Little Tenshis

The next afternoon seemed heavy. Some thought it would rain. But Sakura didn’t care. She was happy to be with Spike. The pair was heading to the Iitaka Manor. Katsuko called them over to discuss another important matter. The tenshi-chi seemed to be enjoying the seemingly dim atmosphere. Spike couldn’t help but smile. Sakura was so cute. She just didn’t notice. But should he tell her? What, and feel dirty about it afterwards? No, no. Better keep that one in his head and carry on with admiring her.

Spike and Sakura made it straight to the Iitaka Manor. Spike pushed the call button. “The gate’s already unlocked.” the cat maid called. The gates then instantly opened. The pair walked straight through.

In the living room, Spike and Sakura found Katsuko, Kawa, and Yuji sitting around the coffee table. They all looked as if they had come from a funeral. The cowboy could instantly tell something was wrong. Katsuko looked up from thought. “Spike,” she addressed him. “We need a word with you.” The cowboy kept his stoic face. This meant that Sakura couldn’t stay in this room. He turned to the tenshi-chi. “Sakura,” Spike spoke up. Sakura turned to listen. “I need you to step out for a moment.” Spike went on. The tenshi-chi nodded in understanding. Katsuko turned to Kawa. “Take Tenshi-san to the garden.” she ordered the ghost-chan. Kawa nodded. Then he rose to his feet. Sakura followed behind as the ghost-chan went out the door.

Spike sat down beside Yuji on the couch. “Now what is it?” the cowboy asked. Katsuko said nothing. She just pulled out a stack of papers and shoved them to him. The cowboy took one and read it. He looked up pale.

“Tell me Katsuko.” Spike said in a harsh voice. “Is this some sick joke?!?” The child genius shook her head. “I wish I could say that.” she replied. “But it’s not.” “The whole mystic world is in a panic.” Yuji said somberly. “Sakura’s power is just that bad.” This was a hard pill for Spike to swallow. Sakura, a threat to all of Mars? But, that can’t be! But why?

“Many will be after Tenshi-san.” Katsuko spoke again. Spike’s head was filled with different thoughts. “So what should I do?” he asked at last. Yuji and Katsuko turned to the cowboy. “Be on your guard at all times.” Katsuko warned. Spike just nodded.

Spike and Sakura were walking home. The sun was slowly going home for the day. Both had plenty on their minds. Spike was still trying to take in the new facts. Sakura’s mind was on what Kawa had said earlier.



Sakura was admiring the fresh sunflowers. The warm color seemed to bring the sun out through the heavy clouds. “Do you love him?” Kawa asked behind her. Startled, the tenshi-chi leapt up and turned around. Kawa just stood still smiling. Sakura calmed down quickly. “Your voice,” she finally said. “It’s different.” “Yes,” the ghost-chan said. “Some of my personality was destroyed.” “Oh,” the tenshi-chi replied.

Silence passed. “Do you love him?” Kawa asked her again. Sakura became confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Who are you talking about?” Kawa kept smiling. “Spike,” he answered. “Do you love Spike?” Sakura paused and thought about that for a long moment. Then, Sakura answered, “I don’t really know.” Kawa just put his hand on her small shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said softly. “You’ll find the answer soon enough.”

*End of Flashback*


What did he mean by that? Meanwhile, Spike was completely lost in his thoughts. He didn’t really notice his surroundings. That was until he asked, “You hungry, Sakura?” All he received there was silence. “Sakura?” the cowboy asked again. More silence. Spike quickly looked up in concern. The tenshi-chi was nowhere in sight. Concern within grew higher and higher. He looked around nervously. “Sakura!!!” the cowboy called.

He finally saw her walking across the street. Spike looked further to the right. A car was rushing towards the tenshi-chi and she was focusing at all. Concern changed into worry real quick. “SAKURA!!!!” Spike yelled out as he rushed towards her. The tenshi-chi would’ve been Heaven-returned if the cowboy hadn’t made it in time and pushed her to safety. Sakura looked up to see Spike trying to catch his breath.

“What *pant* the hell *pant* were you thinking?” the cowboy managed to ask. “I was trying to get you this flower here.” Sakura answered. Then, she picked a bright yellow flower from the fence and handed it to him. Spike then instantly calmed down. “Just don’t be so reckless anymore.” he warned. Sakura kept eyeing him. “What is reckless?” she asked.

That’s when it hit Spike. He could almost easily forget that Sakura had a child-like mind. Usually, he hated children. But her innocence only added to her charm. Soon, the moment became tender. Spike found himself leaning in closer to Sakura’s sweet lips.

He was about to kiss her when he heard a shuffle behind him. Annoyed, Spike turned around. A mysterious young woman stood behind him. Annoyed, Spike turned around. A mysterious young woman stood behind him. She had long flowing sea green hair like a silk flowing cape. She had on a heavy dark wool cloak despite it being summer. Her paper umbrella was yellow and light green. Spike felt as id he had known her from somewhere.

The woman looked at Spike, then Sakura, and finally Spike again. “At last,” she said in a monotone voice. “I have found you my lord.”

See You in Space Tenshi