Night Mission

Francesca was lying down outside. Everything seemed dead. Just the way she liked it. But yet, the assassin missed the thrill of killing. There was no use for an assassination these days. If only…


Nochie: Fran-sama!

The demon looked up. A demon chibi was flying around.


Nochie: Hey mistress!

Francesca sat up.


Francesca: Nochie?


Nochie: Hai sama!

Fran was amazed. This could mean only one thing. But… was it a trick?


Nochie: Message! Message!


Francesca: What is it?

Nochie smiled.


Nochie: A mission!

The wind demon’s eyes lit up.


Nochie: Accept or decline?


Francesca: Accept!


Nochie: Your mission is to kill Priest Yuji.

Francesca froze. That was Sakura’s kidnapper. Fire pumped into the demon. She wanted to do this! Sweet revenge for mystics everywhere.


Francesca: I’ll take it!

Nochie smiled again.


Nochie: Wise choice!

Then Nochie disappeared into black mist. Francesca smiled. A mission. Finally! Some real action! Fran was excited for once. She stood up and rushed inside.

Francesca scanned her dark room quickly. She wanted her favorite sword. The assassin found it under her bed. Fran cleaned it up and put it on her back. The water demon grinned.


Francesca: (Finally! Sweet revenge!)

Then she sank into the ground.

Francesca flew to Iitaka’s manor. She landed on the first porch window and looked inside. Katsuko, Kawa, Spike, Fuji, and Yuji were all sitting in the den. They were all talking about Sakura. The assassin felt jealous already.


Francesca: (It’s always about her! *Snort* She’s not that great!)

Francesca kept her focus. She spotted the target. He looked uncomfortable.


Francesca: (Serves him right!)

Francesca waited patiently. Step one: Wait.

A few minutes later, Yuji stood up and began heading upstairs. Francesca watched closely.


Francesca: (Time to move!)

Then, the assassin flew up to the second floor. Step two: Watch and follow. Yuji went upstairs to his laptop. He booted it up and waited. Francesca disappeared inside.

Yuji typed in his password. The laptop accepted and started up. The priest hacker sighed.


Yuji: Why did I kidnap her?

He did what he did. Now the hacker was paying for it. That was all there it to it.

Then, Yuji heard the door open. He turned slowly. Francesca stood in the doorway. She had on the serious killer look. Step 3: Surprise.

Yuji was confused. Was this woman sent to check on him? When would it end?


Yuji: I’m not running away.


Francesca: Good to hear.

Step 4: Make nice. Francesca didn’t leave. Yuji was nervous. She clearly wasn’t here to check on him. But what did she want?

Fran stepped closer. Yuji’s fear rose.


Yuji: What do you want? I’m not running away!

Fran grinned.


Francesca: I’m not here to check on you.

Yuji was really scared now.


Yuji: Then, what do you want?

The assassin grinned.


Francesca: What I want is to kill you!

Now, Yuji wanted to run.


Yuji: W-Why?


Francesca: Because, you collect our species like cards and toys. I am just doing us all a favor.

Francesca drew out her sword.


Francesca: Say your last words!

Yuji panicked. Was this the end? Was this his punishment? Death? What become of his collection? If only there was someway to…


Spike: Hey Yuji, what the hell is taking ya?

Francesca froze and turned. Spike was standing in the doorway. He came up to check on the priest. He wasn’t expecting to find Francesca here.


Spike: What are you doing here Francesca?


Francesca: (Shit! Think of something!) Butt out Spike! I’m on a mission!


Spike: Oh really? For what cause?


Francesca: All mystics everywhere!

Spike tried not to laugh. But the wind demon caught him.


Francesca: What the hell is so damn funny?!?

Spike looked at her.


Spike: What kin of a stupid cause is that?

Francesca grew pissed.


Francesca: (Damn humans!) Fine! You want to settle this? Meet me outside in the garden!

And with that, Francesca sank into the ground. Spike rolled his eyes and looked ahead. Yuji sat in the corner huddled up. He was trembling badly.


Yuji: A-Are you going to fight her?

Spike just sighed.


Spike: Might as well!

Then, the cowboy left the room. Yuji became afraid again.


Yuji: Don’t leave me! She’ll come back!

Spike made it to the garden. The scenery was perfect with the night. The summer air was relaxing. Flowers were in full bloom. Spike kept on his guard. Beauty was a trap.

Then, he thought he heard leaves rustle. The cowboy slowly drew out his Judas II gun. The lovely assassin sailed forward. She had her sword raised high.


Francesca: YAAHHH!!!

Step 5: Eliminate distraction. Spike blocked the blade with his gun. Fran grinned.


Francesca: Impressive.

She flew back and stood hard. Spike eyed her. The assassin smirked.


Francesca: Honestly, why do you want Yuji spared so much?


Spike: To find out more about Sakura.

Francesca just snorted bitterly.


Francesca: Sakura this. Sakura that. WHO THE HELL GIVES A SHIT?!?

Spike just kept quiet. Fran stepped closer.


Francesca: What’s so special about that sap anyway?

Spike became pissed. This was a new rage. He wanted to torture Francesca now. He wanted to plunge a cross into her chest. He wanted to cane her to death. He wanted to behead her and burn her body. All this broad did was mock and bully Sakura to no end. Now. Now, she must pay for her sins!


Francesca: Aw, what’s the matter? Did I diss your girlfriend?

Oh, that did it! Francesca just crossed the line! Now, he had to smite her!

Spike drew out his gun and pulled the trigger. Francesca flew upward and the duel began.

This battle dragged on and on. Both sides wouldn’t quit and were getting annoyed. It looked like a draw.

Then, Spike came up with a dandy idea. He snickered silently. Fran grew suspicious.


Francesca: What the hell is so damn funny, Spike?

Spike looked the water demon straight in the eyes.


Spike: Tell me something. How is it a powerful assassin like you fall for a bastard like Kuroito? Is it because, oh I don’t know, you love him?

Francesca’s anger rose.


Francesca: You son of a bitch!

She lunged in and stabbed Spike in the shoulder. The cowboy in turn, shot the demon in the stomach.


Francesca: AHHH!!!!

She flew back hard with the sword in her hands. The demon crashed with a thud. She was out cold. Spike walked up to her. He looked at the defeated. The cowboy smirked.


Spike: Hm, great assassin my ass.

Then, Spike picked up a bucket near a garden, fill it with water and dumped it on Francesca. The demon hissed in pain in her black out. Spike snickered quietly. Justice was served.


Katsuko: Spike, where are you?

Spike looked up.


Spike: Coming Katsuko.

Before he left, Spike took one more look at Francesca. She was still lied out. Spike snickered to himself as he left.

By morning, Francesca sat on the dock. She had failed! She had… failed! Not only that, Fran lost to a human. A human!


Francesca: (Bastard!!!)

That was two men that she lost to. Kuroito and Spike had ruined her reputation.


Nochie: Fran-sama!

Francesca looked up. Nochie was flying around in front of her. He was grinning proudly. Fran wanted to throw up on him.


Nochie: How’d it go?

The made Fran snap violently. She slapped Nochie away and lied back down.


Nochie: Whoaaaa!

Nochie hit a nearby sign and slid down.


Nochie: Not so good… I guess….

Then he blocked out.

Sorry Wolf…