight. His organ even grew harder at her touch. He just had to have her. Spike looked at his woman in stronger desire. Her skin seemed to glow with a natural sweetness from deep within. Her great white wings added to her charming innocent sex appeal. Her pinkish strawberry bangs were wet with the desire slowly burning in her heart. Her naked breasts were thick pale, and healthy-looking. Her small nipples were stiff and pink. “Only thing missing in the halo!” Spike thought with a dirty mind. He quickly ripped off his undershirt and threw that to the floor. Sakura instantly blushed at the sight of his male torso. Sure, she saw him shirtless before, but nothing registered to her until right now. Why hadn’t she noticed him like this until now? This made the fire more playful in her sweet soul. Spike couldn’t help but snicker at her innocent reaction. Sakura caught him. “What?” she asked like a little child. The cowboy caught smiling at her. “Oh, nothing.” he said at last. Sakura just nodded at him.

Spike then undid his belt and yanked it out of his pants. His eyes went back to Sakura’s heavy breasts. He wanted to reach up and grab onto them. But he innocently restrained. “Why rush?” he thought. “You already have a strong effect on her at the moment. Just keep playing it out.” Spike then leaned down and began kissing the tenshi-chi lightly on the lips again. The flames shut up even higher within Sakura. Her small hands strayed down to the cowboy’s pants. Spike waited like a hungry tiger stalking its prey. The tenshi-chi slowly undid the trousers and quickly slid them up. She kicked them right off of the bed. Sakura repeated the same process with his orange boxers. Spike couldn’t resist anymore. It was time to really start the game. The cowboy let his strong masculine hands stray down to the tenshi-chi’s cherry blossom pink panties and worked them down in a feverish rush. He flung them away and pushed himself up to get another look. Sakura lie naked under him. She was waiting for him to go on. Oh, this had to be sinful! But, the cowboy couldn’t resist her anymore. The cowboy was like a hungry dog that hasn’t eaten for days staring at a juicy piece of thick rich beef. He just had to get this passion out of his system of else burn in eternity in it. The moment was too perfect to back out now. The only choice now was to keep going and delight in this sweet fire called desire.

Spike then put his hands onto Sakura’s soft thick thighs. He slowly began spreading them apart. The tenshi-chi trembled at his manly touch. Her breath became heavy again. Here it comes. Spike felt his muscles tighten as he held onto her small shoulders. He lined his organ up with her virgin entry and quickly forced himself into her pure garden pass her strong wall. She clinched her teeth in deep pain and sucked in a mouthful of air. This was the first time she had felt such sensation physically in her long life. Where did it come from? Spike just waited motionless within her. “Just ride out the pain.” he thought to her. He had done the first part. The seventh chaka in Sakura was completely destroyed. Now, to do the best part when she recovered. Spike’s eyes shifted to her wings. They looked very powerful. He had heard the edges of an angel’s wings were as sharp as razor blades. The cowboy wondered if that true. There was only one way to find out. Spike slowly drew his hand towards Sakura’s left wings and lightly ran his fingers along the edge. A small sharp pain met him fast. Spike quickly drew back his hand. He looked at his fingers and saw that they were bleeding. “So it is true.” Spike said aloud. A drop of blood fell onto Sakura’s stainless white wings. Sakura just winced as if she felt his pain as well. The cowboy quickly licked away the blood from his fingers and turned back to the tenshi-chi. “There, there,” he said in a low voice. “The pain will be over before you know it.” Then, Spike lightly kissed her on the forehead.

Spike began to pull in and out of her slowly. At first, Sakura felt nothing. Once a chaka is destroy, the tenshi-chi is numb to feel anything for a few seconds. Spike was perfectly aware of this little fact but he still kept pulling in and out. But then, Sakura began to feel another new sensation. It was called pleasure. The tenshi-chi whimpered out in sweet bliss. The sound of her childlike voice completely turned Spike on even more. It drove him to pump even faster. Sakura held onto the cowboy tightly. “MORE!!!” she cried out. “PLEASE DON’T STOP SPIKE!!!!” The cowboy grinned at that response from her and slowly sped up. Shocks of pleasure ran straight through Sakura’s veins. This was beyond anything she had experienced before. This was…. This was…. mind-blowing! She wanted every second of it with him. Sakura clung to him for dear life. Her moans and groans grew louder and louder. This all drove the cowboy plump even faster. The tenshi-chi wrapped her slender creamy pale legs around him. The pressure all around Spike only rose the heat higher between them. “HARDER!!!! HARDER!!!!” Sakura cried out. Spike just grinned to himself and complied. The cowboy let his mouth down to one of her plump breasts. Spike began sucking sweetly onto the nipple. Sakura just moved even louder as she arched her hips up to his thrusts. She was just lost in an amber sea of ecstasy. Right then, she knew this was truly love. Only the one you love the most can make you feel this good. Spike just kept pulling in and out of her even faster. He was finally getting his wish and making long passionate love to the woman he had fallen head-over-heels for since the beginning of summer.

After what felt like hours in Heaven, Spike came wildly within her new girlfriend. “AHHH!!!” he called out loudly. He just collapsed onto her small body panting. The scent of cherry blossoms that now greeted him from her wet naked body was overwhelming. As a matter of fact, Sakura smelt like a whole garden of flowers now. The cowboy didn’t know where the scent came from or how long it had been there. Maybe, it was there and he didn’t notice it in their fiery moment of passion. Spike looked up at the tenshi-chi again. She was slowly sinking into a peaceful sleep. Kami, she was so beautiful. No wonder her father had fallen in love with her. She reminded him so much of Kaze-san in a bizarre yet romantic sense. Spike leaned down and kissed Sakura lightly on the lips. “I love you,” he whispered to her as she slept under him. Then, the cowboy fell asleep from the tender warmth of her small body.

Meanwhile outside, Vita, the Angel Administrators, and KuroSakura were still fighting. Zen was about to go to sleep when he noticed something. But he wasn’t the only one. Everyone stopped fighting and looked up. “Huh?” KuroSakura asked aloud. “Her energy has completely disappeared! How did that happen?!?” The Angel Administrators knew right away. “Her seventh chaka’s been broken!” one of the younger officials yelled. Anger shot through their leader in a heartbeat. “No matter!” she yelled out. “We’ll take her back anyway!” Then, she quickly rose to her feet. “Come on!” the top official yelled. Her subordinates were confused. “Where are we going?” one of the younger ones asked. “I know where she lives!” the leader screamed out. Then, the other angels rose to their feet and followed behind. KuroSakura’s rage was still on fire. “Over my dead body you’ll get to her first!” she snapped. Then, the oni-chi rose to her feet and began flying after the angels. Vita turned to Zen. “Well, come on!” she yelled impatiently. “I’d rather die at Lucifer’s hands than to let any of those dumbasses get the glory of taking or killing the little princess!” Then, the lady demon flew away. Zen just smiled to himself and shook his hand. “And so the mad rush continues…” he thought. Then, the demon stood up and flew after his guardian.

Love Has Been Met