Kuro Noose Pt. 1

“Where’s Cherry?” Spike asked coldly. Ed couldn’t answer. How could she?

“Here I am, my lord.” a voice spoke up. Spike and Ed looked up. Cherry stood in the doorway. She had a blank expression. Spike felt a little better. He took out a copy of the “map”. Cherry stepped closer. “What is this?” the cowboy asked. The cupid-chan examined the “map” closely. Silence passed on.

“It is…” Cherry spoke up. Spike’s pulse raced. “A map!” the cupid-chan exclaimed. *Spike falls to the ground* “I know that, stupid!!!” he yelled. Cherry grew scared under him.

“Calm down Spike,” a voice said behind them. “You have to be more specific with her. She doesn’t know any better.”

Spike, Ed, and Cherry turned to see Jet himself standing in the doorway. Alas, the cavalry had arrived. “Jet!” Spike exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” Jet smiled. “I came to help.” he said. “And Ume came to get her freedom.” “Yay!!! Jet-Jet to save the day!” Ed perked up. “So come on!” the old dog yelled. Then, he headed out the door. Spike grabbed hold of Cherry by the wrist. “You’ll be needed on this mission.” the cowboy told her. Then he dragged the cupid-chan away.

Back in Yuji’s apartment, the hacker priest was setting up. Yuji had Sakura sitting on a wooden table. Wires were plugged into her arms, shoulders, chest, hair, and legs. She was dressed in a simple white cotton gown.

“Why do I have these wires in me?” the tenshi-chi asked. “Because my dear,” Yuji began. “They help me look into data about you. And besides, they look kinda cute on ya. Almost like, ribbons.” Sakura kept quiet.

“Now that my hack program has started,” the priest went on. “We can start of search!” Then Yuji clicked start on his laptop and the work began.

Spike once again continued his search for Sakura in the skies. Cherry was going to play the guide of the map. This map could lead to Sakura.

Then, the communicator came on. “Spike!” Katsuko yelled as she came through. “Katsuko.” Spike said. “I’ve decided to help.” the kid said. Spike fell into silent joy.

“I know who kidnapped Sakura.” Katsuko replied. Spike’s head jerked up. “Who?” he asked quickly. Katsu showed him Yuji’s bio. Spike read it quickly. Here was the cobra he was going to kill if Sakura’s hurt in anyway. “Here is his address.” Katsuko said. Spike studied it well. “That is the dot on the map!” Cherry exclaimed. Spike froze in shock. Here was his connection now. “Hang on Cherry!” the cowboy yelled. Then Spike sped Swordfish up! The cupid-chan screamed aloud.

“Kawa and I will guide you as well.” Katsuko spoke up. “Got ya!” Spike replied.

All was going well for the trip halfway to Yuji’s apartment. But then, it all happened again. “Do I turn west here?” Spike asked Cherry. No answer came. “Cherry?” the cowboy asked. A numbing silence followed. Spike turned to see Cherry out in a complete daze. Her gold eyes were blank. Spike wanted to shake her out of it but he had to fly Swordfish.

“Cherry!” Spike yelled. The cupid-chan was gone hard. Spike turned to the communicator. “Katsu,” he said. “Cherry’s gone out and I can’t get her back. Do I turn west yet?” “Yes.” the child genius spoke up. “I’ll check with Kawa for more.” Then she went on standby. Spike turned west.

Katsuko began to start up standby again. “You’ll have to do double duty with guide Spiegel-san.” she said as she turned to her “brother”. But to the kid’s dismay, Kawa was out in a deep daze too. “It’s her.” he mumbled. “I hear her voice…” “Who? Whose voice?” Katsuko asked. But she received no answer.

Sakura herself was in a daze. She was slipping deeper and deeper into it. Her dreamlike waves in her threw the hack program off hard. Fuji was worried. But Yuji didn’t notice.

“Ah yes, my dear!” he exclaimed. “My other mystics can’t tap into you yet. But that will soon change. I will know all about you, Amadeus’ child.” Then the hacker priest walked towards her. He lightly set his arm around her. Yuji then did something completely stupid!

He slid his other hand beneath Sakura. Yuji worked his hand into her panties. But when he tried to touch her entry, two wires in the tenshi-chi’s arms grabbed him tightly. The priest grew startled. The wires then threw Yuji against a wall violently, knocking him unconscious.

Fuji watched closely as she too fell into a daze. “You are not him!” Sakura yelled. It was fiery and harsh. Kaze-san was speaking through her. “You cannot touch me!!!” the tenshi-chi yelled.

Outside, Swordfish had landed. Spike was following the remainder of the trail. Damnit! How was he going to find Sakura in this place?

Then, there it was! The great light that was seen from Live Dreamers’. Right then, Spike had found Sakura again. “Hold on Sakura!” the cowboy thought. “I’m coming!” Then, he ran towards the light.

To Be Continued…