Love Dulls Reason

    Ume began putting on her make-up. She rarely wore it; only if her husband was away. Her husband wouldn’t let her wear make-up. He told Ume she looked like a slut in it after he slapped her around. So she stopped.

    But lately, Ume started to wear make-up more often. She didn’t know why, but she did.

    Ume finished her blush nicely and put it away. Now for some lipstick. So many colors. What to pick? Ume looked and found the best color for her. It was a light plum color and her favorite too. Ume lightly applied it on her soft lips. The sensei smiled in the mirror. She looked ever so lovely. If only her life was…

    Ume shook the gloomy thoughts from her head and went off to work.

    “Naze is Jet with us again?” Bemmer asked. The interns were walking to school. “Dunno,” Mandy answered. “T.J. wasn’t working today, so I have no clue.” The boys hung their heads in distress. “I know, I know.” Mandy sighed. She hung her head as well.

    Jet had his reasons. He had fallen in love with their sensei. Hai folks! Jet was in love with Isamu Ume. And was going to save her at all costs! Staring right now!

    Ume was enjoying the fresh air outside. The sun was so bright. It was like freedom. She wished she was. Then, she could do what she wanted. Free to wear make-up. Free to be herself. Hai! Free to be herself. Not some caged beaten bird under Isamu-san.

    Jet sat on the same bench as before. He was enjoying scene. But he was looking for something. Or someone.

    At last he had found her. Ume looked as lovely as the last time he saw her. Her black and white dress fit wonderfully on her. Jet wanted to get up and talk to her. But he knew he couldn’t. It was too risky.

    “JET!!!” a voice yelled. The old kuro inu snapped out of it and looked up. Soot was standing firm and staring at him. “Nani?” Jet asked. “Bai-Bai!” Soot yelled. The old guy looked for a sec. Then said: “Oh, bai.” Then he got up and left. Soot just shook his head.

    The day felt heavy. Ume wanted to cry. But she held up strong. The sensei forced herself to smile. One that was too heavy for her. Either way, the students shouldn’t know her pain.

    By lunch, Ume finally cried. At first she felt sad. The sensei even wanted to kill herself. But then another feeling came over her. Jet Black had entered her mind. Ume blushed at the thought of him. She wanted to be in Jet’s arms. He made her happy. Not this bastard that she was married to who beat on her and cheated on her. Iie san! Jet would treat her right. Suddenly, Ume felt strong again.

    By evening, Ume walked home. By her luck, the door was unlocked. Ume quietly made it in. Once inside, she started to make dinner.

    At ten o’clock at night, Isamu-san pulled in. Ume greeted him at the door. She tried to hug him. But he shoved her away. “Don’t ever hug me bitch!” he snapped. Ume backed away in fear.

    By dinner, things grew worse. The food had gotten cold due to the fact her husband was late. Let’s sum up what happened afterwards, shall we? The food and china ended up on the floor and Ume found herself getting off the floor with handprints and bruises on her face.

    Now, Ume was washing the dishes. Usually, she would feel sorrow. But tonight, anger burned in her soul. Anger about her weakness against her husband. Anger that she was trapped by him. Pure anger.

    Ume kept washing until she cut her finger. She clinched her teeth in pain and looked down. The sensei cut her finger on a butcher knife. She pulled it of the water and stared at it. Thoughts of blood work ran through her head. Ume turned her head to the den. Isamu-san was on his recliner watching T.V. Ume wished she could take that knife and plunge it into his heart. He wouldn’t know what hit him. She wanted to kill him. But… Nani would she do afterwards? Her husband was part of a mafia. They would eat her alive. How would she hide the evidence? This was all too much for her. Ume stopped washing dishes and ran upstairs to their room.

    Ume lie awake in bed. Thoughts of murdering her husband wouldn’t go away. She felt trapped. Nani could she do? “I need to talk to Jet!” Ume thought. “Badly!

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