Nightingale’s Melody

    *Dream Starts*

    Heaven 2006. He stood against a cherry tree full of pink sakuras. He was lost in thought. Then she came to him as lovely as a megami. He looked impressed by her beauty as usual. “My tenshi.” he greeted her. She seemed worried. “We need to talk.” she said. He didn’t answer, but he knew what she going to say. He nodded. She swallowed hard.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked. “Babe,” he began. “We’ve been through this….” “But still!” she cried. “What will the other think? What will Kami say? Are sure this will work? Don’t you have any doubts about this?”

    Then she felt his strong arms around her, pulling her into a tight brace. He brought his lips to hers in a warm ardent kiss. She was in bliss. Then he looked at her and said: “I don’t care what anyone thinks. I don’t know how this will turn out. But I’m going to try it!” She swallowed bitterly and hard.

    “Promise?” she asked at last. “Hai.” said he. Then she held him close to her. He put both arms around her. “I promise.” he whispered loudly.

    *End of Dream*

    Spike awoke quickly. That dream made nai sense to him what so ever. “What was all that about?” he thought. Then a sharp pain shot through the back of his shoulder. Spike held onto his shoulder. For the last few days, the man had this pain and it come and go for nai apparent reason. What was going on?

    But soon, the pain stopped. Once he was okay, Spike got out of bed and left the room.
    Ed was looking on her computer and Sakura was sitting on the couch. The others were still asleep. The tenshi-chi was out in a daze. She came back to earth when she heard footsteps. Spike stood in the doorway. “Ohyaoo Gosimasu!” Sakura chirped. Spike didn’t answer at first. He wanted to ask her naze she was still here. But instead, he asked: “So where the hell did you come from?” The tenshi-chi stared at him blankly. “Heaven.” she answered. Spike showed nai emotion. “Uh-huh.” said he. “Now where are you really from?” “Heaven.” Sakura answered again. The man looked at her as if she had been smoking the rock.

    “Naze don’t you believe me?” the tenshi-chi asked. “I just don’t” Spike answered. Sakura kept quiet.

    But Spike had a lot of questions for her. If she did come from heaven, then naze she was on Mars? Was she fallen? What was her purpose?

    “Spike-Spike!” Ed yelled. The cowboy snapped out of it. “Is Spike-Spike sicky-sick?” Ed asked. The cowboy looked over Ed’s shoulder. Her computer was up and running. This gave him a great idea. “Uh…. Ed.” Spike spoke up. “Haiii?” the hacker asked. “Could you look something up for me?” the cowboy asked slyly. “Okey-doky!” Ed said. Then she leapt straight to her computer.

    The plan was to use Ed’s hacking skills to info on Sakura. “Ed needs a sample of tenshi-chi’s blood!” Ed said. “All right.” Spike sighed. Then he turned to Sakura. She looked pretty nervous. “It’s okay,” Spike said to her. The tenshi-chi relaxed a bit. Spike picked up a knife that was laying on the table near by, took Sakura’s hand, and quickly slit her fingers just enough to get a little blood out. And to his surprise, Sakura didn’t feel the knife blade at all. “What are you doing?” she asked in fact. “Uh….” Spike began. “Looking for something.” He expected her to ask what. Instead she said: “Oh okay.” Then Spike handed the blood sample to Ed. The hacker kid got to work.

    “Nai!!!!!” she wailed a few minutes later. “Nani?” Spike asked as he fled over to Ed. The answer was right in front of their faces:

    Ed was in tears. Spike just sat down in defeat. Ed’s hacking skills were nai use this time. So now what?

    “Did you find what you were looking for?” Sakura asked. The cowboy looked up at her. Her face was like an expensive china doll. “Iie.” Spike answered. “Don’t worry!” the tenshi-chi chirped. “You’ll find it!” Her smile was like sunshine in the ame. (Ame=rain in Jap.) Spike began to relax.

    But Sakura’s smile faded quickly. “All right Kuroito!” she yelled. “Come out now! Quit ease-dropping!!!” In an instance, the kuro oni descended out of the ceiling. Spike and Sakura looked bitter. “Nani?” Kuroito asked. The duo didn’t answer. They just glared at him. *Sweat drop on Kuroito’s head*

    “You’re for info on sexy here, right?” the oni said eyeing Sakura. Spike just lit a cigarette. “I see.” Kuroito said. “ I can help.” The cowboy didn’t look up. “Oh really?” he asked. “Yep.” the oni said. “Show me then.” Spike challenged. “Gladly.” Kuroito said briskly. The tenshi-chi grew nervous as the oni approached her. “Don’t worry.” Kuroito said with a naughty grin. “I’ll be nice.” Sakura’s worry increased. Spike watched closely. Kuroito’s hand went for Sakura’s shirt, (Actually, it’s Spike’s shirt, but she’s wearing it ; ) ) and quickly lifted it up. Her two thick well-rounded breasts were revealed. Sakura’s heart raced. Kuroito looked close at them. “Hmm….” said he. “Very nice.” The oni run his fingers over a small pink nipple. Sakura tried not to scream. *Plus-cross on Spike’s head* Sakura looked at Spike. Her eyes pleaded for help. Then Kuroito let go of the shirt and grabbed her ankles. He spread her legs apart by lifting her ankles separately. Spike grabbed the oni before this Hentai torture could go on. “Nani the hell do you think you’re doing?” the cowboy hissed. “So-rry.” the oni said. “But I thought you needed my help.” “I never said that!!!” Spike yelled. The oni let go of Sakura’s ankles. “Fine then, be that way.” said he. Then Kuroito flew off. Sakura sighed in relief.

    “Arigato.” the tenshi-chi said to Spike. “Right.” the cowboy said. “Hey, tell me.” Sakura looked up. “Naze are you on Mars?” the cowboy asked. “I was looking for someone.” the tenshi-chi answered. “But who?” Spike asked. Sakura shrugged and shook her head. “And that’s all you know?” the cowboy asked. “Uh-huh.” Sakura said. “*Sigh* I see.” said Spike. It was clear. This lady was nai help at all.

    “Ed found it!!!!!” Ed cried. Spike jerked her head up. “Nani do you mean?” asked he. “Ed found where Spike-Spike can know about tenshi lady!” the hacker chirped. Spike rushed over to her. “Where?” he asked quickly. “At 715, the Iitaka manor.” Ed answered. Spike started heading out. It wasn’t much, but it was a lead. “All right then.” said he. Sakura moved over to him. “Sakura.” the cowboy said. “Hm.” said she. “We’re going to the Iitaka manor.” Spike continued. “Right now?” the tenshi-chi asked as she followed behind. “Yep.” said Spike. “But naze?” Sakura asked. “You’ll see.” the cowboy answered. The tenshi-chi just shrugged and followed him out to the Swordfish.

Letís Go!