The New Real Folk Blues Pt. 1

        The Dark Ones, Angel Administrators, and KuroSakura made it straight to the Bebop. The gold shield was still surrounding the ship. The top official stepped forward. “Nice try!” she thought. “But do you honestly think a mere little shield is going to stop us from taking you back?” The angel turned to her subordinates. “Come on!” she barked. “Be ready to break down those walls!” Vita turns to an official. “Does she always boss you guys around like that?” she asked him. “Yeah,” he replied in embarrassment. *Vita facevaluts* “Damn!” she said aloud. “I feel sorry for you guys.” The official hung his head. “I know…” he mumbled. “Aruther!!!” the top official yelled up. “Stop talking to the enemy and get your ass over here with us now!” “Coming,” the angel mumbled in shame. The official then hung his head and complied.

        The top official put up her hands and began chanting softly. A light sea green light formed around her slender hands. The other angels huddled closer to her in order to her some of their power for back up. KuroSakura drew out her kantana and rushed forward. She stabbed it right into the wall. The top official and the angels directed their power over to the sword. Vita rose up her hands and began chanting as well. A black light formed at the tips of her fingers. Zen just sat back down again. Everyone else’s power became massive enough to destroy a whole city. The top official grinned to herself. “FIRE!!!!” she yelled out. The hunters all fired their spells straight at the wall.

        Such an explosion was so loud that it woke Sakura up. She managed to free herself from Spike’s grasp in bed, get dressed, and walk out to the door to see what the ruckus was. The hunters were still breaking down the wall when Zen looked up and yelled, “She’s here!” Everyone stopped their spells and looked up. He was right! Sakura was standing right before them in the flesh. Everyone was amazed. The tenshi-chi looked at everyone confused. “Oro?” she asked. “Who are you and why are all of you here?” Vita’s anger shot back up again. This was the perfect opportunity to carry her mission at long last! She drew out her long black sword and charged forward. But then, something strange happened. Sakura’s own power started up again, but it didn’t phase her still time. She just stood perfectly still. Zen rushed forward, grabbed Vita, and dragged her back past the wall. “HEY!!!” the demon yelled as she struggled to get free. Zen didn’t say a word. He just grabbed his shades and put them over his eyes. The demon did the same with Vita. “LET ME GO!!! I WAS SO CLOSE!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?” she screamed out. Then, her body went still. The last thing she remembered was the pouring rain above. Sakura’s power had taken its effect upon the Dark Ones. KuroSakura began sinking to her knees as well. Her sister’s power was draining her as well. “I… must… stay… up to… kill her…” the oni-chi thought. KuroSakura fought with all of her might to stay up but it was all in vain. Sakura’s power overpowered her in the end.

        The Angel Administrators were the only ones left standing. The top official stepped forward strongly. “Your powers won’t work against us, princess!” she snapped. “We are immune! Your father may have been strong enough to make your failsafe, but we have found a way to resist against it! We have spent the past ten years studying his work. It was long, but it’s been worth it.” The tenshi-chi just stood still and said nothing. The top official continued walking towards her. “You are coming with us,” she went on. “Right now!!!” The top official lunged forward and grabbed Sakura by her skinny wrist. The tenshi-chi instantly tried to pull away. “Let me go!” she screamed out. “I am home with him now!!! I won’t go back! I can’t go back!” “You’re going back with us and that’s final!!!” the top official yelled out. Sakura kept hitting and kicking back to get free of the over ambitious angel trying to drag her away against her will. The other angels sat there watching like zombies. They were at crossroad. Were they really doing the right thing at all? Why should they force Sakura to go back to Heaven would she was happy at her new home?

        “Let go of her now!” a voice yelled from the Bebop. The other Angel Administrators looked up quickly. The top official paused from tugging and looked up. Sakura turned behind her. An angel stood before all of them. He had his dark blue in Spike’s afro only a little spikier. His face was covered in battle scars. The angel looked just about Spike’s age. He was just in battle armor with his kantana perfectly at his side. His eyes were a rich wine red. The angel had serious look on his face. The other angels felt small by the mere sight of him. Sakura became excited really fast. The top official was unaffected. “And why should I?” she snapped. The new angel didn’t have to think about that question at all to answer. “I am Amadeus.” he answered them all bravely.

To Be Continued…